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[ED.sub.50] from anti-inflammatory properties of Vitex trifolia L. ethanol extract. Mustarichie, Resmi; Sumiwi, Sri Adi; Hanifah, Annisa Trisfalia Jun 17, 2018 3562
POEM OF THE DAY; Canny Newcastle, pride of the north. Jun 14, 2018 195
Oljelund: Sweden will continue to support agricultural development in BiH. Jun 13, 2018 457
Australia : NIH launches HerbList, a mobile app on herbal products. Jun 13, 2018 235
Procurement Of Plant Medicines, Minerals, Pesticides And Polythin Bags For Nursery. Jun 12, 2018 119
RUSTIC Rattan; Give your home some added charm with these fashionable woven accessories. Jun 9, 2018 252
RUSTIC Rattan. Jun 9, 2018 267
RUSTIC rattan; Give your home some added charm with these fashionable woven accessories. Jun 9, 2018 256
Naperville, store owner, talk herbal remedy kratom sales. Jun 8, 2018 577
Naperville to 'proceed cautiously' on herbal remedy kratom. Jun 8, 2018 585
3 Rd Year Mtce. Of 2016 Medicinal Plant. At Rottippara In Thodupuzha Range. Jun 8, 2018 144
Scientists validate nature's sleeping pills. Jun 7, 2018 819
True or false. Jun 6, 2018 1361
Secret to fruit flies' longevity may lie in gut. Jun 2, 2018 228
Secret to Longevity May Lie in Microbiome & Gut. Jun 2, 2018 652
Antifungal properties of soleshine - An in vitro study. Nagesh, Simhadri V.S.D.N.A.; Muthuchamy, Muniappan; Kannan, Iyanan; Viswanathan, Subramanian; Jayach Report May 31, 2018 5915
Knowledge, practice, and attitude toward adverse drug reaction reporting among interns at a tertiary health care centre. A., Leena; Jose, Maria Report May 31, 2018 2688
India : Dabur joins hands with Chhattisgarh Govt to Promote Biodiversity. May 28, 2018 457
I've scone to rich new heights; Take humble classic and turn it into a really special afternoon tea treat. Recipe May 27, 2018 349
Expanding cultivation of medicinal plants underscored. May 27, 2018 202
Medicinal and Ornamental Plants for Improved Livelihhods. May 26, 2018 117
11 delicious places to get afternoon tea in Wales; Sit back, relax and drink tea. May 24, 2018 906
Sri Lanka : MOU between Hettigoda Industries and USJP. May 23, 2018 258
Aromatic And Medicinal Plant Cultivation With Special Intervention In Developing Entire Value Chain. May 22, 2018 140
Equatorial Guinea,India : Cabinet approves MoU on Cooperation in the field of Medicinal Plants between India and Equatorial Guinea. May 18, 2018 263
Supply Of Micro Nutritional Health Supplement/diet Chocolate Flavored Granules With Herbal Extract In 10 Gms. Individual Sachet Including Loading And Unloading To All 1262 Anganwadi Centers In 12 Talukas Wcd Block Offices Of Goa Under The Department Of Wo. May 18, 2018 112
Applications accepted for 2018 LaunchPad program. May 14, 2018 199
Applications accepted for 2018 LaunchPad program. May 14, 2018 208
Iron Sulfate + Fonium Acid + Cyanocobalamin. May 13, 2018 104
Untested herbal drugs harmful to kids - experts. May 11, 2018 367
The medicines the NHS will stop writing prescriptions for from the end of May; From laxatives to nappy rash cream, these products will no longer be routinely prescribed from the end of May. May 10, 2018 490
Noni fruit, a treasure chest of neutraceuticals. May 10, 2018 1137
Hamdard set to introduce low-calorie, sugar-free variants of Rooh Afza. May 7, 2018 412
Performing Civil Works To Develop Medicinal Plant In Open Space In Group No .489/1/2/3/5 In Karjat Nagar Panchayat Boundary. Tal-karjat Dist -a,nagar. May 4, 2018 168
Speakers highlight importance of medicinal plants. Conference notes May 4, 2018 380
Mercury-laden skin whitening products openly sold in Cubao. May 3, 2018 464
MiraGloss Introduces Its Smoothing Cream in Africa. May 1, 2018 282
Effects of Colocasia esculenta leaf extract in anemic and normal wistar rats. Ufelle, Silas; Onyekwelu, Kenechukwu; Ghasi, Samuel; Ezeh, Charles; Ezeh, Richard; Esom, Emmanuel May 1, 2018 2410
Two Simple Cures for Dry Mouth, Fatigue, Lightheadedness, and Constipation. Brief article May 1, 2018 309
The use of herbal supplements by individuals with diabetes mellitus. Apr 28, 2018 5574
Construction Of 2 (two) Nos. Of Godowns At Latpanchor And Munsong Under Directorate Of Cinchona And Other Medicinal Plants. Apr 27, 2018 169
India : Cabinet approves MoU between India and Sao Tome and Principe on cooperation in the field of Medicinal Plants. Apr 26, 2018 276
Regent Taipei thanks mothers and presents elegant dining, rooms and shopping options. Apr 25, 2018 136
