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Association of medication administration errors with interruption among nurses in public sector tertiary care hospitals. Raja, Badil, Sajid Ali and Shaheen Sherali Oct 16, 2019 2475
Kenya needs guidelines on medication review. Oct 7, 2019 749
World Pharmacists Day: What Nigerian Pharmacists Can Bring To The Table. Oct 2, 2019 1197
Five People Die Every Minute Due To Medical Harm. Kristine Arbolario Sep 30, 2019 316
UAF holds rally to mark World Pharmacist Day. Sep 26, 2019 253
Pharmacists send teams to earthquake areas. Sep 26, 2019 640
Temos Announces Accreditation Standards for Community Pharmacies. Sep 25, 2019 391
North America Flexible Packaging Market Outlook and Forecast Report 2019-2024. Report Sep 23, 2019 1075
Five avoidable deaths per minute shows urgent need for action on patient safety. Sep 18, 2019 314
Five die every minute globally from harm while seeking treatment. Sep 17, 2019 525
Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market Report 2019, Global Industry Size, Emerging Technology Trends, Share, Growth, Analysis, Competitive Landscape, Top Leaders, Regional Statistics by 2023. Report Sep 10, 2019 929
Healthcare Artificial Intelligence Market 2019 Global Industry Analysis By Size, Growth, Merger, Share, Trends, Competitive Landscape, And Regional Forecast To 2023. Sep 4, 2019 983
A Prescription for Medicating Your Child Safely. Canter, Len Sep 2, 2019 279
Gov't launches initiative against drug, medication errors. Aug 18, 2019 210
Abu Dhabi's smart pharmacy issues 1.7m prescriptions. Jul 7, 2019 495
Boots probes possible error with medication; E&S BRIEFING. Jul 3, 2019 113
Serious medical errors in Abu Dhabi to be reported in 48 hours. Jul 3, 2019 413
New app for NHS fears. Jun 30, 2019 112
Nurse gave patient the wrong dose fifteen times; ... AND HE DIDN'T TELL ANYONE FOR FOUR DAYS AFTER REALISING ANTI.PSYCHOTIC DRUG BLUNDER. Jun 21, 2019 562
Organisational culture and its impact on medication safety. Dellabarca, Tina Jun 1, 2019 1913
A private hospital. May 13, 2019 376
Taiwan's Yang Ming University launches image recognition system for drugs. May 7, 2019 211
Near-Miss Medication Errors Provide a Wake-Up Call. Flynn, Jennifer Apr 30, 2019 862
Nishwa case: Darul Sehat hospital executive director resigns. Apr 22, 2019 340
Darul Sehat hospital executive director resigns. Apr 22, 2019 106
Baby dies before birth due to doctor's negligence in Rahim Yar Khan. Apr 1, 2019 364
Pharmacy Software Improves Operational Processes. Apr 1, 2019 123
'HMC tries to ensure error free prescriptions& safe surgeries'. Mar 24, 2019 246
Forums aim to reduce medicine errors. Report Mar 1, 2019 393
Hospitals have 277 patient 'safety incidents' every day. Feb 13, 2019 387
Investigating the epidemiology of medication errors in adults in community care settings: A retrospective cohort study in central Saudi Arabia. Assiri, Ghadah A.; Alkhenizan, Abdullah HM; Al-Khani, Salma M.; Grant, Liz M.; Sheikh, Aziz Report Feb 1, 2019 11406
New hospital drawers halve dosage error. Jan 30, 2019 193
Evaluation and assessment of prescribing patterns in elderly patients using two explicit criteria based screening tools: (The PRISCUS list and STOPP/START criteria). Report Dec 31, 2018 3591
Global Pharmacy Repackaging Systems Market -- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and For. Report Dec 14, 2018 1070
Global Pharmacy Repackaging Systems Market -- Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and For. Report Dec 12, 2018 1003
Medication Errors Associated With Adverse Drug Reactions in Iran (2015-2017): A P-Method Approach. Karimian, Zahra; Kheirandish, Mehrnaz; Javidnikou, Naghmeh; Asghari, Gholamreza; Ahmadizar, Fariba; Report Dec 1, 2018 4882
