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CLC celebrates 2022 graduates. College of Lake County May 21, 2022 242
neuro42 Licenses MR Compatible Robot from Johns Hopkins University. May 19, 2022 164
neuro42 Licenses MR Compatible Robot from Johns Hopkins University. May 19, 2022 175
Global 4K Medical Imaging Market [RISING TODAY] Registering a Strong Growth by 2030. May 17, 2022 987
North America 4K Medical Imaging Market [BENEFITS] Trends Research and Projections for 2022 - 2030. May 17, 2022 539
Computational Approach for Detection of Diabetes from Ocular Scans. Khan, Asif Irshad; Kshirsagar, Pravin R.; Manoharan, Hariprasath; Alsolami, Fawaz; Almalawi, Abdulmo May 14, 2022 3737
Feature Subset Selection with Optimal Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Systems for Bioinformatics Gene Expression Classification. Hilal, Anwer Mustafa; Malibari, Areej A.; Obayya, Marwa; Alzahrani, Jaber S.; Alamgeer, Mohammad; Mo May 14, 2022 5673
Senate body directs to ensure availability of MRI machines in hospitals. May 13, 2022 157
The Diagnostic Value of Ultrasound-Based Deep Learning in Differentiating Parotid Gland Tumors. Wang, Yaoqin; Xie, Wenting; Huang, Shixin; Feng, Ming; Ke, Xiaohui; Zhong, Zhaoming; Tang, Lina May 12, 2022 4842
Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm-Based Strategy for Brain Tumor Segmentation. Dahiya, Priyanka; Kumar, Anil; Kumar, Ashok; Nahavandi, Bijan May 11, 2022 5349
Deep Active Learning Framework for Lymph Node Metastasis Prediction in Medical Support System. Zhuang, Qinghe; Dai, Zhehao; Wu, Jia May 10, 2022 7999
NeuRec: Incorporating Interpatient prior to Sparse-View Image Reconstruction for Neurorehabilitation. Liu, Cong; Wang, Qingbin; Zhang, Jing Report May 9, 2022 3769
APU-Net: An Attention Mechanism Parallel U-Net for Lung Tumor Segmentation. Zhou, Tao; Dong, YaLi; Lu, HuiLing; Zheng, XiaoMin; Qiu, Shi; Hou, SenBao Report May 9, 2022 6715
An Investigation in Analyzing the Food Quality Well-Being for Lung Cancer Using Blockchain through CNN. Aboamer, Mohamed Abdelkader; Sikkandar, Mohamed Yacin; Gupta, Sachin; Vives, Luis; Joshi, Kapil; Oma May 6, 2022 6437
Detecting and Extracting Brain Hemorrhages from CT Images Using Generative Convolutional Imaging Scheme. Pandimurugan, V.; Rajasoundaran, S.; Routray, Sidheswar; Prabu, A. V.; Alyami, Hashem; Alharbi, Abdu May 6, 2022 6461
Detecting Buildings and Nonbuildings from Satellite Images Using U-Net. Alsabhan, Waleed; Alotaiby, Turky; Dudin, Basil May 5, 2022 6075
Progress and Trends in Image Processing Applications in Civil Engineering: Opportunities and Challenges. Salunkhe, Ashwini A.; Gobinath, R.; Vinay, S.; Joseph, Leo May 5, 2022 8776
Conservative Treatment and Rehabilitation Training for Rectus Femoris Tear in Basketball Training Based on Computer Vision. Zhang, Yupeng; Zhao, Gaowei May 5, 2022 7314
Use of Radiation Circuits for Diagnosis of Melanoma Skin Cancer in Images of Skin Lesions Using Convolutional Neural Networks. Al-Azzawi, Waleed Khalid; Chenchamma, G.; Hamad, Abdulsattar Abdullah; Alshudukhi, Jalawi; Alhamazan May 5, 2022 4561
The Application of Differing Machine Learning Algorithms and Their Related Performance in Detecting Skin Cancers and Melanomas. Alkhushayni, Suboh; Al-zaleq, Du'a; Andradi, Luwis; Flynn, Patrick May 4, 2022 4495
The Economics of Artificial Intelligence: Focusing on the Metrics. Kasireddy, Meera; Lee, Ryan K. May 1, 2022 1706
