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Medicinal plant Tulsi should be sown in Feb-Apr.

MULTAN -- Basil, traditionally called 'Tulsi' and regarded as the queen of medicinal plants in the Subcontinent, can be sown from February to April anywhere in the country except the flood affected and water logged/saline areas.

Basil or Tulsi leaf strengthens nerves, improve memory and stomach and its seeds can provide relief from cough, flu, piles, dysentery, says a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department here Friday.

Tulsi oil can kill insects pests and flies and mosquitoes don't enter premises where Tulsi plant is grown.

Moderate cold weather is best for its germination while hot and dry weather is suitable for sown seeds' maturity.

Land be prepared by ploughing, Rotovator. It should also be levelled after mixing 1415 ton animal waste fertilizers per acre in the soil.

Two to three kilogram seed be utilized per acre for sowing. Farmers can sow Tulsi in lines separated by eighteen inches by using drill and its depth should not be more than an inch. In the second method, farmers should prepare ridges, draw lines on its top by some wood, insert seeds in these lines and then cover seeds by thin layer of soil.

First water be applied carefully in a way that ridges should remain above water. Experts said that Tulsi does not germinate if its ridges are covered by water.

First two to three water be applied while maintaining a gap of one week. Hoeing should be done twice or thrice to keep the crop free from weeds.

Plants be trimmed when they attain height of three to four inches in a way that two or three plants remain at one point.

Trimming be repeated when plants attain the height of seven to eight inches so that only one plant is left at one point, the release concluded.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Feb 21, 2015
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