Risk of potential drug-drug interactions in the cardiac intensive care units: A comparative analysis between 2 tertiary care hospitals. Shakeel, Faisal; Khan, Jamshaid A.; Aamir, Muhammad; Hannan, Peer A.; Zehra, Sabahat; Ullah, Irfan Report Dec 1, 2018 3324
United Kingdom : Regional funding announced for electronic prescribing. Nov 29, 2018 389
Fifth robotic pharmacy opens. Nov 19, 2018 527
Robot for dispensing pharmaceuticals. Nov 5, 2018 399
Schreiner MediPharm: Label for Dosing Syringe. Oct 26, 2018 275
Concurrent 'never event' prescribing may worsen Parkinson's. Craven, Jeff Oct 15, 2018 563
Pharmacy Repackaging Systems Market to Reach an Opportunity of US$1.8 bn by the End of 2024. Oct 10, 2018 161
Dr Yasmin inaugurates Green Clinic. Oct 6, 2018 271
Fight against quack pharmacists shifts to wholesalers. Oct 4, 2018 300
Vermont Nurses On Strike. Ryan, Christine Oct 1, 2018 277
Medication Errors and Negligence Versus Gross Negligence. Brooks, Karen L. Oct 1, 2018 720
Keystone Folding Box Co. Introduces Blister Solution. Oct 1, 2018 128
Pharmacy Automation Market to Witness Comprehensive Growth by 2022. Sep 26, 2018 545
Expert warns on pharmacists jobs 'burden'. Sep 8, 2018 643
Pharmacy Automation Market: Research Approach and Market Size Estimation. Sep 4, 2018 535
FDA: Montelukast Tablet Bottles Recalled; Voluntary recall due to incorrect drug in bottles. Sep 4, 2018 133
Statistical Process Control. Connelly, Lynne M. Sep 1, 2018 1495
THE SETUP OF THE MesoVICT PROJECT: MesoVICT focuses on the application, capability, and enhancement of spatial verification methods as applied to deterministic and ensemble forecasts of precipitation, wind, and temperature over complex terrain and Includes observation uncertainty assessment. Dorninger, Manfred; Gilleland, Eric; Casati, Barbara; Mittermaier, Marion P.; Ebert, Elizabeth E.; B Sep 1, 2018 11565
Packaging for health and safety. Sep 1, 2018 676
Keystone Folding Box Co.: Packaging Combats Opioid Crisis. Aug 27, 2018 241
It's scrawl over, doc. Aug 26, 2018 138
Doctor's dodgy handwriting blamed for baby having sore bum after pharmacist mistook note about ear for "rear"; The Government wants to crack down on dodgy handwriting by doctors in the NHS which is increasing costs and putting patients at risk. Aug 26, 2018 409
Man dies after being given wrong medication in Gujranwala. Aug 26, 2018 298
Preventable Adverse Drug Events Usually of Minor Severity in Kids; Incidence of pADEs is zero to 17 per 1,000 patient-days for children in general pediatric wards. Aug 21, 2018 217
Poor MD handwriting kills. Aug 17, 2018 166
Fresenius Kabi introduces Heparin Sodium in freeflex containers -BYLN- Business Wire. Aug 6, 2018 218
LIABILITY: Reducing risk with Improvements in doctor-nurse teams. Gallegos, Alicia Aug 1, 2018 1310
Hospitals report 45 'serious incidents'. Jul 30, 2018 388
Parents issue warning over medicine; Their disabled son Patrick died two years after pharmacy error. Jul 29, 2018 677
Hospitals report 45 'serious incidents'. Jul 28, 2018 427
Automation Driving Pharmacy Repackaging in North America. Jul 25, 2018 389
First Smart Pharmacy Run by a Robot Opens in Saudi Arabia. Jul 22, 2018 233
Man dies after 'spiritual healer's' treatment. Jul 12, 2018 451
International Group Develops Best Practices for Drug Packaging; Global regulators recommend adoption of ready-to-use/administer syringes and premixed IV solutions. Jul 10, 2018 238
Six ways to reduce liability by improving doc-nurse teams. Gallegos, Alicia Jul 1, 2018 1219
The Rise of Patient Safety-II: Should We Give Up Hope on Safety-I and Extracting Value From Patient Safety Incidents? Comment on "False Dawns and New Horizons in Patient Safety Research and Practice". Carson-Stevens, Andrew; Donaldson, Liam; Sheikh, Aziz Report Jul 1, 2018 2982
Beloved NHS needs reform; LETTERS. Jun 25, 2018 194
Murang'a doctor faces sack for prescribing wrong drugs to patient. Jun 6, 2018 455