Interactive Multimedia Reporting: The Next Generation Is Here. Reeves, Kerri May 1, 2022 1393
Geographic Information Systems Analysis. England, Ryan W. May 1, 2022 999
Computer Vision-Based Medical Cloud Data System for Back Muscle Image Detection. Qi, Xuanye Apr 30, 2022 5819
Detection of Dental Diseases through X-Ray Images Using Neural Search Architecture Network. AL-Ghamdi, Abdullah S. AL-Malaise; Ragab, Mahmoud; AlGhamdi, Saad Abdulla; Asseri, Amer H.; Mansour, Apr 30, 2022 4103
Time-Like Sweeping Surfaces with a Bishop Frame in the Minkowski 3-Space E13. Nazra, Sahar H.; Abdel-Baky, Rashad A. Apr 28, 2022 5430
Spectral Normalized CycleGAN with Application in Semisupervised Semantic Segmentation of Sonar Images. Zhang, Zhisheng; Tang, Jinsong; Zhong, Heping; Wu, Haoran; Zhang, Peng; Ning, Mingqiang Apr 28, 2022 5105
Deep Learning for Ocular Disease Recognition: An Inner-Class Balance. Khan, Md Shakib; Tafshir, Nafisa; Alam, Kazi Nabiul; Dhruba, Abdur Rab; Khan, Mohammad Monirujjaman; Apr 28, 2022 6705
Image Fusion and Stylization Processing Based on Multiscale Transformation and Convolutional Neural Network. Xu, Qingzeng Apr 28, 2022 5136
Nanox Receives FDA Clearance for HealthOST Device, an AI Software Measuring Vertebral. Apr 28, 2022 387
Clinical Value Analysis of Combined Vaginal Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Dispersion Weighted Imaging, and Multilayer Spiral CT in the Diagnosis of Endometrial Cancer Using Deep VGG-16 AdaBoost Hybrid Classifier. Wang, Xiaoyi; Zhang, Rong Apr 26, 2022 5497
Cerebral Arterial Stenosis Detection Based on a Retained Two-Stage Detection Algorithm. Liu, Hanqing; Li, Xiaojun; Wei, Jin; Kang, Xiaodong Apr 26, 2022 5541
Dense Convolutional Network and Its Application in Medical Image Analysis. Zhou, Tao; Ye, XinYu; Lu, HuiLing; Zheng, Xiaomin; Qiu, Shi; Liu, YunCan Report Apr 25, 2022 14903
CDH, Marianjoy leadership positions filled. Apr 24, 2022 215
Oral Cancer Screening by Artificial Intelligence-Oriented Interpretation of Optical Coherence Tomography Images. Ramezani, Kousar; Tofangchiha, Maryam Apr 23, 2022 9184
Evaluation and Correlation Analysis of Mental and Psychological Factors and Premature Ejaculation in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia in Mobile Medical System. Peng, Xiaohui; Fu, Min Apr 23, 2022 6974
Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions in 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Abdullah Hamad, Abdulsattar; Musa Jaber, Mustafa; Altaf Ahmed, Mohammed; Muttashar Abdulsahib, Ghaid Apr 22, 2022 6060
Revealing the Neuroimaging Mechanism of Acupuncture for Poststroke Aphasia: A Systematic Review. Li, Boxuan; Deng, Shizhe; Sang, Bomo; Zhu, Weiming; Zhuo, Bifang; Zhang, Menglong; Qin, Chenyang Apr 21, 2022 14205
Content-Based Image Retrieval Using Colour, Gray, Advanced Texture, Shape Features, and Random Forest Classifier with Optimized Particle Swarm Optimization. Subramanian, Manoharan; Lingamuthu, Velmurugan; Venkatesan, Chandran; Perumal, Sasikumar Apr 21, 2022 6485
Joint Dense Residual and Recurrent Attention Network for DCE-MRI Breast Tumor Segmentation. Qin, ChuanBo; Lin, JingYin; Zeng, JunYing; Zhai, YiKui; Tian, LianFang; Peng, ShuTing; Li, Fang Apr 20, 2022 8260
Improved TLBO for Fusion of Infrared and Visible Images. Wang, Jinghua; Yan, Lei; Wang, Fan; Li, Shulin Apr 19, 2022 7324
