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Medicated saline nasal rinses.


Sinus Dynamics introduces topical medicated nasal irrigation treatment for patients who suffer from upper respiratory inflammation and infection. The company compounds proprietary pharmaceutical formulas, available nationwide through physician prescription, to treat these medical conditions with medicated saline rinses.

Side effects are minimized because of minimal systemic absorption of the medicated solutions prescribed for nasal irrigation, and topical treatment addresses the problem of bacterial resistance to oral antibiotics. Additional benefits include the clearing out of excessive upper respiratory secretions and airborne allergens while moisturizing nasal passages and, to a lesser extent, the sinus mucosa to improve mucociliary function.

Sinus Dynamics' compounded medications for intranasal administration (for patients with chronic and acute rhinosinusitis) include antibiotics, antifungai medications, and anti-inflammatory medications. Medicated nasal irrigation can also be used both pre- and postoperatively to contain and control infection and inflammation. When prescribed preoperatively, the formulas can help prevent bacterial or fungal contamination of the surgical suite and reduce the risk of infection to the surgical team, most notably from methioillin-resietant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

Sinus Dynamics handles all billing and is contracted with PPO, Medicare, and HMO insurers throughout the United States, including TRICARE for active and retired military personnel.
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Date:May 1, 2010
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