Al-Khidmat hospital launches in-house pharmacy services to eradicate medication errors. Jun 1, 2018 583
Al-Khidmat opens in-house pharmacy service. Jun 1, 2018 295
Authority to Act. May 7, 2018 671
AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Studies Conclude that Existing IV Patient-Controlled Analgesia Systems Jeopardize Patient Safety. May 2, 2018 183
How lab directors can help nursing staff eliminate mislabeled specimens. Trask, Linda May 1, 2018 1350
Study reinforces HMC efforts towards patient safety. Apr 21, 2018 512
Pharmacists Can Help With DM Management Via Telemedicine; Telemedicine could provide real-time feedback loop and allow pharmacists to help patients self-manage. Apr 12, 2018 242
Mum labelled 'paranoid' before daughter diagnosed as autistic. Apr 11, 2018 739
Mum dismissed as 'paranoid' for years before daughter was diagnosed with autism; Nastasha Evans' daughter Miley was given the wrong medication after first being diagnosed with ADHD. Apr 10, 2018 856
Reports of deaths among patients on Acadia drug raises concerns, CNN says. Apr 9, 2018 168
HMC Medication Safety Symposium from today. Apr 6, 2018 413
HMC Led International Pharmacy Study Finds Positive Clinical Leadership is at the Heart of Patient Safety. Apr 5, 2018 561
Positive clinical leadership at the heart of patient safety. Apr 4, 2018 473
HMC-Led International Pharmacy Study Finds Positive Clinical Leadership is at the Heart of Patient Safety. Apr 4, 2018 562
DID YOU KNOW? Drug errors kill 100s of patients. Apr 3, 2018 143
DID YOU KNOW? Drug errors kill 100s of patients. Apr 3, 2018 146
The relationship between medication errors in prescribing phase and service quality on national health insurance patients of pharmacy unit in public hospital in Bandung city. Putriana, Norisca Aliza; Nurjanah, Nunung; Kautsar, Angga Prawira Report Apr 1, 2018 2715
Pharmacies needed to be manned by qualified pharmacist to avert errors. Mar 30, 2018 561
Medication errors kill 0.5m people each year in Pakistan. Mar 30, 2018 698
Pharmacies needed to be manned by qualified pharmacist to avert errors. Mar 30, 2018 537
Medication errors kill 0.5m people each year in Pakistan. Mar 30, 2018 700
Unique Risks Associated With Texting Medical Orders; Institute of Safe Medication Practices indicates risks such as abbreviations, autocorrection. Mar 22, 2018 239
Patients 'don't feel safe in [...]. Mar 14, 2018 199
New Draft Guidance Issued for Animal Drug Names. Brief article Mar 9, 2018 269
UAE bans handwritten medical prescriptions. Mar 6, 2018 519
Ministry issues life-saving digital prescription order. Mar 6, 2018 462
Ministry phases out handwritten doctor's prescriptions. Mar 5, 2018 519
Handwritten medical prescriptions coming to an end in UAE. Mar 5, 2018 468
This week. Feb 25, 2018 176
Buffalo Pharmacies, a Local Family Owned Business is Doing Their Part to Keep Seniors Out of the Hospital. Feb 21, 2018 724
Knowledge exchange helps in improving healthcare: Expert. Feb 20, 2018 514
Pharmacy Board blocks quacks, unlicensed shops. Feb 17, 2018 346
HMC's pharmacy department ensures foolproof dispensing of medicines: Hail. Feb 4, 2018 407
Long Island Surgeon Arrested For Attempting To Strangle Nurse With Cord. Jan 24, 2018 519
Warnock breathing easier over winger's struggles. Jan 13, 2018 519
The unusual reason behind Nathaniel Mendez-Laing's poor form as Warnock delivers major Cardiff City injury update; Mendez-Laing has struggled of late, and Warnock has given a full explanation behind the winger's indifferent form. Jan 12, 2018 599
Israel,United States : MedAware Secures Second Year of Funding Support from the Israel Innovation Authority. Jan 5, 2018 438
Dermatologists paying for errors during procedures. Franki, Richard Jan 1, 2018 195
Nurse struck off after trying to cover up error. Dec 15, 2017 471
Nurse struck off for blunders and failed cover-up. Dec 15, 2017 439