Cost-Effectiveness of Life Cycle Cost Theory-Based Large Medical Equipment. Chang, Xiaoyi; Zhao, Yongqiang; Li, Yuebin; Bai, Ting; Gao, Jungang; Zhao, Chao Apr 16, 2022 5282
Nursing Analysis Based on Medical Imaging Technology before and after Coronary Angiography in Cardiovascular Medicine. Li, Qin; Yuan, Yangyang; Song, Guangyu; Liu, Yonghua Apr 15, 2022 6045
Malaria Diagnosis Using a Lightweight Deep Convolutional Neural Network. Magotra, Varun; Rohil, Mukesh Kumar Apr 15, 2022 3568
Diagnosis of Retinal Diseases Based on Bayesian Optimization Deep Learning Network Using Optical Coherence Tomography Images. Subramanian, Malliga; Kumar, M. Sandeep; Sathishkumar, V. E.; Prabhu, Jayagopal; Karthick, Alagar; G Apr 15, 2022 10419
OTO-Net: An Automated MRA Image Segmentation Network for Intracranial Aneurysms. Ye, Jianming; Xu, Xiaomei; Li, Liuyi; Zhao, Jialu; Lai, Weiling; Zhou, Wenting; Zheng, Chong Apr 14, 2022 7629
Detection of Diseases Using Machine Learning Image Recognition Technology in Artificial Intelligence. Huang, Jian; Li, Jing; Li, Zheming; Zhu, Zhu; Shen, Chen; Qi, Guoqiang; Yu, Gang Apr 13, 2022 6841
Sectra's enterprise imaging solution selected by Canada's North York General Hospital. Apr 13, 2022 165
Sectra's enterprise imaging solution selected by Canada's North York General Hospital. Apr 13, 2022 163
Sectra's enterprise imaging solution selected by Canada's North York General Hospital. Apr 13, 2022 164
Automatic Image Caption Generation Based on Some Machine Learning Algorithms. Predic, Bratislav; Manic, Daša; Saracevic, Muzafer; Karabaševic, Darjan; Stanujkic, Dragiša Apr 12, 2022 8276
Image Segmentation Techniques for Intelligent Monitoring of Putonghua Examinations. Liu, Hui Apr 11, 2022 6392
A Survey of Dental Caries Segmentation and Detection Techniques. Majanga, Vincent; Viriri, Serestina Apr 11, 2022 13198
SCU-Net: Semantic Segmentation Network for Learning Channel Information on Remote Sensing Images. Wang, Wei; Kang, Yuxi; Liu, Guanqun; Wang, Xin Apr 10, 2022 6986
Accuracy of Non-Contrast MRI for the Detection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Liping Lu and Xuming Pan Apr 8, 2022 3447
Royal visitor lauds 'remarkable' work of North tech firm. SOPHIE BROWNSON Reporter Apr 6, 2022 757
Prince Charles impressed by firm helping to save lives on County Durham visit with Queen of Spain; The Prince of Wales toured County Durham technology firm Kromek before visiting Auckland Castle with the Queen of Spain. By, Sophie Brownson Apr 5, 2022 857
Medilines expands in Davao. Apr 5, 2022 339
A Rare Case of Bilateral Synchronous Male Breast Cancer: A Multimodality Approach. Ozgur, Cihan; Sunal, Baran Serdar; Tuncbilek, Nermin Clinical report Apr 1, 2022 1776
Will Radiomics Replace Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy? Eldaly, Abdullah S.; Fath, Ayman R.; Mashaly, Sarah M. Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2022 648
Scalable Big Data Pipeline for Video Stream Analytics Over Commodity Hardware. Ayub, Umer; Ahsan, Syed M.; Qureshi, Shavez M. Report Apr 1, 2022 6698
Smart Wearable Internet of Medical Things Technologies, Artificial Intelligence-based Diagnostic Algorithms, and Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring Systems in COVID-19 Detection and Treatment. Crowell, Barbara; Cug, Juraj; Michalikova, Katarina Frajtova Apr 1, 2022 4353
Networked Wearable Devices, Machine Learning-based Real-Time Data Sensing and Processing, and Internet of Medical Things in COVID-19 Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Treatment. Balica, Raluca-Stefania Apr 1, 2022 4382