Maintaining Ayurvedic Herbal Garden At Swasthya Bhawan, Salt Lake City, K.olkata-91 For 1 (one) Year From The Date Of Acceptance Of Quotation : Procurement Of Soil (i.e. Cow Dung, Soil, Fertilizer), Earthen Pots, Supplying Of Medicinal Plants, One Semi-sk. Apr 24, 2018 104
Raising And Maintenance Of 1.lakh 4"x7" Bagplants, Ornamental Medicinal And Fruit Bearing Plants At Dbr Nursery, Circle No.28, Malkajgiri, Nz,ghmc. Apr 18, 2018 214
Cosby accuser's account remains consistent through 2 trials. Apr 14, 2018 551
Relax your nerves, mind with chamomile, fennel tea. Apr 14, 2018 325
Gilgit-Baltistan Festival starts at LCCI. Apr 14, 2018 254
Gilgit-Baltistan Festival starts at LCCI. Apr 14, 2018 301
GB festival begins at LCCI. Apr 14, 2018 280
GB festival begins at LCCI. Apr 14, 2018 278
Sex-enhancer adverts to be banned under Bill. Apr 13, 2018 366
Study encourages use of herbal medicine. Apr 11, 2018 291
FreshFeet Spa Company Introduces Plant Based Gel for Eliminating Feet Perspiration. Apr 11, 2018 244
India : President of India concludes visit to Equatorial Guinea with commitment to developmental partnership; to become first Indian President to travel to Swaziland on second leg of his Africa visit. Apr 10, 2018 195
Choosing tea over exercise for high blood pressure? Apr 8, 2018 494
India, Equatorial Guinea ink three MoUs. Apr 8, 2018 289
Next Generation In-Home Robotic Gardening System, Herbot, Now Available on Kickstarter. Apr 7, 2018 305
NeoEyes Company Expands Its Business in Europe. Apr 3, 2018 239
Importance of medicinal plants in health sector highlighted. Apr 3, 2018 446
'Pakistan can earn foreign exchange by promoting Moringa cultivation'. Apr 2, 2018 594
HEALING WITH POULTICES: Treating minor ailments with herbal remedies may be as easy as finding the right plant for the job. Cech, Richo Apr 1, 2018 1548
Natural Flea and Tick Repellents: Are there any herbal options for handling ticks and fleas on my pet? Kidd, Randy Apr 1, 2018 808
Mountain States Medicinal Plants: Identify, Harvest, and Use 100 Wild Herbs for Health and Wellness. Book review Apr 1, 2018 103
In Vitro Protection by Crataegus microphylla Extracts Against Oxidative Damage and Enzyme Inhibition Effects/Crataegus microphylla Ekstrelerinin Oksidatif Hasara Karsi In Vitro Koruma ve Enzim Inhibisyonu Etkileri. Renda, Gulin; Ozel, Arzu; Barut, Burak; Korkmaz, Busra; Yayli, Nurettin Report Apr 1, 2018 5963
Screening Effects of Methanol Extracts of Diplotaxis tenuifolia and Reseda lutea on Enzymatic Antioxidant Defense Systems and Aldose Reductase Activity/Diplotaxis tenuifolia ve Reseda lutea Metanol Ozutunun Antioksidan Savunma Sistemi Enzimleri ve Aldoz Reduktaz Aktivitesi Uzerinde Olan Etkisinin Incelenmesi. Abdalrahmanz, Khalid Sharro; Gunes, Merve Gulsah; Shomali, Naznoosh; Isgor, Belgin Sultan; Yildirim, Report Apr 1, 2018 4914
My weak erection. Mar 31, 2018 150
Revive your health with superjuice PhilNONI. Mar 28, 2018 381
MIGU Adaptogen Bio-tech Co., Ltd Diversifies Its Portfolio of Fungus Extract Powder with Some New Ad. Mar 26, 2018 522
Not enough is known about kratom to support its use. Mar 26, 2018 628
India : Imaging Technology to Identify Medicinal Plants. Mar 24, 2018 168
Everyone's invited for a cuppa; Event goes down a treat EVERYTHING STOPS FOR TEA. Mar 24, 2018 182
QiVantage Agrees to Jadience Herbal Formulas Buyout. Mar 22, 2018 171
QiVantage Agrees to Jadience Herbal Formulas Buyout. Mar 22, 2018 180
India : 106th Indian Science Congress to be held in Bhopal. Mar 21, 2018 688
KU gets Sh69m to set up herbal medicine research centre. Mar 19, 2018 279
Vietnam : Organizing the launching ceremony "Spring planting of precious medicinal plants". Mar 16, 2018 252
India : Cabinet approves the MoU on Cooperation between India and Iran in the field of Traditional Systems of Medicine. Mar 15, 2018 240
Repair And Renovation Of Labratories (1/48) Including Roof Treatment Work In Connection With The Work Viz., Renovation Of Modern Labritories Under Rkvy Project Entitled Promotion Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Through Cultivation And Entrepreneur. Mar 13, 2018 146
The week that was; The PS1 coin was introduced, the first Coca-Cola was sold, and the Spanish Flu epidemic began. Mar 11, 2018 539
'Mission Aroma' now in J&K with huge potential for farmers. Mar 10, 2018 308
2 MINUTES ON; Dangers of using herbal remedies. Mar 9, 2018 178
