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Virtual resident showcase: leveraging an institutional repository during COVID-19 social distancing. Martin, Heather J.; Schwartz, Amanda Oct 1, 2020 815
Bring the past to the future: adapting stereoscope images for use in the Oculus Go. Ogdon, Dorothy C.; Crumpton, Stefanie Oct 1, 2020 1040
Health sciences library leadership skills in an interprofessional landscape: a review and textual analysis. Capdarest-Arest, Nicole; Gray, Jamie M. Report Oct 1, 2020 4581
The path to leadership: the career journey of academic health sciences library directors. Fought, Rick L.; Misawa, Mitsunori Report Jan 1, 2019 4766
A health sciences library promotes wellness with free yoga. Casucci, Tallie; Baluchi, Donna Case study Jan 1, 2019 5105
Identifying e-books authored by faculty: a method for scoping the digital collection and curating a list. Sugrim, Sonali; Schimming, Laura; Halevi, Gali Jan 1, 2019 1886
An evidence-based method for assessing the value of a search tool: a pilot study. Pearson, Donald Stanley; Roksandic, Stevo; Kilanowski, Jill Report Oct 1, 2018 4669
The "Data Visualization Clinic": a library-led critique workshop for data visualization. LaPolla, Fred Willie Zametkin; Rubin, Denis Case study Oct 1, 2018 4626
Creating value through outreach in a hospital setting: a case study from Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Library. Barr-Walker, Jill; Nevels, Iesha Case study Oct 1, 2018 3707
Creating "wizards" on the library's website. Williams, Berika; Berlanstein, Debra Oct 1, 2018 757
High-performance computing service for bioinformatics and data science. Courneya, Jean-Paul; Mayo, Alexa Oct 1, 2018 650
Transforming the systematic review service: a team-based model to support the educational needs of researchers. Roth, Stephanie Clare Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2018 3886
Learning while doing: program evaluation of the Medical Library Association Systematic Review Project. Boden, Catherine; Ascher, Marie T.; Eldredge, Jonathan D. Report Jul 1, 2018 5920
Health sciences libraries' subscriptions to journals: expectations of general practice departments and collection-based analysis. Barreau, David; Bouton, Celine; Renard, Vincent; Fournier, Jean-Pascal Report Apr 1, 2018 7483
Practicing what we preach: developing a data sharing policy for the Journal of the Medical Library Association. Read, Kevin B.; Amos, Liz; Federer, Lisa M.; Logan, Ayaba; Plutchak, T. Scott; Akers, Katherine G. Editorial Apr 1, 2018 2232
An historical overview of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine, 1985-2015. Speaker, Susan L. Apr 1, 2018 8970
A qualitative analysis of the information science needs of public health researchers in an academic setting. Hunt, Shanda L.; Bakker, Caitlin J. Report Apr 1, 2018 9437
Research evaluation support services in biomedical libraries. Gutzman, Karen Elizabeth; Bales, Michael E.; Belter, Christopher W.; Chambers, Thane; Chan, Liza; Ho Report Jan 1, 2018 9242
Library instruction in medical education: a survey of current practices in the United States and Canada. Nevius, Amanda M.; Ettien, A'Llyn; Link, Alissa P.; Sobel, Laura Y. Report Jan 1, 2018 7891
Building capacity to encourage research reproducibility and #MakeResearchTrue. Rethlefsen, Melissa L.; Lackey, Mellanye J.; Zhao, Shirley Report Jan 1, 2018 3998
A new hat for librarians: providing REDCap support to establish the library as a central data hub. Read, Kevin; LaPolla, Fred Willie Zametkin Report Jan 1, 2018 3929
117th Annual Meeting Medical Library Association, Inc. Seattle, WA May 26-31, 2017. Mitchell, Nicole Conference notes Jan 1, 2018 19292
Developing an instrument for the validation of competencies: the case of medical librarians. Anwar, Mumtaz Ali; Ullah, Midrar Report Jul 1, 2017 7618
Our journey to digital curation of the Jeghers Medical Index. Gawdyda, Lori; Carter, Kimbroe; Willson, Mark; Bedford, Denise Report Jul 1, 2017 2218