Wearable Medical Sensor Devices, Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms, and Internet of Things-based Healthcare Systems in COVID-19 Patient Screening, Diagnosis, Monitoring, and Treatment. Jenkins, Thomas Apr 1, 2022 4301
Internet of Medical Things-based Clinical Decision Support Systems, Smart Healthcare Wearable Devices, and Machine Learning Algorithms in COVID-19 Prevention, Screening, Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Blazek, Roman; Hrosova, Lenka; Collier, Janet Report Apr 1, 2022 4201
Internet of Medical Things-driven Remote Monitoring Systems, Big Healthcare Data Analytics, and Wireless Body Area Networks in COVID-19 Detection and Diagnosis. Hudson, John Apr 1, 2022 4344
Internet of Things-based Health Monitoring Systems, Artificial Intelligence-driven Diagnostic Algorithms, and Body Area Sensor Networks in COVID-19 Prevention, Screening, and Treatment. Bowles, Peter Report Apr 1, 2022 4255
Remote Patient Monitoring Systems, Wearable Internet of Medical Things Sensor Devices, and Deep Learning-based Computer Vision Algorithms in COVID-19 Screening, Detection, Diagnosis, and Treatment. Cutitoi, Adela-Claudia Report Apr 1, 2022 4432
New Robust Tensor PCA via Affine Transformations and L[sub.2,1] Norms for Exact Tubal Low-Rank Recovery from Highly Corrupted and Correlated Images in Signal Processing. Liang, Peidong; Zhang, Chentao; Likassa, Habte Tadesse; Guo, Jielong Mar 31, 2022 8332
Enhanced Super4PCS Algorithm by Comparing Transformed Normals at Corresponding Points. Liu, Hai; Wang, Shulin; Zhao, Donghong Mar 30, 2022 3916
Early Diagnosis of Breast Cancer Using Image Processing Techniques. Younis, Younis Samir; Ali, Ali Hasan; Alhafidhb, Omar Kh. Salih; Yahia, Warif B.; Alazzam, Malik Bad Mar 30, 2022 2947
Doctor set to open independent ultrasound clinic. Mar 30, 2022 457
Che Rey Hospital pioneers AI application. Mar 30, 2022 260
City Cancer Challenge Announces Scientific Visits Between African Diagnostic Experts To Strengthen City-Level Cancer Services. Mar 29, 2022 641
Renal Cancer Detection: Fusing Deep and Texture Features from Histopathology Images. Cai, Jianxiu; Liu, Manting; Zhang, Qi; Shao, Ziqi; Zhou, Jingwen; Guo, Yongjian; Liu, Juan; Wang, Xi Report Mar 28, 2022 7282
LATEST COMPANY NEWS. Mar 28, 2022 8298
Machine Learning and Image Processing Enabled Evolutionary Framework for Brain MRI Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease Detection. Kamal, Mustafa; Pratap, A. Raghuvira; Naved, Mohd; Zamani, Abu Sarwar; Nancy, P.; Ritonga, Mahyudin; Mar 28, 2022 4495
Dark-Lumen Magnetic Resonance Image Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Differential Diagnosis of Colon Cancer. Fang, Yujie; Kang, Ting; Yang, Yang; Zi, Yonghong; Lu, Xiong Mar 27, 2022 4907
Gov't to distribute ultrasound equipment to all health centers. Mar 25, 2022 375
Gov't to distribute ultrasound equipment to all health centers. Mar 25, 2022 370
Multimodal Biometrics Fusion Algorithm Using Deep Reinforcement Learning. Huang, Quan Report Mar 24, 2022 4555
Automated Mathematical Algorithm for Quantitative Measurement of Strabismus Based on Photographs of Nine Cardinal Gaze Positions. Kang, Yena Christina; Yang, Hee Kyung; Kim, Young Jae; Hwang, Jeong-Min; Kim, Kwang Gi Report Mar 24, 2022 4735
