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Du Quoin blotter. Oct 19, 2021 868
Police used stinger device to stop unlicensed and uninsured dangerous driver. Oct 14, 2021 233
African Underwriters to Deploy ICT to Enable Insure Uninsured in Africa. Oct 14, 2021 420
A Retrospective Cohort Study on Health Insurance: Related Disparities in Trauma Patients After Penetrating Injuries: 2000-2014. De-Ayala-Hillman, Rafael; Diaz-Marty, Cristina; Ramos-Melendez, Ediel; Garcia-Rodriguez, Omar; Guerr Report Sep 1, 2021 5734
Uninsured e-scooter rider fined after damaging car windscreen. Aug 25, 2021 237
Path towards a turning point: The nation as a cradle of nationalism. Urooj Aijaz Aug 22, 2021 764
New law helps uninsured residents in need of kidney transplants. Organ, Submitted By Gift Of Hope; Network, Tissue Donor Aug 2, 2021 333
Taiwan opens up vaccine registration to foreigners without health insurance cards. Jul 29, 2021 477
Department to reimburse private vaccination sites inoculating uninsured patients. Jul 6, 2021 209
Disqualified driver near Rugby tried to run away from police by abandoning his car while it was still moving; But after a chase, he was caught - and also found to be uninsured and in possession of drugs. News Reporter Jun 13, 2021 151
Equalising the fight against cancer. Jun 9, 2021 765
Car seized after 'kind' driver lets uninsured friend borrow his car for work in Northampton; This driver's act of kindness backfired and now they to recover their vehicle from the pound. Megan Hillery Jun 2, 2021 157
Use of Preventive Care Services Declined Despite Expanded Coverage. Allsop, Kieran; Axelsen, Kirsten; Rogers, Sara Jun 1, 2021 9958
Moment police find nine people packed into small Skoda -including two in boot; North Yorkshire Police said while they "always expect the unexpected when they stop a vehicle", they were shocked to find nine people squeezed into an uninsured Skoda. By, Elaine Blackburne May 27, 2021 402
Vaccines in Hoffman Estates:. May 25, 2021 360
Disparities in COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage Between Urban and Rural Counties--United States, December 14, 2020-April 10, 2021. Murthy, Bhavini Patel; Sterrett, Natalie; Weller, Daniel; Zell, Elizabeth; Reynolds, Laura; Toblin, May 21, 2021 4216
Public hearings on Universal Coverage Scheme being held online amid pandemic. May 21, 2021 302
Compensation Fund, partners contribute R1.35b towards vaccination of uninsured workers. May 17, 2021 621
Employment and Labour on funding vaccines for uninsured workers without medical cover. May 17, 2021 628
Driver who killed man in 90mph cop chase jailed; uninsured lowlife caused sickening crash. CARL JACKSON Court Reporter May 8, 2021 615
Publix Pharmacy announces walk in COVID-19 vaccinations at Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee. May 3, 2021 179
Publix Pharmacy announces walk in COVID-19 vaccinations at Alabama, North Carolina and Tennessee. May 3, 2021 178
Covering the Uninsured in the United States' Multi-Payer Health System. Capretta, James C. May 1, 2021 5732
Work out modalities for universal health coverage for diseases- Expert. Apr 27, 2021 572
Up to 40% of Losses from Frost Damage at French Vineyards Are Uninsured. Apr 23, 2021 293
Widow's home burns down.. & she's uninsured; Fundraiser to rebuild destroyed house. SARAH VESTY Apr 22, 2021 261
Universal coverage to revolutionize health sector: PM. Apr 16, 2021 293
Mobile Clinic to Provide Essential Services to Medically Underserved Neighborhoods in Niagara Falls. Apr 8, 2021 475
Mobile Clinic to Provide Essential Services to Medically Underserved Neighborhoods in Niagara Falls. Apr 4, 2021 474
Health insurance coverage and self-employment. Berkowitz, Seth A.; Gold, Rachel; Domino, Marisa Elena; Basu, Sanjay Report Apr 1, 2021 6276
Education and Experience as Determinants of Micro Health Insurance Enrolment. Savitha, Basri; Banerjee, Subrato Mar 25, 2021 7391
Uninsured e-scooter driver jailed for 8 weeks. Mar 25, 2021 264
Fundraising campaign to support TB patients launched. Mar 24, 2021 548
E-scooter user jailed for riding while uninsured. CHARLOTTE PAXTON News Reporter Mar 19, 2021 269
Punjab pursuing National Health Vision 2016-25: Hashim. Mar 10, 2021 351
Punjab pursuing National Health Vision 2016-25: Hashim. Mar 10, 2021 350
COVID-19 Pandemic Exposes Realities On Where We Are On UHC- AHAIC. Mar 6, 2021 550