Nurse gave patient wrong medicine and said: 'Ah well, there's not much difference between the two'; Jacqueline White was barred from the profession for a string of failings, including taking a blood sample from the wrong patient. Dec 14, 2017 478
CE Catalog Highlights. Dec 11, 2017 154
Evaluation of hands on training on prescription writing skills among medical students in a tertiary care teaching hospital. Raghu, Geetha; Arumugam, Balaji; Paul, Preetha Report Dec 1, 2017 3979
Convince doctors to prescribe less number of drugs which will reduce medication errors - Jacqueline Surugue. Nov 30, 2017 1470
Qatar : CPH Faculty Wins Best Poster Award at the 3rd Qatar Patient Safety Week United for Patient Safety. Nov 20, 2017 306
Improving Medication Administration Safety in the Clinical Environment. McMahon, Janet Tompkins Report Nov 1, 2017 2810
Evaluation of prescribing medication errors in a pediatric outpatient pharmacy. Alsulaiman, Khalid; Aljeraisy, Majed; Alharbi, Shmeylan; Alsulaihim, Ibrahim; Almolaiki, Maha; Alamm Report Nov 1, 2017 3267
Robyn's leukaemia was in remission but drug blunder killed her after 'horrific week' DOCTORS SHOULD HAVE ANTICIPATED PROBLEM. Oct 7, 2017 633
Patient Safety Week to focus on medication. Oct 1, 2017 199
Care staff sent home in drugs blunder probe; FEARS AFTER WHISTLEBLOWERS' CLAIMS Nurse and two assistants suspended. Oct 1, 2017 540
CE catalog highlights. Sep 25, 2017 238
Sultan Qaboos University's focus on giving quality care, improving safety of patients. Sep 17, 2017 492
Pharmacists play an important role in monitoring, policy making and regulatory affairs - Latif Sheikh. Sep 15, 2017 780
Global E-Prescription Market to Grow at a CAGR of 21.5% by 2025, Research and Markets Forecasts. Aug 29, 2017 216
Public Procurement Training 2017. Aug 22, 2017 130
Israel : MedAware Raises $8 Million in Series A Funding to Eradicate Catastrophic Prescription Errors. Aug 21, 2017 552
OAP fears as 40% of care homes failing. Aug 7, 2017 122
1,102 medication errors reported in Abu Dhabi in 2016. Jul 19, 2017 454
OAPs in peril as 1 in 4 care services fail. Jul 6, 2017 119
United States : CompleteRx Partners with Omnicell to Support the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Office of Pharmacy Services. Jun 17, 2017 431
Patient, 85, died after being given wrong drug. Jun 14, 2017 480
Ensuring global patient safety by minimizing medication-related errors: World Health Organization. Shrivastava, Saurabh RamBihariLal; Shrivastava, Prateek Saurabh; Ramasamy, Jegadeesh Editorial May 1, 2017 911
Institute for Safe Medication Practices to Launch Fellowship Programme with Baxter Support. Mar 17, 2017 310
Top 5 benefits of implementing an enterprise-wide medication management system. Burghard, Cynthia Mar 1, 2017 743
A novel approach to reducing RN distraction during medication access. Wolak, Eric; Hill, Andrea; Ball, Pam; Culp, Loc Report Mar 1, 2017 3958
Identifying medication errors in the neonatal intensive care unit and paediatric wards using a medication error checklist at a tertiary academic hospital in Gauteng, South Africa. Truter, A.; Schellack, N.; Meye, J.C. Report Mar 1, 2017 4815
The cost of interoperability: does the technology gap push med errors into the third leading cause of death? Voltz, Donald Jan 1, 2017 1999
Improving nursing care: examining errors of omission. McMullen, Sherri L.; Kozik, Carol Anne; Myers, Gina; Keenan, Kelly; Wheelock, Maria; Kalman, Melanie Jan 1, 2017 4345
Listado de medicamentos trazadores/senaladores como herramienta en programas de seguimiento farmacoterapeutico o de farmacoseguridad. Molina, Olga; Amariles, Pedro; Angulo, Nancy Report Jan 1, 2017 6539
Perception of Community Pharmacists towards Dispensing Errors in Community Pharmacy Setting in Gondar Town, Northwest Ethiopia. Gelayee, Dessalegn Asmelashe; Mekonnen, Gashaw Binega Report Jan 1, 2017 5439