Diagnostic Value of Artificial Intelligence Based on CT Image in Benign and Malignant Pulmonary Nodules. Du, Wang; He, Bei; Luo, Xiaojie; Chen, Min Mar 24, 2022 4001
Visual Health Analysis of Print Advertising Graphic Design Based on Image Segmentation and Few-Shot Learning. Hu, Sen Mar 24, 2022 7027
Bone Region Segmentation in Medical Images Based on Improved Watershed Algorithm. Zhou, Jun; Yang, Mei Mar 24, 2022 5116
A Three-Dimensional Microwave Sparse Imaging Approach Using Higher-Order Basis Functions. Vojnovic, Nebojsa; Crocco, Lorenzo; Nikolic Stevanovic, Marija Mar 23, 2022 9373
City Cancer Challenge Announces Scientific Visits between African Diagnostic Experts to Strengthen City-Level Cancer Services. Mar 23, 2022 600
City Cancer Challenge Announces Scientific Visits between African Diagnostic Experts to Strengthen City-Level Cancer Services. Mar 23, 2022 659
Konica Minolta Healthcare highlights advancements with digital radiography. Mar 22, 2022 304
A Fast Hybrid Classification Algorithm with Feature Reduction for Medical Images. Mahmoud, Hanan Ahmed Hosni; AlArfaj, Abeer Abdulaziz; Hafez, Alaaeldin M. Mar 22, 2022 6303
Aster and Indian Institute of Science launch AI lab. Mar 21, 2022 686
Radiomics of Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: Effect of Preprocessing on Features Estimation from Computed Tomography Imaging. Linsalata, Stefania; Borgheresi, Rita; Marfisi, Daniela; Barca, Patrizio; Sainato, Aldo; Paiar, Fabi Report Mar 20, 2022 9780
Diagnosis System of Microscopic Hyperspectral Image of Hepatobiliary Tumors Based on Convolutional Neural Network. Huang, Shixin; Luo, Jiawei; Pu, Kexue; Wu, Min Mar 17, 2022 7964
K-Means Segmentation of Underwater Image Based on Improved Manta Ray Algorithm. Zhu, Donglin; Xie, Linpeng; Zhou, Changjun Mar 16, 2022 11361
Contextualized Design of IoT (Internet of Things) Finance for Edge Artificial Intelligence Computing. Guo, Yixuan Mar 9, 2022 6269
Retrospection of Nonlinear Adaptive Algorithm-Based Intelligent Plane Image Interaction System. Guan, Zixi; Pamba, Raja Varma; Balachander, Bhuvaneswari; Khare, Deepak Kumar; Deb, Nabamita; Boddu, Mar 9, 2022 4658
Image Matching Algorithm Based on the Pattern Recognition Genetic Algorithm. Si, Lipeng; Hu, Xiuhua; Liu, Baolong Mar 9, 2022 5670
Clinical Text Data Categorization and Feature Extraction Using Medical-Fissure Algorithm and Neg-Seq Algorithm. Pagad, Naveen S; N, Pradeep; Almuzaini, Khalid K.; Maheshwari, Manish; Gangodkar, Durgaprasad; Shukl Mar 7, 2022 7899
Senate committee rejects Pakistan Psychological Council Bill. Mar 4, 2022 500
Senate body rejects Pakistan Psychology Council bill. Mar 4, 2022 303
The Value of High-Resolution Ultrasound Combined with Shear-Wave Elastography under Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Quantitative Evaluation of Skin Thickness in Localized Scleroderma. Jia, Kun; Li, Huiying; Wu, Xiaojing; Xu, Caina; Xue, Hongyuan Mar 4, 2022 5444
Are we victims of our own success? Freebairn, Catherine; Plessis, Annie Du; Unag, Fiona Mar 1, 2022 1844
Developing Breast Imaging Services in Low-Resource Settings. Pollack, Erica B.; Abbey, Genevieve; Ducharme, Patricia; Durand, Melissa A.; Elahi, Ameena; Elezaby, Mar 1, 2022 2756
Tomographic Ultrasound Imaging in the Diagnosis of Breast Tumors under the Guidance of Deep Learning Algorithms. Xiao, Xuehua; Gan, Fengping; Yu, Haixia Feb 28, 2022 4197
Classification and Detection of Autism Spectrum Disorder Based on Deep Learning Algorithms. Alsaade, Fawaz Waselallah; Alzahrani, Mohammed Saeed Feb 28, 2022 5257