Randolph County sheriff's blotter. Mar 3, 2021 1151
How to improve Affordable Care Act. Feb 28, 2021 643
How To Improve The Affordable Care Act. Feb 25, 2021 656
Separated at Birth: The Politics of Pharmacare for All in Canada and Medicare for All in the United States: Comment on "Universal Pharmacare in Canada". Tuohy, Carolyn Hughes Feb 24, 2021 2387
Despite COVID-19, Amita Health St. Joseph Hospital-Elgin ensures breast health testing carries on. Submitted by Dori Wilson Feb 18, 2021 776
COVID-19 Leadership Lessons for the Future. Rios, Elena Feb 15, 2021 852
Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) Reductions. Mitchell, Alison Feb 1, 2021 1286
PM congratulates KP on becoming 'first province' to provide universal health coverage. Feb 1, 2021 731
Mum lit the oven and then bang! I thought I was dead; 'Gas blast' wrecks uninsured house. ADAM ASPINALL Jan 22, 2021 208
Despite COVID-19, Amita Health St. Joseph Hospital-Elgin ensures breast health testing carries on. Submitted by Dori Wilson Jan 21, 2021 776
Two friends caught driving 300 miles uninsured to visit pals in Wales during lockdown; The pair were flagged for driving uninsured before cops realised they had already clocked up 300 miles as they broke the third lockdown to visit friends. By, Owen Evans & Rory Cassidy & Nina Lloyd Jan 16, 2021 278
Cancer Screening Test Receipt--United States, 2018. Sabatino, Susan A.; Thompson, Trevor D.; White, Mary C.; Shapiro, Jean A.; de Moor, Janet; Doria-Ros Jan 15, 2021 3831
Despite COVID-19, AMITA Health Saint Joseph Hospital Elgin Ensures Breast Health Testing Carries On: UNIQUE Partnership with A Silver Lining Foundation (nfp) Continues to Save Lives! Dori Wilson Jan 13, 2021 828
The Legal Determinants of Health: How Can We Achieve Universal Health Coverage and What Does it Mean? Gostin, Lawrence O. Jan 1, 2021 2914
U.S. Health Care Coverage and Spending. Rosso, Ryan J. Jan 1, 2021 1282
Dr Mugusu's case shows how we treat youth. Dec 11, 2020 643
Shame of VIP condolences for Dr Stephen Mogusu, shocking letter but zero responsibility. Dec 9, 2020 864
Ruto, Mutua send condolences to Dr Mogusu family but Kenyans not amused. Dec 8, 2020 371
It's Time to Finally Kill the Zombies: Comment on "Universal Pharmacare in Canada". Lexchin, Joel Dec 1, 2020 2718
DuPage County approves $300,000 for flu vaccines for uninsured residents. Submitted by DuPage Health Coalition Nov 18, 2020 360
Flu shots available for county's uninsured. Submitted by DuPage Health Coalition Nov 15, 2020 193
Kaffy lands Avon health insurance deal for dancers. Nov 14, 2020 237
Murphy to host Q&A Nov. 10 to help uninsured Illinoisans find coverage. Office of State Senator Laura Murphy Nov 7, 2020 256
Family Care: Good Policy, Good Politics: Advocates believe that universal coverage for care work doesn't just make economic sense but is also a political winner. Cohen, Rachel M. Nov 1, 2020 1893
Many US health workers uninsured. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2020 192
COVID-19 and the Uninsured: Federal Funding Options to Pay Providers for Testing and Treatment. Baumrucker, Evelyne P.; Heisler, Elayne J. Nov 1, 2020 925
Exec Q&A: Stephen Mette. Mette, Steppe Oct 5, 2020 547
Uninsured man drove with fake number plates; driver who lost job wanted to avoid buying insurance. SARA NICHOL Reporter Oct 2, 2020 318
PM directs universal health coverage for Punjab's 2 big cities. Sep 26, 2020 294
PM directs universal health coverage for Punjab's 2 big cities. Sep 26, 2020 247
Flu vaccinations for uninsured DuPage residents. Scott C. Morgan Sep 9, 2020 187
Agony as Mombasa medics battle Covid-19 without health insurance. Sep 9, 2020 789
'My car insurer refused to pay out because of my 6 month MOT extension'; Sunday People reader Stacey, of Rothersthorpe, Northants, was granted an extension back in March due to the coronavirus lockdown, however after he had an accident, he discovered he was driving uninsured. By, Dean Dunham Sep 6, 2020 351
Hemodialysis Adequacy and Its Impact on Long-Term Patient Survival in Demographically, Socially, and Culturally Homogeneous Patients. Hekmat, Reza Aug 31, 2020 3931
DuPage Health Coalition assists the uninsured, working poor. Susan Klovstad Aug 12, 2020 864
DuPage Health Coalition assists the uninsured, working poor Helping: Readers can help with donations. Susan Klovstad Aug 9, 2020 864