Implementing a 3D printing service in a biomedical library. Walker, Verma Jan 1, 2017 3287
The research life cycle and the health sciences librarian: responding to change in scholarly communication. Ketchum, Andrea M. Jan 1, 2017 2355
History matters. Greenberg, Stephen J. Jan 1, 2017 1029
Critical Literacy for Information Professionals. Wickline, Mary A. Jan 1, 2017 1130
Consumer Health Information Services and Programs: Best Practices. Biglow, Carolyn G. Jan 1, 2017 404
116th Annual Meeting Medical Library Association, Inc. Toronto, ON, Canada May 15-20, 2015. Mitchell, Nicole Conference news Jan 1, 2017 13320
Collection-based analysis of selected medical libraries in the Philippines using Doody's core titles. Torres, Efren, Jr. Report Jan 1, 2017 3378
Mapping the literature of pediatric nursing: update and implications for library services. Watwood, Carol L. Report Oct 1, 2016 7340
Research data services in veterinary medicine libraries. Kerby, Erin E. Report Oct 1, 2016 2825
Creating a library holding group: an approach to large system integration. Huffman, Isaac R.; Martin, Heather J.; Delawaska-Elliott, Basia Case study Oct 1, 2016 2377
Integrating research into practice. Eldredge, Jonathan D. Oct 1, 2016 3627
How do early career health sciences information professionals gain competencies? Myers, Bethany A.; Rodriguez, Bredny Report Jul 1, 2016 4721
An elemental strategy. Roderer, Nancy K. Jul 1, 2016 711
Evolution of biomedical communication as reflected by the national library of medicine. Crawford, Susan Y. Report Jan 1, 2016 2676
Three ideas to advance our research base. Cooper, I. Diane Editorial Oct 1, 2015 615
Identifying and removing duplicate records from systematic review searches. Kwon, Yoojin; Lemieux, Michelle; McTavish, Jill; Wathen, Nadine Report Oct 1, 2015 5379
Database trial impact on graduate nursing comprehensive exams. Pionke, Katharine; Huckstadt, Alicia Report Oct 1, 2015 1172
Library resource discovery. Kronenfeld, Michael R.; Bright, Harold S. Oct 1, 2015 2315
It's the end of the world and we feel fine. Williams, Jeff D.; Rambo, Neil H. Oct 1, 2015 1084
Enhancing library impact through technology. Lessick, Susan Report Oct 1, 2015 5618
2014 audited schedule of changes in net assets. Financial report Oct 1, 2015 1503
The Cochrane Corner in the SAMJ: summaries of Cochrane systematic reviews for evidence-informed practice. Kredo, Tamara; Young, Taryn; Wiysonge, Charles S.; McCaul, Michael; Volmink, Jimmy Editorial Jul 1, 2015 1001
Disruptive technology and medical librarians. Cooper, I. Diane Editorial Jan 1, 2015 989
Pivoting: leveraging opportunities in a turbulent health care environment. Bandy, Margaret Moylan Essay Jan 1, 2015 9436
The data life cycle applied to our own data. Goben, Abigail; Raszewski, Rebecca Report Jan 1, 2015 3917
Combining resources, combining forces: regionalizing hospital library services in a large statewide health system. Martin, Heather J.; Delawska-Elliott, Basia Report Jan 1, 2015 3209
Moving from evaluation to assessment. Starr, Susan Editorial Oct 1, 2014 2148
Snapshots of innovation. Oct 1, 2014 4304
The impact of institutional ethics on academic health sciences library leadership: a survey of academic health sciences library directors. Tooey, Mary Joan; Arnold, Gretchen N. Essay Oct 1, 2014 4125
Information prescriptions, 1930-2013: an international history and comprehensive review. McKnight, Michelynn Report Oct 1, 2014 7724
Current status of information literacy instruction practices in medical libraries of Pakistan. Ullah, Midrar; Ameen, Kanwal Report Oct 1, 2014 5699
Standards for vision science libraries: 2014 revision. Motte, Kristin; Caldwell, C. Brooke; Lamson, Karen S.; Ferimer, Suzanne; Nims, J. Chris Oct 1, 2014 2621
Welcoming systematic reviews to the Journal of the Medical Library Association. Sampson, Margaret Editorial Jul 1, 2014 2206