Patients Admitted to Three Spanish Intensive Care Units for Poisoning: Type of Poisoning, Mortality, and Functioning of Prognostic Scores Commonly Used. Banderas-Bravo, Maria Esther; Arias-Verdu, Maria Dolores; Macias-Guarasa, Ines; Aguilar-Alonso, Edua Report Jan 1, 2017 6424
Drug Errors and Protocol for Prevention among Anaesthetists in Nigeria. Johnson, U.U.; Ebirim, L.N. Report Jan 1, 2017 2340
RxSchool live online CE. Dec 12, 2016 142
Peking University Health Science Center Model of Clinical Pharmacy Education and Clinical Pharmacist Services. Chen, Zi-Hao; Cui, Yi-Min; Zhou, Ying; Wang, Zi-Ning; Ke, Yang Dec 5, 2016 3493
Iatrogenic medication errors in a paediatric intensive care unit in Durban, South Africa. Gokhul, A.; Jeena, P.M.; Gray, A. Clinical report Dec 1, 2016 4965
Netherlands : Prescription Medication Tragedies Could Be Prevented by Simple Pictures. Oct 29, 2016 547
CPS launches telepharmacy service. Oct 24, 2016 383
Belgium : EMA recommends measures to ensure safe use of Keppra oral solution. Oct 15, 2016 778
Third-leading cause of death in U.S. Brief article Oct 1, 2016 109
Survey of medication error factors from nurses' perspective. Pournamdar, Zahra; Zare, Sadegh Report Sep 1, 2016 3322
From information to knowledge: how medication learning optimizes patient outcomes: NEHI data suggests that inpatient, preventable medication errors cost the U.S. healthcare system more than $16.4 billion annually. Donato, Anthony; Hood, Gregory Sep 1, 2016 1344
EHRs' evolution: are they advancing too slowly? Doctors' frustrations with EHRs are well-known and just, but history has taught us that technology will evolve. Leventhal, Rajiv Sep 1, 2016 1235
The patient misidentification crisis: biometric identification solutions can reduce medical errors and save lives. Kelly, Sean Report Sep 1, 2016 1460
Netherlands : Drug Information from Wolters Kluwer Relied on by 95% of U.S. News & World Report 2016-2017 Honor Roll Hospitals. Drug overview Aug 26, 2016 331
United States : Baxter's DoseEdge Pharmacy System Identifies Potential Medication Errors For Clinicians Prior to Patient Administration. Aug 2, 2016 439
Sagent Pharmaceuticals unveils anti-infective/antibiotic Amikacin Sulfate Injection, USP. Jul 19, 2016 151
Sagent Pharmaceuticals unveils anti-infective/antibiotic Amikacin Sulfate Injection, USP. Jul 19, 2016 147
New Zealand : Adverse drug reaction reporting in primary care Share. Jul 19, 2016 158
IQ4I Research & Consultancy Published a New Report on "Healthcare Analytics Global Market - Forecast to 2022". Jul 10, 2016 545
United States : Data Show Sigma Spectrum Infusion System Users Achieved 97 Percent Drug Library Compliance Rate Within the First Month of Implementation. Jun 17, 2016 548
Epinephrine: medication error. Akca, Halise; Tuygun, Nilden; Polat, Emine; Karacan, Can Demir Report Jun 1, 2016 1117
It's Our Turn: Implications for Pathology From the Institute of Medicine's Report on Diagnostic Error. Laposata, Michael; Cohen, Michael B. Report Jun 1, 2016 2097
Nurse suspended after giving wrong medicine. Mar 22, 2016 256
MARGARET, 86, DIES AFTER PILLS MIX-UP AT CHEMIST'S; TRAGEDY PROBE INTO OAP'S DEATH Inquiry told how widow fell into coma after being given wrong medication. Mar 8, 2016 386
SANS 444:2014: a new standard for small-ampoule labelling and a chance to reduce drug administration errors in South Africa. Reed, Anthony R.; Gordon, Peter C. Letter to the editor Mar 1, 2016 585
Drugs blunder death nurse keeps her job. Feb 19, 2016 322
Netherlands : HIMSS16 Presentations Highlight Role of Wolters Kluwer Clinical Drug Information Solution in Reducing Medication Errors, Minimizing Alert Fatigue. Feb 19, 2016 494
Care home residents were at risk of abuse; WATCHDOG BLASTS AGE UK-RUN FACILITY. Feb 16, 2016 374
