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A review of surveys completed since Oct 2006 shows repeats of the same annual survey findings.

Non-Labeled Noise Hazardous Areas and Equipment: 60% of units surveyed were not using NAVMED 6260/2 (8x10) (NSN 0105-LF-004-7200) and 6260/2A (2" x 2") (NSN 0105-LF-004-7800) for labeling noise hazardous areas and equipment.

Best practice--Review Industrial Hygiene Survey for listed noise hazardous areas and equipment, properly post areas and equipment with appropriate label. REF: OPNAVINST 5100.19 SERIES B0404C(1).

Hanging Dry Bulb Thermometers: 53% of units surveyed were missing the NAVSEA approved hanging dry bulb thermometers (NSN 6685-00-243-9964) permanently mounted at all key watch and work stations where heat stress conditions may exist.

Best practice--Thermometers shall be hung with a non-heat conducting material such as plastic tie-wrap or string. The ship shall install DB thermometers, at a minimum, in main machinery spaces, auxiliary machinery spaces, emergency diesel spaces and other engineering spaces containing heat sources, as well as in laundry, scullery, and galley. REF: OPNAVINST 5100.19 Series, B0204B(1).

Potable Water Vacuum Breakers: 50% of units surveyed were missing potable water vacuum breakers.

Best practice--Order NSN: 4820-00-164-3377 and install at all sink and faucets with hose threads. This includes all garden hose type connections to the potable water system, usually located in heads and the galley. REF: NSTM 533 PARA 533- and NAVMED P-5010 PARA 6-42.

Temporary Water Hose Connection Markings: 44.8% of units surveyed had potable water temporary hose connections that were not marked with caution signs, "DISCONNECT HOSE WHEN NOT IN USE", in one-inch high RED letters.

Best practice--Submit a 2-Lima IAW NSTM 533 PARA 533-2.3.4.
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Date:Oct 1, 2010
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