International health sciences library perspectives. Shipman, Jean P.; Stoddart, Joan M.; Peay, Wayne J. Conference notes Jul 1, 2014 4039
Breaking inertia: increasing access to journals during a period of declining budgets: a case study. Fought, Rick L. Report Jul 1, 2014 4007
Measuring patrons' technology habits: an evidence-based approach to tailoring library services. Wu, Jin; Chatfield, Amy J.; Hughes, Annie M.; Kysh, Lynn; Rosenbloom, Megan Report Apr 1, 2014 4839
Building capacity in a health sciences library to support global health projects. Lackey, Mellanye; Swogger, Susan; McGraw, Kathleen A. Report Apr 1, 2014 3328
Improving medical education in Kenya: an international collaboration. Mayo, Alexa Report Apr 1, 2014 3550
Developing an evidence-based list of journals for nursing. Sherwill-Navarro, Pamela; Kennedy, Joy C.; Allen, Margaret "Peg" Report Apr 1, 2014 5358
Copyright information queries in the health sciences: trends and implications from the Ohio State University. Gilliland, Anne T.; Bradigan, Pamela S. Apr 1, 2014 2931
A global snapshot of the state of digital collections in the health sciences, 2013. Pickett, Keith M.; Knapp, Maureen M. Report Apr 1, 2014 2747
Innovative information service development: meeting the information needs of an interdisciplinary, cross-sector research complex. Smith, Judith E.; Brandenburg, Marci D.; Conte, Marisa L.; Song, Jean Report Jan 1, 2014 4193
Proceedings, 113th Annual Meeting Medical Library Association, Inc. Boston, MA May 3-8, 2013. Mitchell, Nicole Conference notes Jan 1, 2014 19478
Library collaboration with medical humanities in an American Medical College in Qatar. Birch, Sally; Magid, Amani; Weber, Alan Case study Nov 1, 2013 4983
Moving beyond the bookshelves. Lessick, Susan Oct 1, 2013 602
Responsive web design for an academic health sciences library website. Rumsey, Eric; Roth, Linda; Wallace, William Shane Oct 1, 2013 590
Implementation of a federated search in a multi-hospital system. Pearson, Donald S.; Roksandic, Stevo Oct 1, 2013 717
Large-scale iPad deployment in a new medical school. Dexter, Nadine; Gillum, Shalu; Garner, Michael; Walton, Deedra; Ballinger, Bethany Oct 1, 2013 588
Online journal clubs using SharePoint in a clinical hospital setting. Samsundar, Devica Ramjit; Reynolds, John Oct 1, 2013 559
Student peer assessment in evidence-based medicine (EBM) searching skills training: an experiment. Eldredge, Jonathan D.; Bear, David G.; Wayne, Sharon J.; Perea, Paul P. Report Oct 1, 2013 6801
Shaping opportunities for the new health sciences librarian. Martin, Elaine R. Editorial Oct 1, 2013 1409
Creating shared campus experiences: the library as culture club. Harris, Ryan; Mayo, Alexa; Prince, James Dale; Tooey, Mary Joan "M.J." Oct 1, 2013 2350
Strategically aligning a mandala of competencies to advance a transformative vision. Giuse, Nunzia B.; Kusnoor, Sheila V.; Koonce, Taneya Y.; Ryland, Christopher R.; Walden, Rachel R.; Report Oct 1, 2013 15958
New activities and changing roles of health sciences librarians: a systematic review, 1990-2012. I. Cooper, Diane; Crum, Janet A. Report Oct 1, 2013 7188
Emerging roles for biomedical librarians: a survey of current practice, challenges, and changes. Crum, Janet A.; Cooper, I. Diane Report Oct 1, 2013 15139
"You're just one of the group when you're embedded": report from a mixed-method investigation of the research- embedded health librarian experience. Greyson, Devon; Surette, Soleil; Dennett, Liz; Chatterley, Trish Report Oct 1, 2013 9120
The librarian as research informationist: a case study. Federer, Lisa Case study Oct 1, 2013 3571
Expanding roles in a library-based bioinformatics service program: a case study. Li, Meng; Chen, Yi-Bu; Clintworth, William A. Report Oct 1, 2013 7450
New roles for hospital librarians: a benchmarking survey of disaster management activities. Donahue, Amy E.; Featherstone, Robin M. Report Oct 1, 2013 3577