Warning: An alternative therapy in UAE homes is on the radar. Mar 6, 2018 326
Georgia : UGArden medicinal herb garden offers a space to learn about medicinal plants. Mar 5, 2018 505
Stranded hen party have genius idea after bad weather forces them to cancel plans; The 18-strong group of Scottish hens were ready for a weekend of celebrations in Liverpool. Mar 2, 2018 402
United Kingdom : Natural doesnt mean safe herbal medicines found to contain steroids. Mar 1, 2018 422
Russian Federation : Harvesting of wild plants needs quantitative restrictions. Mar 1, 2018 753
Herbal supplements offer value with cautions, caveats. Haelle, Tara Mar 1, 2018 1672
Standardization & Equivalence in Herbal Medicines: Reliable and consistent quality is the basis for efficacy and safety of herbal medicinal products. Ghosh, Dilip Mar 1, 2018 1403
An Interview with: Wilson Lau of Nuherbs. Baker, Sheldon Interview Mar 1, 2018 637
The Effects of a Korean Ginseng, GINST15, on Perceptual Effort, Psychomotor Performance, and Physical Performance in Men and Women. Caldwell, Lydia K.; DuPont, William H.; Beeler, Matthew K.; Post, Emily M.; Barnhart, Emily C.; Hard Report Mar 1, 2018 6528
Editorial: Developing intellectual capacity in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine practice. Arentz, Susan Report Mar 1, 2018 1609
Hep573 Study: A randomised, double-blind, placebocontrolled trial of silymarin alone and combined with antioxidants to improve liver function and quality of life in people with chronic hepatitis C. Salmond S.J.; George, J.; Strasser, S.I.; Byth, K.; Rawlinson, B.; Mori, T.A.; Croft, K.D.; Adams, L Report Mar 1, 2018 9249
The role of nervous system support in naturopathic treatment of skin disorders: A case study. Gerontakos, Sophia; Casteleijn, David Case study Mar 1, 2018 3301
CPE points. Mar 1, 2018 865
Urate-lowering effect of Manilkara zapota aqueous leaf extracts in a murine model of hyperuricemia. Cervero, Maria Gabriela G; Sy, James Ellard D; Ples, Michael B; Vitor, Rodel Jonathan S, II Report Mar 1, 2018 3255
Short Communication - Comparative Effects of Aqueous and Organic Solvent Extracts of Garlic on Glucose Level and Lipid Profile of Diabetic Rats. Hassan, Faiza; Saadia, Mubshara; Sher, Muhammad; Murtaza, Mian Anjum; Arshad, Muhammad; Riaz, Asam; Report Feb 28, 2018 3034
Health ministry inaugurates committee for review of Nigeria herbal pharmacopoeia. Feb 28, 2018 428
Hamdard Manufacturers (Za'abeel 6Z6-B47). Feb 28, 2018 595
Phenolic Acid Profile and in vitro Neurobiological Effect of Phlomis grandiflora H.S. Thompson var. grandiflora. Report Feb 28, 2018 5626
India : CSIR signs MoU with IORA: CSIR-CIMAP to host coordinating center on medicinal plants. Feb 27, 2018 472
Bad Quality of Food, Cosmetics, Medicines: Call Saudi Food and Drug Authority. Feb 26, 2018 328
Singapore : Hsa Allows Import and Sale of Corydalis Yanhusuo Herb in Singapore From 1 June 2018. Feb 26, 2018 571
BalanceDiet[TM] Announces Formulation Improvements to Signature Citrus Lean Fat Burner. Feb 24, 2018 450
Today in Kuwait's history. Feb 21, 2018 397
Plant of the Week: Plant used for war paint can treat warts and moles. Feb 21, 2018 374
Laying Of Cable And Allied Works For Electrical Installation Of Development Of Farm And Tissue Culture Units For Production Andpromotion Of The Medicinal Plant Stevia As A Promissing Cash Crop For B.c.k.v., Mohanpur, Nadia Under Ridf - Xx Scheme. Feb 20, 2018 284
Supplying Of Power Cable For Electrical Installation Of Development Of Farm And Tissue Culture Units For Production And Promotion Of The Medicinal Plant Stevia As A Promissing Cash Crop For B.c.k.v., Mohanpur, Nadia Under Ridf - Xx Scheme. Feb 20, 2018 282
Repair And Renovation Of Labratories (1/48) Including Roof Treatment Work In Connection With The Work Viz., Renovation Of Modern Labritories Under Rkvy Project Entitled " Promotion Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Through Cultivation And Entrepreneurship. Feb 20, 2018 287
baking Chocolate beetroot cake. Recipe Feb 19, 2018 225
Laying Of Cable And Allied Works For Electrical Installation Of Development Of Farm And Tissue Culture Units For Production And Promotion Of The Medicinal Plant Stevia As A Promissing Cash Crop Under Ridf - Xx Scheme (pic No. R201900374). Feb 19, 2018 161
Supplying Of Power Cable For Electrical Installation Of Development Of Farm And Tissue Culture Units For Production And Promotion Of The Medicinal Plant Stevia As A Promissing Cash Crop Under Ridf - Xx Scheme (pic No. R201900374). Feb 19, 2018 153