Helping the Helpers: DuPage Health Coalition assists the uninsured, working poor. Susan Klovstad Aug 9, 2020 903
Kaffy rolls out health insurance scheme for dancers. Aug 8, 2020 244
Kaffy, stakeholders partner on health insurance for dancers. Aug 6, 2020 336
Uninsured, on the phone and over the limit; IN BRIEF. Aug 3, 2020 218
Aiming Higher: Advancing Public Social Insurance for Long-term Care to Meet the Global Aging Challenge: Comment on "Financing Long-term Care: Lessons From Japan". Feng, Zhanlian; Glinskaya, Elena Aug 1, 2020 3067
What have we done with Covid-19 billions? - Virus positive PS. Jul 30, 2020 757
Du Quoin police blotter. Jul 21, 2020 692
Estimated 659K Lost Health Coverage in Texas, State with Most Uninsured in U.S. Sarah R. Champagne, The Texas Tribune Jul 15, 2020 874
COVID-19: Millions lose health insurance in US recession. Sheryl Gay Stolberg, NYT Jul 14, 2020 956
$100,000 grant will help the uninsured access substance abuse treatment via Elk Grove Village Cares. Village of Elk Grove Jul 9, 2020 618
Franklin County sheriff's blotter. Jul 8, 2020 941
Uninsured dog walking fields 'could cost dear'. Jun 9, 2020 446
More states moving to operate their own health exchanges: Uninsured rising. Barna, Mark Jun 1, 2020 984
"Sell an Ox" - The Price of Cure for Hepatitis C in Two Countries. Paatiel, Ora; Hailu, Workagegnehu; Abay, Zenahebezu; Clarfield, Avram Mark; McKee, Martin Jun 1, 2020 2990
Integrated Care Improves Mental Health in a Medically Underserved U.S.-Mexico Border Population. Flynn, Amy; Gonzalez, Veronica; Mata, Marco; Atkins, Abby Jun 1, 2020 5925
Barriers and Mechanisms of Change: The Impact of Trauma and Relationships. Fleishman, Joan; Gordon, Leah; Hitchen, Abigail Jun 1, 2020 1617
Reflections in the Mirror: Bias, Stereotypes and Professional Responsibility. Ring, Jeffrey M. Jun 1, 2020 1274
What is Hell, Where is Hell? May 31, 2020 244
County's first Planned Parenthood facility opens up in Waukegan. Russell Lissau May 13, 2020 240
Inland Empire Health Plan provides uninsured residents with 24/7 access to COVID-19 medical advice in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. May 11, 2020 202
Vaccines available through 317 federal funding program. submitted by shelby co. health dept. May 6, 2020 191
Vaccines now available from federal program. submitted by shelby co. health dept. May 6, 2020 191
Uninsurance rates jump among kids. Barna, Mark May 1, 2020 311
Houston leaders focus on health. Krisberg, Kim May 1, 2020 175
Understanding the Role of Values in Health Policy Decision-Making From the Perspective of Policy-Makers and Stakeholders: A Multiple-Case Embedded Study in Chile and Colombia. Velez, Marcela; Wilson, Michael G.; Abelson, Julia; Lavis, John N.; Paraje, Guillermo Report Apr 30, 2020 10961
Willingness to Pay for Social Health Insurance and Associated Factors among Health Care Providers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mekonne, Abel; Seifu, Benyam; Hailu, Chernet; Atomsa, Alemayehu Apr 30, 2020 4255
Massachusetts, Doctor On Demand to Provide Virtual COVID-19 Related Care to Uninsured During the Pandemic. Apr 29, 2020 201
Massachusetts, Doctor On Demand to Provide Virtual COVID-19 Related Care to Uninsured During the Pandemic. Apr 29, 2020 220
Massachusetts, Doctor On Demand to Provide Virtual COVID-19 Related Care to Uninsured During the Pandemic. Apr 29, 2020 220
More than 100,000 county staff could be struck off NHIF medical cover. Apr 28, 2020 684
State of Massachusetts Partners with Doctor On Demand to Provide Free Virtual COVID-19 Related Care to Uninsured Residents and Medicaid Members During the Pandemic. Apr 24, 2020 345
Lessons we can learn from pandemic. Apr 21, 2020 436
Expanded testing comes to suburban clinics, with appointments. Marni Pyke Apr 21, 2020 360
Coronavirus: Pakistani family on life-saving medicines wants to go home. Saman Haziq Apr 20, 2020 567
120mph in A55 tunnel; UNINSURED 21.YR.OLD JAILED FOR 'TERRIFYING' DANGEROUS DRIVING IN 12.MILE POLICE CHASE. ERYL CRUMP Daily Post Chief Reporter Apr 16, 2020 543
Otsuka America Pharmaceutical Provides Eligible, Newly Uninsured Patients in the US with No-Cost Access to Its Medicines. Apr 13, 2020 304
Devastating refusal. Apr 10, 2020 312
Coronavirus: Trump tests negative for second time after 'taking test out of curiosity'; The US president said he took the test out of "curiosity" after testing negative on Thursday. While a plan to compensate hospitals for treating and testing uninsured coronavirus patients is set to be announced today. By, Ryan Merrifield Apr 3, 2020 618