The Health Association Libraries Section survey: finding clues to changing roles. Dunikowski, Lynn G.; Embrey, Aleta C.; Hawkes, Warren G.; Riedlinger, Jean E.; Taliaferro, Marian G. Survey Oct 1, 2013 6826
Making meaningful connections: evaluating an embedded librarian pilot project to improve nursing scholarly writing. Wu, Lin; Betts, Virginia Trotter; Jacob, Susan; Nollan, Richard; Norris, Tommie Report Oct 1, 2013 4060
Library-based clinical and translational research support. Holmes, Kristi L.; Lyon, Jennifer A.; Johnson, Layne M.; Sarli, Cathy C.; Tennant, Michele R. Report Oct 1, 2013 7840
Creating brand love for libraries: can we be a kind of paradise? Starr, Susan Editorial Jul 1, 2013 2644
Increasing the efficiency of medical research article searching for the public and experts by "shepardizing": a lesson from legal research databases. Payne, Perry W., Jr. Column Jul 1, 2013 2494
Spaces that support redefined roles of academic health sciences librarians. Shipman, Jean P.; Stoddart, Joan M.; Peay, Wayne J.; Eccles, Spencer S. Report Jul 1, 2013 3586
Access of primary and secondary literature by health personnel in an academic health center: implications for open access. Maggio, Lauren A.; Steinberg, Ryan M.; Moorhead, Laura; O'Brien, Bridget; Willinsky, John Report Jul 1, 2013 6766
The impact of library instruction: do first-year medical students use library resources specifically highlighted during instructional sessions? Rafferty, Ryan S. Report Jul 1, 2013 3731
Implementing a tablet circulation program on a shoestring. Capdarest-Arest, Nicole A. Report Jul 1, 2013 3359
Collaborating to develop and test an enhanced text messaging system to encourage health information seeking. Dalrymple, Prudence W.; Rogers, Michelle; Zach, Lisl; Turner, Kathleen; Green, Mary Jul 1, 2013 3402
Using library search service metrics to demonstrate library value and manage workload. Gann, Laurissa B.; Pratt, Greg F. Essay Jul 1, 2013 2039
Medical librarians embrace One Health. Ojala, Marydee Conference notes Jun 1, 2013 808
Evaluation of health information outreach: theory, practice, and future direction. Whitney, Wanda; Dutcher, Gale A.; Keselman, Alla Report Apr 1, 2013 8211
Assessment and evaluation is not a gut feeling: integrating assessment and evaluation into library operations. Hamasu, Claire; Kelly, Betsy Editorial Apr 1, 2013 1993
Bibliotherapy: tracing the roots of a moral therapy movement in the United States from the early nineteenth century to the present. Levin, Len; Gildea, Ruthann Essay Apr 1, 2013 2062
Measures of health sciences journal use: a comparison of vendor, link-resolver, and local citation statistics. De Groote, Sandra L.; Blecic, Deborah D.; Martin, Kristin E. Report Apr 1, 2013 7042
Mapping the literature of radiation therapy. Delwiche, Frances A. Report Apr 1, 2013 7923
Building projects: redefining hospital libraries. Shipman, Jean P.; Stoddart, Joan M.; Peay, Wayne J.; Eccles, Spencer S. Report Jul 1, 2012 3046
A case study: the evolution of a "facilitator model" liaison program in an academic medical library. Crossno, Jon E.; DeShay, Claudia H.; Huslig, Mary Ann; Mayo, Helen G.; Patridge, Emily F. Report Jul 1, 2012 4335
Improving information retrieval using medical subject headings concepts: a test case on rare and chronic diseases. Darmoni, Stefan J.; Soualmia, Lina F.; Letord, Catherine; Jaulent, Marie-Christine; Griffon, Nicolas Report Jul 1, 2012 5358
Applications of information and communication technologies in libraries in Pakistan. Mairaj, Muhammad Ijaz; El-Hadi, Widad Mustafa Report Jul 1, 2012 3845
Medical Heritage Library. O'Brien, Kevin Jul 1, 2012 607
Identities and relationships: parallels between metadata and professional relevance. Miller, Dick R. Editorial May 1, 2012 3039
Breaking the barriers of time and space: the dawning of the great age of librarians. Plutchak, T. Scott Report Jan 1, 2012 9480
Tomorrow's academic health sciences library today. McGowan, Julie J. Report Jan 1, 2012 3313