Repair And Renovation Of Labratories Including Roof Treatment Work In Connection With The Work Viz., Renovation Of Modern Labritories Under Rkvy Project Entitled Promotion Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants. Feb 19, 2018 152
Photo of the day: beautiful sunset at Taipei's Dadaocheng Wharf. Feb 19, 2018 273
Benefits of Vinet's Healthy Edge Go Beyond Oral Care. Feb 19, 2018 466
Cream of the biscuit crop; It couldn't be simpler to whip up these old favourites with a new chocolate twist. Feb 18, 2018 434
Flower show opens at KU. Feb 17, 2018 204
UAE removes unregistered infants' food, cosmetic, slimming products from market. Feb 17, 2018 527
Trees plantation a key weapon against global warming. Feb 17, 2018 345
Trees plantation a key weapon against global warming. Feb 17, 2018 345
Trees plantation a key weapon against global warming. Feb 17, 2018 241
UAE warning: These infant foods, cosmetics are banned. Feb 17, 2018 522
Knowledge Management For Inclusive Growth. Feb 17, 2018 288
KU hosts winter flowers exhibition, extends it for another week. Feb 16, 2018 395
Germs in most herbal meds sicken, or worse. Feb 16, 2018 480
NAFDAC to sensitise herbal medicine producers on safety in Niger. Feb 15, 2018 335
Shineco Inc posts higher net income of USD3.60m for Q2 2018. Financial report Feb 13, 2018 179
Go green: Healthy and clean. Feb 12, 2018 398
India : 804 complaints of misleading advertisements of Ayurvedic and herbal products reported during the last two years. Feb 9, 2018 506
Free health treatment for tea workers in WB. Feb 8, 2018 383
Cholistan to have 70,000 new kikar trees. Feb 8, 2018 450
India's heritage in ancient healing and health systems. Feb 8, 2018 712
India's heritage in ancient healing and health systems. Feb 8, 2018 711
Kyrgyzstan to export seven kinds of products to India. Feb 7, 2018 174
Herbal remedies with prescription drugs 'harmful': Study. Feb 7, 2018 330
Cholistan to have 70,000 new kikar trees. Feb 7, 2018 408
Herbal remedies with prescription drugs 'harmful': Study. Feb 6, 2018 285
DOH-MIMAROPA does not endorse any herbal product. Feb 5, 2018 157
Herbal remedies with prescription drugs 'harmful'. Feb 5, 2018 503
Celebrating AKRSP's Odyssey of Synergies. Feb 3, 2018 575
Advance Pet Product Announces New Product Addition to Health and Wellness Line K9 Herbal Hemp Oil and Cheese to Debut at Global Pet Expo 2018 Booth #820. Feb 3, 2018 446
Aga Khan Rural support program: An unending tale of service. Feb 2, 2018 405
New Mexico Integrative Practitioners Dodge a Bullet (with Shirley MacLaine's help) But There's Still Work to Be Done. Jaffe, Richard Feb 1, 2018 2244
CANALES Y MARGENES DE COMERCIALIZACION DE LA CORTEZA DE CUACHALALATE (Amphipterygium adstringens Schiede ex Schlecht.) EN LA CIUDAD DE PUEBLA Y AREA CONURBADA. Osorio-Garcia, A.; Macias-Lopez, A.; Tornero-Campante, M.A.; Loera-Martinez, J.; Garza-Bueno, L.E. Feb 1, 2018 4758
Foliar phenolic compounds of ten wild species of Verbenacea as antioxidants and specific chemomarkers/Compostos fenolicos das folhas de dez especies selvagem de Verbenaceae como antioxidantes e quimiomarcadores especificos. Avila-Reyes, J.A.; Almaraz-Abarca, N.; Chaidez-Ayala, A.I.; Ramirez-Noya, D.; Delgado-Alvarado, E.A. Feb 1, 2018 7134
Phytochemistry, antioxidant potential and antifungal of Byrsonima crassifolia on soil phytopathogen control/Fitoquimica, potencial antioxidante e antifungico de Byrsonima crassifolia no controle de fitopatogenos de solo. Andrade, B.S.; Matias, R.; Correa, B.O.; Oliveira, A.K.M.; Guidolin, D.G.F.; Roel, A.R. Feb 1, 2018 4831
Plant of the week: Sedative was formerly used to protect against evil. Jan 31, 2018 331
Washing And Cleaning Of Clean Ground Goggles. Jan 31, 2018 167
Govt to promote food and medicinal plant moringa growth in country. Jan 30, 2018 266
Construction Of Green House. Jan 28, 2018 159
'Drap to involve PCSIR in regulating alternative drugs'. Jan 25, 2018 536
Supplement company owner sentenced. Jan 25, 2018 150
Etender Notice For Concessionaire Arrangements For Herbal Cosmetics Product. Jan 24, 2018 153
Punjab Govt decides to promote cultivation of Moringa, a charismatic medicinal plant. Jan 23, 2018 265
2018 Sunchon Health Center (health Branch And Clinic) General Purchase Herbal Medicine (unit Price Contract) (urgent). Jan 23, 2018 117