Defining the Benefit Package of Thailand Universal Coverage Scheme: From Pragmatism to Sophistication. Tangcharoensathien, Viroj; Patcharanarumol, Walaiporn; Suwanwela, Waraporn; Supangul, Somruethai; Pa Apr 1, 2020 3277
Financing Long-term Care: The Role of Culture and Social Norms: Comment on "Financing Long-term Care: Lessons From Japan". Alders, Peter; Schut, Frederik Apr 1, 2020 2272
Research: ACA drove coverage progress, but gains are eroding. Krisberg, Kim Apr 1, 2020 686
Social protection pays off. Mar 28, 2020 1023
Counties carry heavy burden as UHC pilot phase comes to an end. Mar 25, 2020 541
Pregnant Dubai resident stranded in US without medical insurance. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Mar 24, 2020 730
Coronavirus: Pregnant Dubai resident stranded in US without medical insurance. Samihah Zaman, Staff Reporter Mar 24, 2020 730
Insurers Reject House Members' Request to Cover Uninsured COVID Business Losses. Andrew G. Simpson Mar 20, 2020 1064
Vital Signs: Colorectal Cancer Screening Test Use--United States, 2018. Joseph, Djenaba A.; King, Jessica B.; Dowling, Nicole F.; Thomas, Cheryll C.; Richardson, Lisa C. Mar 13, 2020 5053
Driver ploughed into cars in police chase; uninsured speeder took bend too fast as he fled. SARA NICHOL Reporter @SaraNichol10 Mar 10, 2020 385
America's uninsured worried about coronavirus time bomb. Mar 1, 2020 892
Universal Pharmacare in Canada: A Prescription for Equity in Healthcare. Hajizadeh, Mohammad; Edmonds, Sterling Mar 1, 2020 2858
Factors Associated with Antenatal Influenza Vaccination in a Medically Underserved Population. Adams, Jenna C.; Biswas, Hope H.; Doraivelu, Sheree L. BouleKamini; Saums, Michele K.; Haddad, Lisa; Mar 1, 2020 4341
Cost-effectiveness analysis of interventions to achieve universal health coverage for schizophrenia in Mexico. Cabello-Rangel, Hector; Diaz-Castro, Lina; Pineda-Antunez, Carlos Mar 1, 2020 4951
DuPage awards $100K to nonprofit groups to help fight opioid epidemic. Katlyn Smith Feb 13, 2020 692
Washington Man Pleads Guilty in Effort to Cover Uninsured Car After Wreck. Feb 11, 2020 258
Health care: More uninsured as insurance costs grow faster. Twachtman, Gregory Feb 1, 2020 721
ACP maps two potential paths to universal health care. Twachtman, Gregory Feb 1, 2020 801
Cash crunch, climatic factors to blame for water scarcity - CS. Jan 12, 2020 712
She was like a princess... but a horse and carriage took her to her grave; 12 YEARS ON, FAMILY WHO SUFFERED DOUBLE TRAGEDY TELL HOW THEY STILL STRUGGLE TO COPE WITH LOSING THEIR YOUNG DAUGHTER TO UNINSURED DRINK-DRIVER. KELLY WILLIAMS Daily Post Chief Reporter Jan 8, 2020 787
McCoist's son stumps up for man he mowed down in uninsured Audi; settlement in PS500,000 case Payout agreed after road hit victim sued over injuries. ALAN MCEWEN Jan 7, 2020 417
It Won't Be Easy: How to Make Universal Pharmacare Work in Canada. Lewis, Steven Movie review Jan 1, 2020 4086
Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital Payments. Mitchell, Alison Jan 1, 2020 12652
Some gaps in UAE healthcare need attention. Abdulnasser Alshaali, Special to Gulf News Dec 24, 2019 834
High premiums leading to rise in uninsured homes in northern Australia. Dec 20, 2019 1066
Kotak Life Insurance, InstantPay join hands to tap a billion uninsured Indians. ANI Dec 11, 2019 396
Uninsured learner driver, 19, crashed mum's car after chase; 'STUPID' TEEN SPOTTED BY POLICE AT McDONALD'S. NEIL DOCKING ECHO Reporter @LIVECHOCOURT Dec 6, 2019 520
Health Highlights: Dec. 3, 2019; 16 Cases of Hepatitis A in 6 States Possibly Caused by Fresh Blackberries eBay Bans Inclined Infant Sleepers, Other Companies Urged to Do Same New Federal Program Provides Free HIV Prevention Drugs to Uninsured. Dec 3, 2019 636
New Federal Program Provides Free HIV Prevention Drugs to Uninsured; Expanding access to PrEP is key part of government's aim of ending nation's HIV epidemic by 2030. Dec 3, 2019 141
Effects of citizenship status, Latino ethnicity, and household language on health insurance coverage for U.S. adolescents, 2007-2016. Knipper, Sarah H.; Rivers, Wesley; Goodman, Julia M. Survey Dec 1, 2019 5363
Prescription assistance programs for uninsured fall short. Craven, Jeff Dec 1, 2019 539