Patients Aged 80 Years or Older are Encountered More Potentially Inappropriate Medication Use. Mo, Li; Ding, Ding; Pu, Shi-Yun; Liu, Qin-Hui; Li, Hong; Dong, Bi-Rong; Yang, Xiao-Yan; He, Jin-Han Report Jan 1, 2016 3818
Eficacia de los programas de seguridad del paciente. Estepa del Arbol, Miriam; Moyano Espadero, Ma Carmen; Perez Blancas, Carolina; Crespo Montero, Rodol Jan 1, 2016 7744
Addressing prescription opioid abuse concerns in context: synchronizing policy solutions to multiple complex public health problems. Dineen, Kelly K. Jan 1, 2016 10542
Addressing prescription opioid abuse concerns in context: synchronizing policy solutions to multiple complex public health problems. Dineen, Kelly K. Jan 1, 2016 27316
Safety implications of the dose change alert function in smart infusion pumps on the administration of high-alert medications. Goulding, Catherine; Bedard, Mario Report Dec 22, 2015 3854
Doctors should mentor Pharmacists and utilize their expertise to ensure safe medications. Dec 15, 2015 1834
Look-alike packaging puts patients at risk. Brief article Dec 1, 2015 197
Managing anticoagulants: what happens when a drug is helpful and dangerous? Reslock, Debbie Sullivan Drug overview Nov 1, 2015 776
Northumberland nurse Ann Gregg struck off for medicine errors; The nurse forgot to give some patients their drugs and gave others the wrong medication, the Nursing and Midwifery Council heard. Oct 13, 2015 374
Leveraging health information technology to improve quality in federal healthcare. Weigel, Fred K.; Switaj, Timothy L.; Hamilton, Jessica Report Oct 1, 2015 4264
Reduction in chemotherapy order errors with computerised physician order entry and clinical decision support systems. Aziz, Muhammad Tahir; Ur-Rehman, Tofeeq; Qureshi, Sadia; Bukhari, Nadeem Irfan Clinical report Oct 1, 2015 5168
Implementation of electronic scripts in South Africa. du Toit, K.; Naicker, S.; Bodenstein, J. Report Sep 1, 2015 1798
Pharmacy error reporting system inadequate. Jul 12, 2015 796
Has Diagnostic (Analytic) Accuracy Improved in Anatomic Pathology? Are We Better Today Than We Were 20 Years Ago? Nakhleh, Raouf E. Jun 1, 2015 2282
Nursing students' medication errors and their opinions on the reasons of errors: A cross-sectional survey. May 31, 2015 4007
Codonics, Omnicell Expand Partnership, Launch System Designed to Prevent Medication Errors. May 27, 2015 435
Errors plan for pharmacists. May 24, 2015 101
Preferred drug usage among patients attending ophthalmology outpatient department for the treatment of dry eye syndrome in a tertiary care teaching hospital at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Dutta, Shaktibala; Beg, Mirza Atif; Bawa, Shalu; Sindhu, Saubhagya; Anjoom, Mohammad; Mittal, Sanjee May 1, 2015 3092
Project aims to limit hospital readmissions. Brief article Apr 27, 2015 128
OVER PRESCRIPTION OF ANTIBIOTICS BY KARACHI DENTISTS WORKING IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR. Ikram, Kashif; Ahmed, Asif; Siddiqui, Humayun Kaleem; Maqbool, Sana; Mushtaq, Saima; Sohail, Mahreen Report Mar 31, 2015 2203
Unusual natural home remedies. Ursula Mar 1, 2015 480
Medication errors in anesthesia and critical care. Reddy, N. Gopal Report Feb 19, 2015 3374
Case report: confusion: altered behavior: chronic sleep deprivation: Dx? Motamedi, Gholam K.; Wheeler, Margot G. Case study Feb 1, 2015 980
Would a cholesterol medication have made a difference? Hickner, John Feb 1, 2015 356
Narcotic misstep has tragic consequences. Hickner, John Brief article Feb 1, 2015 187
How well do new graduates manage medications? A small survey of new graduates' medication management knowledge and skills has revealed some deficits that nursing educators need to address. Lim, Gigi; Honey, Michelle Report Feb 1, 2015 1458
United States : Inova Fair Oaks Hospital Casts Masimo Patient SafetyNet to Help Improve Patient Outcomes and Reduce Costs. Jan 16, 2015 323
Medication incidents occurring in long-term care. Report Dec 22, 2014 1783