Evolution, revolution, or obsolescence: an examination of writings on the future of health sciences libraries. McGowan, Julie J. Report Jan 1, 2012 3843
Creating a mobile subject guide to improve access to point-of-care resources for medical students: a case study. Boruff, Jill T.; Bilodeau, Edward Case study Jan 1, 2012 4329
The implementation of embedded quick response codes into library resources to improve service delivery. Barker, Kimberley R.; Attridge, Elaine; Bennett, Jason; Hiserman, Tony; Horne, Andrea S.; Moody, Dav Report Jan 1, 2012 2630
Scientists' perception of use of electronic information resources: a case study of Pharmacopoeial Laboratory for Indian medicine (PLIM). Tyagi, Sunil Report Dec 1, 2011 3493
A ten-year descriptive review of book acquisitions trends, challenges, and current issues in a Nigerian Medical School Library. Komolafe-Opadeji, Helen Report Oct 1, 2011 4653
Is the informationist a new role? A logic model analysis. Cooper, I. Diane Report Jul 1, 2011 2842
Evaluating information prescriptions in two clinical environments. Oliver, Kathleen Burr; Lehmann, Harold P.; Wolff, Antonio C.; Davidson, Laurie W.; Donohue, Pamela K Report Jul 1, 2011 12356
Research: the opportunity wheel keeps turning. Editorial Apr 1, 2011 2652
Only for "purely scientific" institutions: the Medical Library Association's exchange, 1898-1950s. Connor, Jennifer J. Report Apr 1, 2011 7681
The library of the Royal Society of Physicians in Budapest becomes today's Semmelweis Medical History Library. Kapronczay, Katalin; Magyar, Laszlo Andras; Putnam, Constance E. Report Jan 1, 2011 7286
The Bellevue Classification System: nursing's voice upon the library shelves. Mages, Keith C. Report Jan 1, 2011 7837
Librarians recovering our professional memory: enriching the past, present, and future. Flannery, Michael A. Jan 1, 2011 2125
Archives, accessibility, and advocacy: a case study of strategies for creating and maintaining relevance. Welch, Jennifer M.; Hoffius, Susan D.; Fox, E. Brooke Case study Jan 1, 2011 3019
Using LibGuides to offer library service to undergraduate medical students based on the case-oriented problem solving curriculum model. Neves, Karen M.; Dooley, Sarah Jane Report Jan 1, 2011 2335
Need for content reengineering of the medical library and information science curriculum in Iran. Gavgani, Vahideh Zarea; Nanekaran, Farhad Shokrane; Shiramin, Ali Roshani Report Jan 1, 2011 5434
Providing access to licensed content for care providers statewide: lessons learned. Lawrence, Valerie J.; Welton, Nanette J.; Rambo, Neil Report Oct 1, 2010 2276
An analysis of reference services usage at a regional academic health sciences library. Barrett, Felicia A. Report Oct 1, 2010 2310
Evaluating a health sciences library residency program: what have we learned? Scherrer, Carol S. Oct 1, 2010 647
Evaluating a health sciences library residency program: what have we learned? Scherrer, Carol S. Report Oct 1, 2010 1951
It was the worst of times, it was the best of times: positive trends influencing hospital libraries. Klein-Fedyshin, Michele Editorial Jul 1, 2010 2801
Libraries and electronic health records: focus on "evidence" as part of treatment and care, not on "the library". Garrity, William F. Jul 1, 2010 920
The University of Washington electronic medical record experience. Welton, Nanette J. Report Jul 1, 2010 1857
Development of a clinical information tool for the electronic medical record: a case study. Epstein, Barbara A.; Tannery, Nancy H.; Wessel, Charles B.; Yarger, Frances; LaDue, John; Fiorillo, Case study Jul 1, 2010 3288
Campus perspective on the National Institutes of Health public access policy: University of California, San Francisco, library experience. Banks, Marcus A.; Persily, Gail L. Report Jul 1, 2010 2842
Disaster planning in a health sciences library: a grant-funded approach. Yeh, Felicia; McMullen, Karen D.; Kane, Laura T. Report Jul 1, 2010 2142
Health sciences libraries building survey, 1999-2009. Ludwig, Logan Survey Apr 1, 2010 15895