BEBA launches panel on universal healthcare, opportunities in Egypt. Rana El Naggar Nov 28, 2019 654
More than $500 bn a year needed to ensure basic levels of social protection worldwide: ILO. Nov 26, 2019 383
More than 500 billion dollars a year needed to ensure basic levels of social protection worldwide. Nov 26, 2019 569
CDC: 63.5 Percent of 3- to 5-Year-Olds Have Had Vision Tested; Hispanic children less likely to have had vision tested, as are children with public coverage, uninsured. Nov 20, 2019 260
CDC: ~20 Percent of U.S. Adults Currently Use Tobacco Products; Prevalence of use higher for men, adults aged ≤65 years, uninsured, those with disability or limitation. Nov 19, 2019 264
Fast facts: 1 in 10 babies born prematurely, what are the reasons. Senior Web News Editor Nov 16, 2019 823
Fast facts: World Prematurity Day on November 17. Senior Web News Editor Nov 16, 2019 894
Declines in 2018. Nov 4, 2019 314
Everything is big in Texas, including the number of uninsured. Franki, Richard Nov 1, 2019 345
Uninsurance rate jumps for first time since ACA; coverage falls in children. Krisberg, Kim Nov 1, 2019 1256
Improving Access to Health: A Business Plan Approach to Creating a Sustainable Nurse-Led Community Clinic. Sheffield, Amanda J. Nov 1, 2019 5098
Factors Associated with Enrolment of Households in Nepal's National Health Insurance Program. Ghimire, Prabesh; Sapkota, Vishnu Prasad; Poudyal, Amod Kumar Survey Nov 1, 2019 8265
Report Finds Americans' Health Is Flagging. Dennis Thompson, HealthDay Reporter Oct 30, 2019 1121
Six-month insurance waiting period in UAE clarified. Suchitra Bajpai Chaudhary, Senior Reporter Oct 29, 2019 761
More people lack insurance. Oct 21, 2019 191
Confusing Medical Bills Tied to Money Woes in Cancer Survivors. Oct 18, 2019 285
CDC: Vaccination Coverage Generally High for Those Born in 2015-16; Uninsured children, those insured by Medicaid had lower coverage than those with private insurance. Oct 17, 2019 246
Trump To Block Immigrants Unable To Pay For Healthcare. AFP News Oct 5, 2019 137
Trump Scorched over Entry Ban for Migrants Who Can't Afford Health Insurance. Oct 5, 2019 350
Wisconsin health secretary says too many people lack health insurance. Oct 2, 2019 122
Wisconsin health secretary says too many people lack health insurance. Oct 2, 2019 120
Primary healthcare delivery models for uninsured low-income earners during the transition to National Health Insurance: Perspectives of private South African providers. Girdwood, S.; Govender, K.; Long, L.; Miot, J.; Meyer-Rath, G. Oct 1, 2019 9558
Treating the Uninsured. Denton, Ilene Oct 1, 2019 461
Matters of Life and Death. Moritz, Gwen Sep 30, 2019 710
Affordable Care Act Insured Millions of Uninsured Diabetics. Sep 27, 2019 264
Universal coverage race at 'starting line', with new momentum: UN health agency. Sep 25, 2019 557
CARBBEAN-HEALTH-PAHO director welcomes new global initiative on health. Sep 25, 2019 495
ACA Provided Care to 1.9 Million People With Diabetes; Adjusted uninsured rates down 17 percent for people with undiagnosed diabetes after ACA. Sep 25, 2019 260
Barriers to Primary Care Access in Rural Medically Underserved Areas. Hewitt, Suzanne; McNiesh, Susan; Fink, Lilo Sep 22, 2019 8246
All Medicaid Expansions Are Not Created Equal: The Geography and Targeting of the Affordable Care Act. Garthwaite, Craig; Graves, John; Gross, Tal; Karaca, Zeynal; Marone, Victoria; Notowidigdo, Matthew Report Sep 22, 2019 29383
No medical insurance hikes in Dubai. Manoj Nair, Associate Editor Sep 21, 2019 427
UAE's basic medical insurance rates need a rise. Manoj Nair, Associate Editor Sep 21, 2019 913
Crash pair lied as driver uninsured. Sep 19, 2019 323
Nearly Two Out of Three Cyber Attacks Targeting SMEs; 60% of Uninsured Affected Companies Are Out of Business Within Six Months. Sep 14, 2019 783
Increase in number of Americans without health insurance. Sep 11, 2019 169
Increase in number of Americans without health insurance. Sep 11, 2019 167
Texas Again Has the Most People Without Health Insurance. FernEindez, Stacy Report Sep 11, 2019 469
US Poverty Rate Lowest Since 2001. Sep 10, 2019 414
Poverty Rate Drops, but Fewer Americans Have Health Insurance; 8.5 percent of population lacked health insurance for all of 2018, up from 7.9 percent in 2017. Sep 10, 2019 168
Maryland to launch new service. Sep 5, 2019 142