PerceptiMed tackles problem of Rx dispensing errors. Dec 8, 2014 598
Medication error killed Ore. patient. Wozniacka, Gosia Dec 5, 2014 315
17% drop in hospital patient harm. Johnson, Carla K. Dec 3, 2014 273
Assessment of knowledge of pediatric nurses related with drug administration and preparation. Bulbul, Ali; Kunt, Ayse; Selalmaz, Melek; Sozeri, Sehrinaz; Uslu, Sinan; Nuhoglu, Asiye Report Dec 1, 2014 4240
5 big drug mistakes. Nov 23, 2014 631
Errors with children's cough/cold medicines decline. Nov 10, 2014 498
Electronic health records can lower prescribing errors. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 101
Incidence of potential drug-drug interaction and related factors in hospitalized neurological patients in two Iranian teaching hospitals. Namazi, Soha; Pourhatami, Shiva; Borhani-Haghighi, Afshin; Roosta, Sareh Nov 1, 2014 3970
Improving preceptors' knowledge on medication error reduction strategies. Harris, Rosiland Report Nov 1, 2014 4294
Death by bad handwriting. Oct 27, 2014 882
United States : Arkansas Heart Hospital Upgrades to Masimo SET Pulse Oximetry, Resulting in Significant Reduction in False Alarms and Improved Patient Care and Satisfaction. Oct 25, 2014 376
Promoting patient safety through the electronic health record and use of computerized provider order entry: a nurse's duty. Stelly, Christina Report Oct 1, 2014 1029
'Drug error killed tot'. Sep 21, 2014 104
Report Published: "Medication Management Market - Global Forecast to 2019". Sep 17, 2014 615
Reducing pharmacy noise: minimizing the impact of distractions on medication management workflows. Jarratt, Debra Sep 1, 2014 1401
Reducing medication errors by educating nurses on bar code technology. Keane, Kathy Report Sep 1, 2014 1733
Knowledge and practices of nurses concerning intravenous potassium administration in a Turkish hospital. Gunes, Aysegul; Celik, Sevilay Senol Report Sep 1, 2014 3770
Drug induced hypoglycemic coma in a nondiabetic with chronic liver disease: a case report of drug dispensing error. Baradol, Krishna M.; Ladhad, Dharmesh A. Aug 28, 2014 1501
'Mental drug blunder killed my daughter'. Jul 20, 2014 139
Brandsymbol Partners with Med-ERRS to Cultivate Safe Pharmaceutical Trademarks. Jul 11, 2014 580
Avoidinq medication errors. Cook, Pauline Report Jul 1, 2014 1162
Electronic health records can lower prescribing errors. Abstract Jul 1, 2014 101
Postoperative spinal fusion care in pediatric patients: co-management decreases length of stay. Rosenberg, Rebecca E.; Ardalan, Kaveh; Wong, Wai; Patel, Sonya; Simson, Gabrielle Gold-von; Feldman, Report Jul 1, 2014 4072
Retrospective analysis of completeness and legibility of prescription orders at a tertiary care hospital. Dharmadikari, Shrikant; Jaju, Jugalkishore; Pawar, Ganesh; Funde, Satyajeet Jul 1, 2014 1256
Diagnostic errors among top reasons for lawsuits. Gallegos, Alicia Jun 15, 2014 695
Reminder app may improve medication adherence. Boschert, Sherry Report Jun 15, 2014 615
I will have to forgive - but it hurts me so much; Wife's pain over drugs blunder man. May 15, 2014 356
Canada's Leading Healthcare Organizations Team Up With George Brown College to Expand MyMedRec; A smartphone app to support the safe and smart use of medication. May 8, 2014 676
Detachable single-wrap labels. May 1, 2014 141
Medication-related emergency room visits. Brief article May 1, 2014 159
OAP RECEIVED KILLER DOSEfor a drug administration error; Whole day's worth given in just 20 minutes. Apr 30, 2014 291
Women Who Run It Discovers: You're Using the Wrong Medication. Apr 14, 2014 291
Medication incidents occurring in long-term care. Mar 22, 2014 1782
Study: switching pharmacies has risks. Mar 17, 2014 432
Raising students' clinical alarm awareness: evaluating a learning activity. Ardoin, Katherine B.; Wilson, Kathleen B. Report Mar 1, 2014 2068