A centralized practice-based learning and improvement curriculum for residents and fellows: a collaboration of health sciences librarians and graduate medical education administration. Bradley, Doreen R.; Rana, Gurpreet K.; Lypson, Monica L.; Hamstra, Stanley J. Apr 1, 2010 2920
Case study: the Health SmartLibrary experiences in web personalization and customization at the Galter Health Sciences Library, Northwestern University. Shedlock, James; Frisque, Michelle; Hunt, Steve; Walton, Linda; Handler, Jonathan; Gillam, Michael Report Apr 1, 2010 4765
When the library is located in prime real estate: a case study on the loss of space from the duke university medical center library and archives. Thibodeau, Patricia L. Case study Jan 1, 2010 2639
A "white elephant" in the library: a case study on loss of space from the Arizona Health Sciences Library at the University of Arizona. Freiburger, Gary Case study Jan 1, 2010 2494
Integrating with users is one thing, but living with them? A case study on loss of space from the Medical Center Library, University of California, San Diego. Haynes, Craig Case study Jan 1, 2010 2795
Making lemonade from lemons: a case study on loss of space at the Dolph Briscoe, Jr. Library, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. Tobia, Rajia C.; Feldman, Jonquil D. Case study Jan 1, 2010 2773
Renovated, repurposed, and still "one sweet library": a case study on loss of space from the Health Sciences and Human Services Library, University of Maryland, Baltimore. Tooey, Mary Joan Case study Jan 1, 2010 2570
Advocating for history of the health sciences libraries and librarians: a position paper by the History of the Health Sciences Section, Medical Library Association. Flannery, Michael A.; Holtum, Edwin; Porter, Suzanne; McClure, Lucretia M. Jan 1, 2010 2637
A case study: planning a statewide information resource for health professionals: an evidence-based approach. Aspinall, Erinn E.; Chew, Katherine; Watson, Linda; Parker, Mary Report Oct 1, 2009 5125
Measuring the value and impact of health sciences libraries: planning an update and replication of the Rochester Study. Dunn, Kathel; Brewer, Karen; Marshall, Joanne Gard; Sollenberger, Julia Report Oct 1, 2009 4088
Side-by-side, but from different worlds: service and resource provision by academic health sciences libraries to their affiliated hospitals. Brown, Heather L.; Kaste, Ann M. Report Oct 1, 2009 2590
Health information management skills and ICT staff training needs in a Nigerian tertiary medical library. Komolafe-Opadeji, Helen Report Jul 1, 2009 1947
E-science and biomedical libraries. Rambo, Neil Editorial Jul 1, 2009 2069
Clinical and research searching on the wild side: exploring the veterinary literature. Alpi, Kristine M.; Stringer, Elizabeth; DeVoe, Ryan S.; Stoskopf, Michael Report Jul 1, 2009 7048
The selection of high-impact health informatics literature: a comparison of results between the content expert and the expert searcher. Whipple, Elizabeth C.; McGowan, Julie J.; Dixon, Brian E.; Zafar, Atif Report Jul 1, 2009 3921
Health information disparities? determining the relationship between age, poverty, and rate of calls to a consumer and patient health information service. Oelschlegel, Sandy; Earl, Martha; Taylor, Melanie; Muenchen, Robert A. Report Jul 1, 2009 2559
The great contribution: Index Medicus, Index-Catalogue, and IndexCat. Greenberg, Stephen J.; Gallagher, Patricia E. Report Apr 1, 2009 4908
Embedded librarians: one library's model for decentralized service. Freiburger, Gary; Kramer, Sandra Report Apr 1, 2009 2223
A case study: using social tagging to engage students in learning Medical Subject Headings. Maggio, Lauren A.; Bresnahan, Megan; Flynn, David B.; Harzbecker, Joseph; Blanchard, Mary; Ginn, Dav Case study Apr 1, 2009 4116
Development of a new academic digital library: a study of usage data of a core medical electronic journal collection. Shearer, Barbara S.; Klatt, Carolyn; Nagy, Suzanne P. Report Apr 1, 2009 5546