Maryland to launch new service. Sep 5, 2019 140
Du Quoin Police Blotter. Sep 3, 2019 458
Americans Without Health Insurance On The Rise For The Non-Elderly. Sep 1, 2019 404
Facilitate Positive Change In Nigeria's Health Sector, Army Nursing Officer Urges Nurses. Aug 28, 2019 546
'Uninsured travellers can face costly medical bills'. Aug 22, 2019 607
Growing & upgrading Tri City Health Partnership looks to expand its space. Aug 18, 2019 910
Tri City Health Partnership looking to expand its space in St. Charles. Heun, By Dave Aug 18, 2019 916
Hepatitis C and three cancers now covered on basic plan in Dubai. Aug 16, 2019 600
Changes in hospital service demand, cost, and patient illness severity following health reform. Pickens, Gary; Karaca, Zeynal; Gibson, Teresa B.; Cutler, Eli; Dworsky, Michael; Moore, Brian; Wong, Aug 1, 2019 8541
Survey mode effects and insurance coverage estimates in the redesigned Gallup well-being index. Sommers, Benjamin D.; Goldman, Anna L.; Lee, Dennis; Epstein, Arnold M. Aug 1, 2019 4309
United States Healthcare Insurance Payment Trends, 2019 - Number of Uninsured Americans Increases After 3-Year Decline. Jul 25, 2019 290
Strategic Purchasing: The Neglected Health Financing Function for Pursuing Universal Health Coverage in Low-and Middle-Income Countries: Comment on "What's Needed to Develop Strategic Purchasing in Healthcare? Policy Lessons from a Realist Review". Hanson, Kara; Barasa, Edwine; Honda, Ayako; Panichkriangkrai, Warisa; Patcharanarumol, Walaiporn Jul 20, 2019 3003
Transfers Up for Mental Health Disorders in Uninsured Children; Odds of transfer relative to admission higher for children without insurance versus with insurance. Jul 18, 2019 232
Good Samaritans help Indian UAE visitor go home; he had cancer and was in debt. Jul 10, 2019 623
Good Samaritans help Indian visitor to UAE return home; he had cancer and was in debt. Jul 10, 2019 623
Gov't loses P122.4 M over uninsured imported cows. Jul 2, 2019 388
SWEET DREAMS: THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE. Beasley, Brent W. Jul 1, 2019 1354
TELETRIAGE: Connecting uninsured with timely dermatologist care. Oakes, Kari Jul 1, 2019 955
Indian visitor with no medical insurance, a metastatic cancer in a mess in UAE. Jun 24, 2019 904
This Indian man visits the UAE without medical insurance and finds out he has metastatic cancer. Jun 24, 2019 921
The health insurance gap in the Philippines. Jun 19, 2019 1160
Dem Plans Aim to Undermine Private Healthcare. Hoar, William P. Correction notice Jun 17, 2019 2024
Parents of premature babies in Dubai struggle; Hefty bills and no medical insurance. May 2, 2019 650
Dubai scraps waiting period for health insurance of newborns. May 2, 2019 859
Former US Health Secretary expresses interest in Taiwan health insurance system. May 2, 2019 200
Medicare for All Myths: The latest Democratic plan could become Obamacare on steroids. Tepper, Jonathan May 1, 2019 3155
Poor health: OHA president links state's low ranking to lack of insurance. Apr 30, 2019 834
Speaking up for the uninsured: Supporters of Medicaid expansion say it's time for action. Apr 24, 2019 877
AM Best: Most Homes in Midwest States Uninsured for Flooding. Jones, Stephanie K. Apr 9, 2019 451
OSDH grant to improve access for uninsured. Apr 9, 2019 287
Number of Americans without health insurance on rise again. Apr 1, 2019 237
"Clean Care for All--It's in Your Hands": 5th May 2019 World Health Organization SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands Campaign/"Herkes Icin Guvenli Saglik Bakimi Sizin Ellerinizde": 5 Mayis 2019 Dunya Saglik Orgutu YASAM KURTARIN: Elinizi Temizleyin Kampanyasi. Peters, Alexandra; Timurkaynak, Funda; Borzykowski, Tcheun; Tartari, Ermira; Kilpatrick, Claire; Mai Report Apr 1, 2019 978
Universal Health Coverage in Bangladesh: Activities, Challenges, and Suggestions. Joarder, Taufique; Chaudhury, Tahrim Z.; Mannan, Ishtiaq Mar 31, 2019 9012
Take travel insurance seriously, expat warns after visiting dad falls ill. Mar 26, 2019 947
Commentary: Strategic purchasing critical to Universal Health Care. Mar 8, 2019 949
DOH encourages hepatitis A vaccination for homeless, substance abusers in southern counties. Perry, Jessica Mar 6, 2019 310
New Jersey Hospital Association head weighs-in on state budget proposal. Perry, Jessica Mar 6, 2019 332