Shahnaz Husain Group launches herbal deodorant range. Jan 21, 2018 164
Varity of medicinal plants being grown at U'khand Forest Research Centre. Jan 21, 2018 201
Ministry of Health bans four herbal medicines in Oman. Jan 21, 2018 300
MOH Withdraws Fake Herbal Medications. Jan 21, 2018 233
Herbal Extract For The Treatment Of Various Types Of Cancers And (ii) Neem Extract For Treating Gastric Hyperacidity And Ulcer. Csir-iicb. Jan 18, 2018 103
Gina Lopez holds health and wellness talk. Jan 18, 2018 382
Delegation of 24 Indian businessmen partake in Tunisia-Indian Business Forum. Jan 16, 2018 368
Washing And Cleaning Of Clean Ground Goggles. Jan 16, 2018 165
PARC manufactures Isabgol cultivation machine. Jan 15, 2018 170
Supply Of Medicines, Food, Diet And Herbal Remedies, Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Belts And Glucometers. Jan 14, 2018 125
Making Medicinal Plants Poly House And Related Civil Work Under Amrapali Ocp Under Magadh-amrapali Area. Jan 13, 2018 140
What to know about ginger for diarrhea. Jan 10, 2018 162
Hakim Mohammad Saeed remembered. Jan 10, 2018 215
Pakistan's single country exhibition 2018 approaches Colombo. Jan 9, 2018 260
Going Natural. Jan 7, 2018 906
Upsurge in consumption of herbal concoctions among Lagosians. Jan 6, 2018 2688
A cup of tea for everyday wellness. Jan 6, 2018 551
Is red siling labuyo curative? Jan 5, 2018 922
Design And Printing Of Book On Medicinal Plant Resources Of South Bengal (bengali Version). Jan 4, 2018 160
Zen Nutrients Announces the Release of an Unprecedented Natural Supplement for Those with Chronic Wounds: WoundVite. Jan 3, 2018 648
PARC manufactures Isabgol cultivation machine. Jan 3, 2018 206
Zen Nutrients Announces the Release of a Synergistic Natural Supplement for Foot Pain: PodiVite. Jan 3, 2018 551
Zen Nutrients Announces the Release of an Ingenious Solution for Those with Back Pain: VitaBack. Jan 2, 2018 765
Exploring Monk Fruit Sweetener and Herbal Antibiotics. Todd, Kaley; Salomon, Sharon Jan 1, 2018 397
Nice But Nervous Weimaraner: Our reader wonders if an herbal remedy might help take the edge off her anxious canine pal. Jan 1, 2018 809
Brick-and-mortar retailers make big impact online. Jan 1, 2018 1016
Actividad antibacteriana y sobre nematodos gastrointestinales de metabolitos secundarios vegetales: enfoque en Medicina Veterinaria. Hernandez-Alvarado, Jerelly; Zaragoza-Bastida, Adrian; Lopez-Rodriguez, Gabino; Pelaez-Acero, Armand Jan 1, 2018 5312
THIS MONTH @ Jan 1, 2018 138
The evidence for herbal and botanical remedies. Malone, Michael; Tsai, Gary Report Jan 1, 2018 5012
Effect of rosemary on fasting blood glucose, hemoglobin A1c and Vitamin B12 in healthy person and Type 2 diabetic patients taking glucomid or/and metformin. Shawabkeh, Mahmoud Jumah Al; Jamal, Abdulrahim Al Report Jan 1, 2018 2658
Multi-element analysis in aerials parts of Verbena minutiflora and infusions/Analise multi-elementar das partes aereas da Verbena minutiflora e infuses. Soares, Kelly Cristina Nogueira; Pianoski, Karlos Eduardo; Finger, Daiane; Torres, Yohandra Reyes; Q Jan 1, 2018 4434
Fennel Oil Treatment Mimics the Anti-Depressive and Anxiolytic Effects of Fluoxetine without Altering the Serum Cholesterol Levels in Rats. Report Dec 31, 2017 4920
Green synthesis of Mangifera indica silver nanoparticles and its analysis using Fourier transform infrared and scanning electron microscopy. Bharathi, V.; Firdous, Jannathul; Muhamad, Noorzaid; Mona, Resni Report Dec 30, 2017 2159
Antidiabetic effects of Cycas riuminiana leaf extracts on alloxan-induced diabetic ICR mice (Mus musculus L.). Barroso, Jose Lorenzo M.; Lacanilao, Danalou Claudine G.; Sac, Renz Anthony C.; Vitor, Rodel Jonatha Report Dec 30, 2017 4787
Effect of gum arabic and Nigella sativa on T-helperl and T-helper2 immune response in Wistar rats infected with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. Abd-El-Hafez, Salama Moustafa; Ismael, Alaa Basyouni; Soliman, Mohamed Mohamed; Mohamed, Essam Hassa Report Dec 30, 2017 3718
Quality Planting Material (fruits/flowers/herbs/medicinal & Aromatic Plants/agrofores Trees/shoots/climbers)year 2017-18. Dec 30, 2017 103
PITAHC'S book highlights clinical studies on PHL medicinal plants. Clinical report Dec 28, 2017 703
Medenine hosts 2nd edition of Regional Fair of Local Produce, December 22-24. Dec 23, 2017 142
International moot stresses efforts to control diseases. Dec 21, 2017 459