The Mobile Reference Service: a case study of an onsite reference service program at the school of public health. Tao, Donghua; McCarthy, Patrick G.; Krieger, Mary M.; Webb, Annie B. Case study Jan 1, 2009 4206
Developing a current awareness service using really simple syndication (RSS). Johnson, Stephen M.; Osmond, Andrew; Holz, Rebecca J. Jan 1, 2009 1959
Electronic document delivery; a six-year study to benchmark the shift to electronic interlibrary loan in two hospital libraries. Hill, Thomas W.; Roth, Karen L. Report Jan 1, 2009 2216
ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics, 2007-2008. Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp.; Bland, Les, Comp. Report Jan 1, 2009 203
Further developing the profession's research mentality. Jerome, Rebecca N. Oct 1, 2008 1647
The emerging informationist specialty: a systematic review of the literature. Rankin, Jocelyn A.; Grefsheim, Suzanne F.; Canto, Candace C. Report Jul 1, 2008 15426
A survey of collection development for United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and National Board Dental Examination (NBDE) preparation material. Hendrix, Dean; Hasman, Linda Report Jul 1, 2008 9156
Digitizing dissertations for an institutional repository: a process and cost analysis. Piorun, Mary; Palmer, Lisa A. Report Jul 1, 2008 4790
"Library-On-The-Go": utilizing technology to provide educational programming. Mani, Nandita S. Jul 1, 2008 2562
Supporting your education needs: thanks to resources available through NZNO's library, no member needs to remain ill informed. Walker, Leonie Report Jun 1, 2008 837
Evidence-based medicine search: a customizable federated search engine. Bracke, Paul J.; Howse, David K.; Kelm, Samuel M. Report Apr 1, 2008 3344
Laws, leaders, and legends of the modern National Library of Medicine. Smith, Kent A. Essay Apr 1, 2008 11770
Assessing print and electronic use of reference/core medical textbooks. Ugaz, Ana G.; Resnick, Taryn Report Apr 1, 2008 2920
Helping a dental school put the "e" in evidence-based dentistry. Maggio, Lauren A.; Jeffery, Keven M. Report Apr 1, 2008 2560
Materials employed by medical students preparing for subject examinations: supporting collection development. Shultz, Mary; Kies, Susan Report Apr 1, 2008 2963
Riding the waves of change together: are we all paying attention? Giuse, Nunzia Bettinsoli Editorial Apr 1, 2008 1914
Sustainable collaboration for community outreach: lessons from the Spanish Access to Literature/Uso Directo (SALUD) project *. Hitchcock, Kristin; Appelt, Kristina Report Jan 1, 2008 2584
Characteristics and content of medical library tutorials: a review (EC). Anderson, Rozalynd P.; Wilson, Steven P.; Livingston, Mary Briget; LoCicero, Allison D. Report Jan 1, 2008 2576
The long tail: a usage analysis of pre-1993 print biomedical journal literature (EC). Starr, Susan; Williams, Jeff Report Jan 1, 2008 5513
ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics 2006-2007. Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp.; Bland, Les, Comp. Author abstract Jan 1, 2008 199
How we surveyed doctors to learn what they want from computers and technology. Bardyn, Tania; Young, Caroline; Lombardi, Lin C. Cover story Jan 1, 2008 2930
New resource guides about mental health. Brief article Nov 1, 2007 92
ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics, 2005-06. Young, Mark, Comp.; Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp. Report Jan 1, 2007 200
New edition of the WHO Reproductive Health Library. Brief article Jun 1, 2006 130
Health libraries as joint use libraries: serving medical practitioners and students. Dorrington, Linda Mar 22, 2006 4519
Organizing electronic information to serve the needs of health practitioners and consumers. Backus, Joyce E.B. Mar 22, 2006 5136