Determining the Effect of the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) on Different Dimensions of Users' Work. Montazeri, Mahdieh; Khajouei, Reza Feb 28, 2022 5269
Application of Improved U-Net Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Quantification of the Foveal Avascular Zone in Diabetic Macular Ischemia. Meng, Yongan; Lan, Hailei; Hu, Yuqian; Chen, Zailiang; Ouyang, Pingbo; Luo, Jing Feb 26, 2022 5826
In Vitro Quantitative Evaluation of Postprocessing Filter for Metal Artifact Reduction in Cone Beam Computed Tomography Images of Titanium and Zirconium Dioxide Implants. Costa, Andre Luiz Ferreira; Fardim, Karolina A. C.; Mantoani, Jennifer M.; Ricardo, Ana Lucia Franco Report Feb 24, 2022 6639
Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Skin Lesion Detection with HOG and GLCM features. Thangakani, S. Anisha; Sornam, M.; Kavitha, Muthusubash Feb 24, 2022 5761
Fuzzy Support Tensor Product Adaptive Image Classification for the Internet of Things. Shi, Zhongrong; Ma, Yun; Fu, Maosheng Feb 22, 2022 7017
An Optimized Framework for Breast Cancer Classification Using Machine Learning. Michael, Epimack; Ma, He; Li, Hong; Qi, Shouliang Report Feb 18, 2022 7594
Automatic Building Extraction on Satellite Images Using Unet and ResNet50. Alsabhan, Waleed; Alotaiby, Turky Feb 18, 2022 6366
The Effect of Enhanced Multislice Spiral Computed Tomography Scan in Nursing. Wang, Yan; Qian, Binyan; Peng, Jidong Feb 16, 2022 3362
Diagnosis of Thyroid Nodules Based on Image Enhancement and Deep Neural Networks. Ma, Xuesi; Zhang, Lina Feb 15, 2022 6046
Assessment of Accessory Canals and Foramina in the Mandibular Arch Using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography and a New Classification for Mandibular Accessory Canals. Muley, Pooja; Kale, Lata; Choudhary, Sneha; Aldhuwayhi, Sami; Thakare, Amar; Mallineni, Sreekanth Ku Report Feb 14, 2022 5951
Impressive milestone for medical data study. SAM VOLPE Reporter Feb 11, 2022 463
Medical imaging study reaches huge milestone. SAM VOLPE Health reporter Feb 10, 2022 587
Exploring the Study of miR-1301 Inhibiting the Proliferation and Migration of Squamous Cell Carcinoma YD-38 Cells through PI3K/AKT Pathway under Deep Learning Medical Images. Gong, Chaofan; Bhargava, Rohit; Bajaj, Chandrajit Report Feb 10, 2022 7065
ADA-COVID: Adversarial Deep Domain Adaptation-Based Diagnosis of COVID-19 from Lung CT Scans Using Triplet Embeddings. Aria, Mehrad; Nourani, Esmaeil; Golzari Oskouei, Amin Feb 8, 2022 10239
Convolutional Neural Network Architectures to Solve a Problem of Tuberculosis Classification Using X-Ray Images of the Lungs. Alshudukhi, Jalawi; Aljaloud, Saud; Alharbi, Talal Saad; Abebaw, Solomon Feb 4, 2022 4943
Virtual Reconstruction of Visually Conveyed Images under Multimedia Intelligent Sensor Network Node Layout. Yang, Qi; Yang, Jong Hoon Feb 2, 2022 8162
Automated Segmentation of Mass Regions in DBT Images Using a Dilated DCNN Approach. Ye, Jianming; Yang, Weiji; Wang, Jianqing; Xu, Xiaomei; Li, Liuyi; Xie, Chun; Chen, Gang Feb 2, 2022 6316
Two-Stage Hybrid Approach of Deep Learning Networks for Interstitial Lung Disease Classification. Pawar, Swati P.; Talbar, Sanjay N. Report Feb 1, 2022 6112
Comparison of Prostate Biopsy Using Multiparametric Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Patients with Prostate Biopsy Indications. Altay, Mehmet Sefa; Ozkaya, Fatih; Demirdogen, Saban Oguz; Bedir, Fevzi; Kocaturk, Huseyin; Cinislio Report Feb 1, 2022 4388