Food for Sleep Releasing Limited Batch of Simple-Ingredient Formula to Improve Athletic Performance and Aid Athlete Recovery Through Better Sleep. Dec 20, 2017 485
Providing The Job Work Contract For Carrying Out Various Farm Operations/lab. Work At Icar-directorate Of Medicinal And Aromatic Plants Research, Boriavi. Dec 20, 2017 139
Supply Of Plantation Materials Under Mgnrega Convergence Scheme. Dec 18, 2017 139
Therapeutic and prophylactic effect of Andrographis paniculata on aspirin-induced gastric ulcer. Saboriendo, Sheryl V.; Sumalapao, Derick Erl P.; Villarante, Nelson R. Report Dec 15, 2017 3994
Evaluation of antianxiety activity of ethanolic extract of leaves of Ocimum sanctum (tulsi) in albino mice. Manu, Gangadhar; Padmanabha, Shivaraju Thiruganahalli; Chandrakantha, Thippeswamy; Ravishankar, Manc Report Dec 15, 2017 2767
Deliveries Of Laboratory Reagents, Glassware, Substances And Medical Consumables For The Needs Of Medical University - Plovdiv By Lot. Dec 14, 2017 192
Climate change minister urges provinces to devise laws. Dec 14, 2017 401
Herbal remedies to avoid when taking diabetes medicine. Dec 14, 2017 931
Reading 'plaka'. Dec 13, 2017 1298
Award ceremony for winners of 1st Tunisian competition of local products. Awards list Dec 9, 2017 217
Baguio farmers making brisk sales in 'ashitaba'. Dec 5, 2017 400
Complementary medicine. Leipzig, Rosanne M. Dec 1, 2017 217
Can CAM Docs Legally Prescribe and Sell Herbals and Nutritional Supplements as Therapy Without Bad Things Happening? Jaffe, Rick Dec 1, 2017 2240
Mushroom Wisdom Introduces New "Old" Mushroom--Super Poria. Dec 1, 2017 333
Nation's first marijuana major prepares grads for a growing field. Goral, Tim Dec 1, 2017 342
What's Brewing in Herbal Tea? More consumers are opting for herbal teas that offer diverse biological properties. Ghosh, Dilip Dec 1, 2017 1265
Actividad contra Trypanosoma cruzi (Kinetoplastida: Trypanosomatidae) de extractos metanolicos de plantas de uso medicinal en Mexico. Perez, Karla C.; Galaviz, Lucio; Iracheta, Jesus M.; Lucero, Eliud A.; Molina, Zinnia J. Dec 1, 2017 6491
Substrate composition and indolebutyric acid on the propagation of Eplingiella fruticosa from cuttings/Composicao de substrato e acido indolbutirico na estaquia de "alecrim de vaqueiro". Silva, Anderson de Carvalho; de Oliveira, Lenaldo Muniz; da Silva, Aritana Alves Dec 1, 2017 3864
Medicinal Plants used during Antenatal Care by Pregnant Women in Eastern Uganda. Nalumansi, Patricia A.; Kamatenesi-Mugisha, Maud; Anywar, Godwin Report Dec 1, 2017 5381
INDICADORES DE MANEJO DE RECURSOS NATURALES EN LA PRODUCCION DE NOPAL VERDURA (Opuntia ficus-indica L. Miller) EN MORELOS, MEXICO. Venado-Campos, R.; Garcia-Matias, F.; Bahena-Delgado, G.; Alpuche-Garces O.; Saldana-Fernandez M.C.; Dec 1, 2017 4347
Herbal supplements offer value with cautions, caveats. Haelle, Tara Dec 1, 2017 1131
Development Of Garden And Maintenance Of All Old And New Shrubs Hedge And Tree Plants. Nov 28, 2017 158
Nature's Bounty Sets Stage for Intros. Nov 27, 2017 327
'Queen of Herbs' Tulsi, the natural cure for most diseases, says Patanjali's Acharya Bal Krishan. Nov 26, 2017 668
Kerala scientist blends Arabic, Indian medicines for global market. Nov 23, 2017 363
Victims come forward to warn against 'Miracle cures' scandal. Nov 21, 2017 566
FDA Warns Of 'Deadly Risks' Associated With Opioid Alternative Kratom. Nov 15, 2017 386
Making Medicinal Plants Poly House And Related Civil Work Under Amrapali Ocp Under Magadh-amrapali Area. Nov 15, 2017 137
'Pak herbal medicines exports can go up by five times'. Nov 13, 2017 360
Serena Williams Calls Out Her Fiance For Spoiling Daughter Alexis Olympia. Nov 12, 2017 390
Ganti Dara To Love Dara, Sittong Division, Govt. Cinchona Plantation, Latpanchor, Darjeeling. Nov 10, 2017 144
LiftoSkin Company Introduces Their New Anti Aging Serum. Nov 8, 2017 246
Old Ganti House To Chyandra, Nursery Road, Dalgoan Division. Nov 7, 2017 141
Green tea compound could help treat Down syndrome. Nov 7, 2017 272
Supply Of Different Verities Of Medicinal Trees Plants Including Mortality Replacement, Loading/Unloading, Transportation Complete At Site The Plants Height 1-2 Feet. Nov 6, 2017 149
WIT & WISDOM: from The Old Farmers Almanac, always 'useful, with a pleasant, degree of humor'. Recipe Nov 1, 2017 487
Nature's Answer[R] Introduces the Elderberry Gummies That Make Everything Else Look Like Candy. Nov 1, 2017 414