Evaluating the impact of medication cabinets in patients' rooms on a medical-surgical telemetry unit. . Arinal, Mavel F.; Cohn, Tanya; Avila-Quintana, Carmen Report Mar 1, 2014 4234
Adherence is a priority for suppliers. Jan 6, 2014 354
Accurate diagnosis: the foundation of quality care. Zablocki, Elaine Jan 1, 2014 1351
Prescription for safety: strategies for avoiding medication errors improves resident care and reduces business risk. Horowitz, Alan C. Jan 1, 2014 1172
Medication errors. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 267
Dosing errors. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 187
Wrong medication given by hospital to tragic baby. Dec 16, 2013 388
Pharmacy error led to woman's fatal drugs dose. Dec 5, 2013 378
Are you admitting malpractice if you apologize to a patient? Mossman, Douglas Report Dec 1, 2013 2021
Efficiency of strategies for preventing medication administration errors in pediatric inpatients. Ozkan, Suzan; Kocaman, Gulseren; Ozturk, Candan Report Dec 1, 2013 3203
Medication Errors Common on Admission to Mental Health Units. Nov 18, 2013 485
MUM KILLED BY OVERDOSE IN HOSPITAL; NURSES GAVE OAP UP TO 16 TIMES NORMAL LEVEL OF DRUG Pensioner died after hospital drug blunder. Nov 12, 2013 461
Preventing medication administration errors: lockable, computerized medication administration carts help hospitals avoid errors and reduce costs. Stroud, Deb Nov 1, 2013 1092
Evaluation of Over-the-Counter liquid medication labels and dosing devices. Budnitz, Daniel S.; Lovegrove, Maribeth Nov 1, 2013 1287
Medication errors in the adult emergency unit of a tertiary care teaching hospital in Addis Ababa. Negash, Gediwon; Kebede, Yonathan; Hawaze, Segewkal Oct 1, 2013 4322
Drug blunder led to death. Sep 26, 2013 388
Why give your gran a drink... she is dying anyway; Nurse banned over string of complaints and drug errors. Sep 19, 2013 626
Frost & Sullivan: Patient Safety and Risk Management a Priority for EU States. Sep 19, 2013 756
Prescription errors in psychiatry. Nair, Ashish; Srivastava, Mona Report Jul 1, 2013 4951
Medication administration errors in children with cancer. Walsh, Kathleen E. Jul 1, 2013 1046
Medication-related liability. Tan, S.Y. Jun 15, 2013 856
Medication safety; dispensing drugs without error. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 112
MUMC Earns an "A" for Patient Safety from Leapfrog Group. May 20, 2013 339
Buying power. Stewart-Robinson, John Letter to the editor May 17, 2013 343
Cardiac medication errors common after hospitalization. Boschert, Sherry May 15, 2013 668
Drugs error nearly kills baby Olivia; HOSPITAL. Apr 12, 2013 147
Drugs error man 'lucky to be alive' PRESCRIPTION. Mar 5, 2013 123
A drug reaction with lasting consequences. Hickner, John Brief article Mar 1, 2013 294
ISMP targets vaccine errors. Jan 21, 2013 399
Gardener's court hell after drug error over; Speed mistaken for plant food. Jan 10, 2013 415
Medication error-related issues in nursing practice. Tzeng, Huey-Ming; Yin, Chang-Yi; Schneider, Thomas E. Jan 1, 2013 3532
Literature review and risk mitigation strategy for unintended consequences of computerized physician order entry. Cowan, Lisa Jan 1, 2013 3253
Medication administration: The 30-minute rule. Dec 22, 2012 109
KILLED BY CHEMIST'S WRONG MEDICATION; Inquest told 'human error' caused death. Nov 6, 2012 509
Nursing environment affects drug errors. Currie, Donya Nov 1, 2012 188
Was oxytocin the culprit? Brief article Nov 1, 2012 101
Transitioning to an eMAR system. Sheehan, Patricia Oct 1, 2012 513
I.V. integration helps clinicians reduce medication errors: with the right team and the right plan, the benefits of integrated technology can be realized, leading to reductions in healthcare costs and improved efficiency. Rinda, Jeff Oct 1, 2012 897
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