Mum caught in uninsured car with baby sitting on her knee with NO seatbelt; Humberside Police seized the vehicle and have given the driver given a court summons following the shocking discovery in Hull. Mar 2, 2019 193
Burden, access, and disparities in kidney disease. Crews, D.C.; Bello, A.K.; Saadi, G. Mar 1, 2019 5300
Prosperity Policy: Never too late to do what's right. Feb 27, 2019 407
American without health insurance lauds low medical bill at Taiwanese ER. Feb 27, 2019 659
Free cancer screenings not enough to protect low-income uninsured women. Perry, Jessica Feb 25, 2019 392
The real Trump economy: Help the rich. Feb 22, 2019 343
The real Trump economy: Help the rich. Feb 22, 2019 205
ILO Tasks Nigeria, Others On Universal Social Protection. Feb 12, 2019 349
LIFE & HEALTH: Nearly 39 Million Non-Elderly Americans Now Without Health Insurance--Private or Public--Up From 36.3 Million In 1991. Feb 11, 2019 1043
Response error and the Medicaid undercount in the current population survey. Noon, James M.; Fernandez, Leticia E.; Porter, Sonya R. Feb 1, 2019 7091
Changes in primary care access at community health centers between 2012/2013 and 2016. Saloner, Brendan; Wilk, Adam S.; Wissoker, Douglas; Candon, Molly; Hempstead, Katherine; Rhodes, Kar Feb 1, 2019 4257
Medicaid enrollment among previously uninsured Americans and associated outcomes by race/ethnicity--United States, 2008-2014. Winkelman, Tyler N.A.; Segel, Joel E.; Davis, Matthew M. Feb 1, 2019 8012
The three-year impact of the Affordable Care Act on disparities in insurance coverage. Courtemanche, Charles; Marton, James; Ukert, Benjamin; Yelowitz, Aaron; Zapata, Daniela; Fazlul, Ish Feb 1, 2019 8019
To fix a broken system, put politics aside. Woldt, Jeffrey Jan 7, 2019 703
Proposed improvements to ACA could reduce number of uninsured by 12.2 million. Dec 18, 2018 431
Analysis No-cost premiums available to 9 percent of New Jerseyans. Dec 13, 2018 345
Egypt's GDP to grow by 34% if women get equal chance with men at work: Amin. Dec 6, 2018 454
Under Trump, number of uninsured kids rise for first time in a decade. Nov 30, 2018 955
Increase in uninsured children recorded in Oklahoma and across nation. Nov 30, 2018 580
Texas has the highest number of uninsured kids in America, report finds. Nov 29, 2018 1145
Legislators to try for Maryland insurance mandate again next year. Nov 20, 2018 791
Ex-UN chief calls for universal coverage. Nov 19, 2018 384
Some of the winners who shook up the House. Nov 7, 2018 1211
Visiting the UAE without health insurance? Think again. Nov 5, 2018 476
Filipino ships uninsured for wrecks, spills, delays. Nov 4, 2018 842
Earlier Vascular Access Seen in Insured Dialysis Patients; Patients with Medicare, Medicaid more likely to use arteriovenous fistula, graft by fourth dialysis month. Nov 2, 2018 244
Uninsured rates fail to decrease, new census data show. Haskins, Julia Nov 1, 2018 663
POLICY BRIEFING. Holder, Matthew Speech Nov 1, 2018 1934
Study Claims Medical Savings Accounts Could Reduce Health Care Costs $558b In 5 Years. Oct 29, 2018 653
For universal healthcare. Oct 22, 2018 1059
Perry County court report. Oct 17, 2018 497
Study: Uninsured rate in S.C. ranks high. Brief article Oct 15, 2018 162
Healthcare 'could cost $120,000 for uninsured in UAE'. Oct 15, 2018 555
25% of Americans Own a Side Business, Most Go Uninsured: The Hartford. Oct 3, 2018 1153
Uninsured Rate at 8.8 Percent in First Quarter of 2018; Rate remained steady compared with 2017 but was substantially lower than rate of 16 percent in 2010. Oct 3, 2018 246
More Non-Elderly Americans Uninsured in 2017 Versus 2016; More than 700,000 Americans uninsured in 2017 versus 2016, despite broad economic improvement. Oct 1, 2018 244
Early Impact of the Affordable Care Act Coverage Expansion on Safety-Net Hospital Inpatient Payer Mix and Market Shares. Wu, Vivian Y.; Fingar, Kathryn R; Jiang, H. Joanna; Washington, Raynard; Mulcahy, Andrew W.; Cutler, Oct 1, 2018 7374
Adverse Selection into and within the Individual Health Insurance Market in California in 2014. Fung, Vicki; Peitzman, Cassandra G.K.; Shi, Julie; Liang, Catherine Y.; Dow, William H.; Zaslavsky, Survey Oct 1, 2018 6436
Number Rises in 2017. Oct 1, 2018 116
In 2016, Proportion of Uninsured Americans Down to 10 Percent; Larger reductions in uninsured rate in Medicaid expansion states, from 15.3 to 7.6 percent. Sep 25, 2018 263
YOU, THE BOURGEOISIE. Alcala, Rosa Poem Sep 22, 2018 472