AHPA Supports Appalachian Beginning Forest Farmer Coalition (ABFFC): Forest farming of native woodland medicinal plants allows for increased quality control and traceability across the supply chain. Sharaf, Maged Nov 1, 2017 712
Eugenol efficacy in preventing nicotine-induced seizures in mice. Karampour, Neda Sistani; Arzi, Ardeshir; Namazifar, Soroor Report Nov 1, 2017 2664
Antidiabetic effects of Cycas edentata aqueous leaf extract on the blood glucose levels of alloxan-induced diabetic ICR mice (Mus musculus L.). Elardo, Elisha Jae V.; Olea, Abbie Grace M.; Cruz, Francesca Josephine Sta.; Teope, Gloriana Julia C Nov 1, 2017 4778
Antidiabetic and Antidyslipidemic Activities of the Aqueous Extract of Cochlospermum planchonii Leaves in Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats. Abraham, Bamisaye Fisayo; Olarewaju, Sulyman Abdulhakeem; Ronke, Abegunde; Oladipo, Ajani Emmanuel Report Nov 1, 2017 4718
Effects of herbal medicine Sijunzi decoction on rabbits after relieving intestinal obstruction. Li, L.; Zou, C.; Zhou, Z.; Yu, X. Report Nov 1, 2017 3274
Herbal Respite from Joint Discomfort. Bernstein, Judy Nov 1, 2017 2499
Effect of Physical, Chemical and Physiochemical Treatments of Surface Sterilisation on Medicinal Plants Salvadora persica and Solanum surattense for In-vitro Propagation. Naqvi, Beena; Ali, Saleema Mehboob; Makhani, Kiran; Yousuf, Kamran Report Nov 1, 2017 2231
Medicinal plants profile used by the 3rd District population of Maceio-AL/Perfil de plantas medicinais utilizadas pela populacao do 3 Distrito Sanitario de Maceio-AL. Griz, S.A.S.; Matos-Rocha, T.J.; Santos, A.F.; Costa, J.G.; Mousinho, K.C. Nov 1, 2017 5520
CULTIVATION AND USES OF STEVIA (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni): A REVIEW. Hossain, M.F.; Islam, M.T.; Islam, M.A.; Akhtar, S. Report Nov 1, 2017 4542
Free Radical Scavenging and Antibacterial Activities of Helichrysum caespititium (DC) Harv. Extracts. Mamabolo, Makosha Patience; Muganza, Freddy Munyololo; Olivier, Mutendela Tabize Nov 1, 2017 4445
Healthy Ventures Fosters Success of Berry Awake, Berry Sleepy. Oct 30, 2017 415
Get crafty in Llandudno; Noticeboard. Oct 28, 2017 126
Herbal Remedy Warning. Oct 27, 2017 238
FutureLand Closes JV with GreenLeaf Holdings for Purchase of 80% of PLHS Life. Oct 24, 2017 219
FutureLand Closes JV with GreenLeaf Holdings for Purchase of 80% of PLHS Life. Oct 24, 2017 222
citrus sensationCLEMENTINE AND CARDOMOM UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE. Recipe Oct 21, 2017 347
In Afghanistan, ancient tonics yield caution and cures. Oct 20, 2017 524
Fencing For Vegetable And Medicinal Plants Area At Daf Anchal. Oct 17, 2017 147
International Symposium on Frankincense and Medicinal Plants to be held October 26th. Oct 15, 2017 224
International symposium on frankincense, medicinal plants in Oman this month. Oct 15, 2017 224
Trolley dash at Tesco; Woman on the money CASH QUEENS Brilliant money-saving tips and deals to mak. Oct 13, 2017 150
Baby fighting for life after drinking camphor oil; DISTRAUGHT MUM WARNS OF DANGERS. Oct 6, 2017 284
Technical Bid And Financial Bid For The Rate Contract Of Printer Services. Oct 5, 2017 125
Supplying Of Chemicals, Pesticides, Insecticides, Herbal Products In The Form Of Liquid And Power Sanitary Chemicals For Kdmc. Oct 3, 2017 132
Physicochemical characteristics and fatty acid profiles of muscle tissues from Hanwoo steers fed a total mixed ration supplied with medicinal plant by-products. Lee, Shin Ja; Kim, Do Hyung; Yang, Han Sul; Nam, Ki Chang; Ahn, Seung Kyu; Park, Sung Kwon; Choi, Ch Report Oct 1, 2017 6256
Herbal remedies to banish depression: herbs used in other cultures, such as ashwagandha and curcumin, may help improve symptoms of depression, with few side effects. Oct 1, 2017 437
Six natural plant-based antidepressants. Oct 1, 2017 728
Herb-nutra psychiatry: Adjunctive Treatments for ADHD: Solutions derived from natural sources may help manage or treat this complex disorder. Ghosh, Dilip Oct 1, 2017 880
Jiaherb Adopts Rhodiola Through ABC's Adopt-an-Herb Program: Company's commitment supports ABC's educational mission and HerbMedPro database. Oct 1, 2017 1116
Evaluation of the toxicity and hypoglycemic effect of the aqueous extracts of Cnidoscolus quercifolius Pohl. Lira, S.M.; Canabrava, N.V.; Benjamin, S.R.; Silva, J.Y.G.; Viana, D.A.; Lima, C.L.S.; Paredes, P.F. Report Oct 1, 2017 3802