NZNO library infection: the NZNO library has a number of recent items available to members on different aspects of infection control. A selection of these items is listed on these pages. Descriptions are mostly taken from accompanying publicity material. Stopforth, Linda Mar 1, 2005 1554
Collaboration and marketing ensure public and medical library viability. Weldon, Stephanie Jan 1, 2005 4642
ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics, 2003-04. Young, Mark, Comp.; Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp. Report Jan 1, 2005 237
Working with immigrant and refugee populations: issues and Hmong case study. Boland, Mary Jo Sep 22, 2004 11225
Watch your language. Sandstrom, Heidi T. Sep 22, 2004 2693
MedlinePlus[R]: the National Library of Medicine[R] brings quality information to health consumers. Backus, Joyce E.B. Sep 22, 2004 5386
SPARC and PLoS partner to advocate for open access publishing. Felix, Kathie Jan 1, 2004 168
OLDMEDLINE citations added to PubMed. Shigo, Kimberly Nov 1, 2003 158
Castles made of sand: building sustainable digitized collections using XML. Ragon, Bart Jun 1, 2003 2666
Improving health care through information: research challenges for health sciences librarians. Dalrymple, Prudence W. Mar 22, 2003 7383
ARL Academic Health Sciences Library Statistics, 2001-02. Young, Mark, Comp.; Kyrillidou, Martha, Comp. Author abstract Jan 1, 2003 195
Prescription for Successful Marketing. Kendall, Sandra; Massarella, Susan Sep 1, 2001 3058
TLC Announces Library Automation Contracts. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 809
Aries Systems Offers Free Web Medical Site Hosting. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 130
Aries Systems Offers Web Site Hosting for Medical Libraries. Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 223
National Library of Medicine Unveils Web-Based Online Catalog. Brief Article Jun 1, 1999 362
Mapping Culture: Rural Circuit Medical Librarians' Information Systems. FIGA, ELIZABETH GREMORE Interview Jan 1, 1999 12386
Healthlinks SONY/WebTV for Medical Librarians. Nov 1, 1998 110
Assessing the DVD Option in a Medical Library. Cameron, Brian D. Nov 1, 1998 2758
Remote Users of Health Sciences Libraries. WAUGH, JESSICA L. Abstract Jun 22, 1998 7185
The new knowledge environment: quality initiatives in health sciences libraries. Nagle, Ellen Jan 1, 1996 7609
MIDAS: a medical library's database access system. Gensichen, Tom; Helms, Mary Jan 1, 1995 1422
Developments in health sciences libraries since 1974: from physical entity to the virtual library. Weise, Frieda O. Jun 22, 1993 8298
The educational role of health sciences librarians. Sayre, Jean Williams Jun 22, 1993 6278
Library services and health care administration. Buchanan, Holly Shipp Jun 22, 1993 8400
Issues in clinical information delivery. Marshall, Joanne G. Jun 22, 1993 10660
Dissemination of medical information: organizational and technological issues in health sciences libraries. Roderer, Nancy K. Jun 22, 1993 6801
The health sciences librarian as knowledge worker. Matheson, Nina W. Jun 22, 1993 8133
Texas Health Science Libraries Consortium to install Sirsi system. Brief Article May 1, 1993 315
Two U.K. hospital medical colleges install Unicorn. Brief Article Apr 1, 1993 206
Georgetown University: the virtual medical library. Broering, Naomi C. Feb 1, 1993 514
European medical librarians meet to discuss technology and cooperation. Crawford, Susan Dec 1, 1992 635
Librarians as members of integrated institutional information programs: management and organizational issues. Fuller, Sherrilynne S. Sep 22, 1992 5982
IME system to be installed in medical center library. Feb 1, 1991 237
Automating with off-the-shelf software. Barnes, Judith; Asher, Doris Jan 1, 1991 2811
Can a computer understand meaning? Brdlik, Mel F. Nov 1, 1989 1869
An interview with Rose Marie Woodsmall, program analyst, National Library of Medicine. Sherwood, Diane interview Jun 1, 1989 1707

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