Oklahoma high on uninsured list. Sep 18, 2018 924
Census report shows historically low uninsured rate in NY. Sep 13, 2018 382
How to make medicine more accessible. Sep 6, 2018 790
Child Participation in Medicaid, CHIP Up From 2013 to 2016; Increase accompanied by a 47 percent decrease in the number of eligible but uninsured children. Sep 5, 2018 258
Uninsured CV Hospitalization Down With Medicaid Expansion; States that expanded Medicaid had greater drop in uninsured hospitalizations for major CV events. Sep 4, 2018 245
Kanaan: Up to 1.8 million Lebanese lack health insurance. Sep 4, 2018 271
Health for all resonates at WHO Regional Committee session. Sep 3, 2018 426
HEADs UP: The Healthcare Extension and Accessibility for Developmentally disabled and Underserved Population Act of 2018. Sep 1, 2018 1115
Many Americans Not Being Assessed for Depression; Men, people aged 75 and older, minorities, and uninsured are less likely to be screened. Aug 15, 2018 218
Health Alliance for the Uninsured. Aug 14, 2018 125
The calm after the storm In Hurricane Maria's aftermath, an uninsured woman fights her flares with support from the Patient Navigation Center. Reprint Aug 8, 2018 590
Swiss-CHAT: Citizens Discuss Priorities for Swiss Health Insurance Coverage. Hurst, Samia A.; Schindler, Melinee; Goold, Susan D.; Danis, Marion Aug 1, 2018 6486
Changes in Hospital Inpatient Utilization Following Health Care Reform. Pickens, Gary; Karaca, Zeynal; Cutler, Eli; Dworsky, Michael; Eibner, Christine; Moore, Brian; Gibso Statistical data Aug 1, 2018 8040
AMA Opposes Proposed Cuts, Gag Orders for Reproductive Health; Cuts to Title X would limit poor, uninsured women's access to reproductive health care. Jul 30, 2018 184
COA flags Office of the Ombudsman's incomplete, uninsured P500-M building. Jul 29, 2018 316
Free health fair for uninsured suburban students. Jul 13, 2018 220
Perry County court report. Jul 11, 2018 841
No medical insurance. Jul 4, 2018 1081
State ranked low for child well-being. Jun 27, 2018 249
2018 mental health legislation: a recap. Griffin, Suellen Jun 22, 2018 682
CDC: Prevalence of No Insurance Varies by Occupational Groups; Significant drop in prevalence of uninsured from 2013 to 2014; variation by occupation in both years. Jun 6, 2018 251
Number of people with health insurance steady. Jun 4, 2018 233
ACOG, ACP: Deep concern over proposed Title X revisions. Oakes, Kari Jun 1, 2018 608
Uninsured rate on the rise. Franki, Richard Jun 1, 2018 164
Health Insurance Coverage by Occupation Among Adults Aged 18-64 Years--17 States, 2013-2014. Boal, Winifred L.; Li, Jia; Sussell, Aaron Jun 1, 2018 5602
Did Health Care Reform Help Kentucky Address Disparities in Coverage and Access to Care among the Poor? Benitez, Joseph A.; Adams, E. Kathleen; Seiber, Eric E. Report Jun 1, 2018 8033
Universal health system and universal health coverage: assumptions and strategies. Giovanella, Ligia; Mendoza-Ruiz, Adriana; de Carvalho Amand Pilar, Aline; da Rosa, Matheus Cantanhed Jun 1, 2018 8443
Cop drove woman to hospital in her uninsured car after waters broke - then seized vehicle and reported her; Leicestershire Police stopped the woman, who was driving herself to hospital, helped her get there and then reported her for the driving offence and seized her car. May 22, 2018 386
CDC: No Change in Level of Uninsured in U.S. in 2017; Five percent of children uninsured in 2017, 41.3 and 55.0 percent had public and private coverage. May 22, 2018 251
Unity Health on Main Announces Its Grand Opening on May 24, 2018: Community-Led Health Center Serves Medically Underserved Area of Greenville County, SC. May 21, 2018 616
Perry County court report. May 16, 2018 943
Abuse prevention still among OSDH casualties. May 15, 2018 1197
Uninsured Rate Rises in 17 States in 2017. Witters, Dan May 9, 2018 931
Man quizzed over suspected drug use after spotted on scrambler without helmet; Police release picture of uninsured bike seized after it was ridden down Speke Boulevard. May 4, 2018 210
Labour Day. May 4, 2018 287
Champion sausage man spared a driving ban; MR MUFF CAUGHT UNINSURED...TWICE. May 3, 2018 340
Factors That Influence Enrolment and Retention in Ghana' National Health Insurance Scheme. Kotoh, Agnes Millicent; Aryeetey, Genevieve Cecilia; Van der Geest, Sjaak Report May 1, 2018 10725

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