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Medical information visualisation; biomedical visualisation; proceedings.


Medical information visualisation; biomedical visualisation; proceedings.

Int'l conference on Medical Information Visualisation (3d) BioMedical Visual...(2005: London, England) Ed. by Gordon Clapworthy et al.

Computer Society Press


83 pages




In these proceedings from the July 2005 conference, contributors describe their work in bio-mechanical modeling and simulation, treatment planning, analytical visualization and multi-dimensional data visualization. Specific topics include patient-specific muscle models, the influence of bio-mechanical parameters on simulation of lung behavior, simplification of mesh models, complex pre-operative planning environments for total hip replacements and targeted radiation therapy, a simple method to show variations, 3D reconstruction of lymph nodes, statistical analysis for brain EIT images using SPM, a 3D visualization system of a cranium using x-ray images and visualization of biochemical results using SimWiz3D.

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Date:Sep 1, 2005
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