Antiviral activity of shikonin ester derivative PMM-034 against enterovirus 71 in vitro. Zhang, Y.; Han, H.; Sun, L.; Qiu, H.; Lin, H.; Yu, L.; Zhu, W.; Qi, J.; Yang, R.; Pang, Y.; Wang, X. Report Oct 1, 2017 4892
United States : FTC Sending Refund Checks Totaling More Than $210,000 to Consumers Who Bought Elimidrol Opiate Withdrawal Product. Sep 30, 2017 123
Hong Kong : CHP investigates suspected poisoning cases after consumption of medicinal plant. Sep 27, 2017 229
Amazonian Plant Medicine Use and Abuse in the 21st Century: Is there a force behind this behavior, and might it lead to understanding the resulting need for transcendence through transpersonal consciousness-raising techniques? Vitale, Judi Report Sep 22, 2017 8985
Plantas medicinales utilizadas en el tratamiento de enfermedades de la piel en comunidades rurales de la provincia de Los Rios - Ecuador/(Medicinal plants used for treatment of skin diseases in rural communities in Los Rios province, Ecuador). Gallegos-Zurita, Maritza; Gallegos-Z, Diana Sep 22, 2017 5484
Nature's Way unveils new Turmerich line of targeted turmeric formulas. Sep 21, 2017 201
Digging Of Pits, Ss Of Cattle Manure, Ss Of Aravali Tree Plants And Medicinal Plants At Site. Sep 21, 2017 119
Digging Of Pits, S/s Of Cattle Manure, S/s Of Aravali Tree Plants And Medicinal Tree Plants At Site. Maintenance Of Completed Scheme Of Na-ii Under S.z. M/o Aff. M.p. Green Area At Sanjay Van Opp. Jnu. Sep 16, 2017 112
Turkey organizes 25th World Food Fair in Istanbul. Sep 15, 2017 264
Invitation For Expression Of Interest (eoi For Collaboration In Research And Development, Upscaling And Clinical Trials Of Herbal And Nutraceutical Products Developed By Dipas, Delhi. Sep 9, 2017 126
Plant of the week: Not just a retro scent for perfumes. Sep 7, 2017 400
Technical Consultant Services Of Mapping And Ancillary Work In Geographic Data Mapping And Geographical Distribution Of Medicinal Species. Sep 5, 2017 113
Can saw palmetto relieve symptoms of an enlarged prostate? Sep 1, 2017 208
Commercial herbal medicines used as African traditional medicines: Ngoma Herbal Tonic Immune Booster interferes with a rapid urine drug screening test. Mothibe, M.E.; Kahler-Venter, C.P. Report Sep 1, 2017 3522
Secret gardens in New York. Brooks, Iris Sep 1, 2017 2031
Variacion arquitectonica y morfologica de Hintonia latiflora (Rubiaceae) en relacion a la cosecha de corteza y factores ambientales. Beltran-Rodriguez, Leonardo; Romero-Manzanares, Angelica; Luna-Cavazos, Mario; Garcia-Moya, Edmundo Sep 1, 2017 9210
Potential antioxidant and lipid peroxidation inhibition of Phyllanthus acidus leaf extract in minced pork. Nguyen, Tuyen Thi Kim; Laosinwattana, Chamroon; Teerarak, Montinee; Pilasombut, Komkhae Report Sep 1, 2017 7262
The Utilization of Sikala (Etlingera elatior) As Traditional Medicine in Porehu District, North Kolaka Regency, Southeast Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Sabilu, Yusuf; Sahidin; Mukaddin, Asridah; Bittikaka, Yori; Tawa, Rustam A.; Paddo, Juriadi; Saptapu Report Sep 1, 2017 3132
Application of Eco-friendly Antimicrobial Finish Butea monosperma Leaves on Fabric Properties of Polyester and Cotton/Polyester. Sadaf, Shama; Saeed, Muhammad; Kalsoom, Samia Sep 1, 2017 4064
Phytochemical Screening, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, and Glucose Utilization Activities of Three South African Plants Used Traditionally to Treat Diseases. Olaokun, Oyinlola O.; Mkolo, Nqobile M.; Mogale, M.A.; King, Piet H. Report Sep 1, 2017 6081
A NATURALLY SWEET TREAT. Taylor, Natalie Sep 1, 2017 272
Easing hot flashes. Leipzig, Rosanne M. Aug 31, 2017 197
This Chinese herb may treat people with osteoporosis. Aug 29, 2017 331
Misc. Repair/renovation Of Works In Horticulture Office, Covering Of Medicinal Plant And Water Proofing Treatment Of Toilet. Aug 26, 2017 133
CHEESY DOES IT. Aug 25, 2017 127
Effect of Carica papaya leaf extract on platelet count in chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenic patients: a preliminary study. Sundarmurthy, Dharani; C.R., Jayanthi; K.C., Lakshmaiah Report Aug 24, 2017 4626
Evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of ethanolic extract of leaves of Ocimum sanctum (tulsi) in albino rats. Manu, Gangadhar; Padmanabha, Shivaraju Thiruganahalli; Chandrakantha, Thippeswamy; Ravishankar, Manc Report Aug 24, 2017 2521

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