Investigation of the performance of different wavelet-based fusions of SAR and optical images using Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 datasets. Duysak, Huseyin; Yigit, Enes Feb 1, 2022 3977
A Deep Learning Framework for Leukemia Cancer Detection in Microscopic Blood Samples Using Squeeze and Excitation Learning. Bukhari, Maryam; Yasmin, Sadaf; Sammad, Saima; Abd El-Latif, Ahmed A. Report Jan 31, 2022 11866
BID-Net: An Automated System for Bone Invasion Detection Occurring at Stage T4 in Oral Squamous Carcinoma Using Deep Learning. Agarwal, Pinky; Yadav, Anju; Mathur, Pratistha; Pal, Vipin; Chakrabarty, Amitabha Jan 30, 2022 6625
Image Motion Deblurring Based on Deep Residual Shrinkage and Generative Adversarial Networks. Jiang, Wenbo; Liu, Anshun Jan 21, 2022 7608
Improving the Security of Reversible Data Hiding Using Multiple Histogram Modification. Chen, HaiShan; Wang, Jinye; Zhou, Yiqing; Chang, TingCheng; Shi, KunQuan; Yuan, JunYing Report Jan 18, 2022 6886
Segmentation of Breast Masses in Mammogram Image Using Multilevel Multiobjective Electromagnetism-Like Optimization Algorithm. Ittannavar, S. S.; Havaldar, R. H. Report Jan 17, 2022 6787
Research on Virtual Color Restoration of Complex Building System Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform. Song, Chunqiao; Wu, Xutong Jan 15, 2022 7225
A U-Net Approach to Apical Lesion Segmentation on Panoramic Radiographs. Bayrakdar, Ibrahim S.; Orhan, Kaan; Çelik, Özer; Bilgir, Elif; Sa?lam, Hande; Kaplan, Fatma Akkoca; Report Jan 15, 2022 4142
A Novel Data Analytics Oriented Approach for Image Representation Learning in Manufacturing Systems. Liu, Yue; Ma, Junqi; Tao, Xingzhen; Liao, Jingyun; Wang, Tao; Chen, Jingjing Jan 13, 2022 7496
Improved Performance of Compartments in Detecting the Activity of Axial Spondyloarthritis Based on IVIM DWI with Optimized Threshold b Value. Ye, Qiang; Xie, Zhuoyao; Guo, Chang; Lu, Xing; Zheng, Kai; Zhao, Yinghua Report Jan 10, 2022 5917
Surgalign expands digital health capabilities. Jan 6, 2022 157
Only one MRI machine functional in Islamabad, Senate told. Jan 5, 2022 413
Superresolution Reconstruction of Remote Sensing Image Based on Middle-Level Supervised Convolutional Neural Network. Zhang, Xiu Jan 4, 2022 8841
Coping with COVID: Resilience in Radiology. Reeves, Kerri Jan 1, 2022 1575
Value of contrast-enhanced CT based radiomic machine learning algorithm in differentiating gastrointestinal stromal tumors with KIT exon 11 mutation: a two-center study. Liu, Bo; Liu, Hao; Zhang, Lequan; Song, Yancheng; Yangv, Shifeng; Zheng, Ziwen; Zhao, Junjiang; Hou, Report Jan 1, 2022 6071
Thoracic CT radiomics analysis for predicting synchronous brain metastasis in patients with lung cancer. Ding, Zhimin; Wang, Yuancheng; Xia, Cong; Meng, Xiangpan; Yu, Qian; Ju, Shenghong Report Jan 1, 2022 7088
Skin Lesion Segmentation with Codec Structure Based Upper and Lower Layer Feature Fusion Mechanism. Yang, Cheng; Lu, GuanMing Report Jan 1, 2022 6758
Improved Minimum Spanning Tree based Image Segmentation with Guided Matting. Wang, Weixing; Tu, Angyan; Bergholm, Fredrik Report Jan 1, 2022 6896
Incremental Healthcare Resource Utilization and Expenditures Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases in Patients with Diabetes: A Cross-Sectional Study. Ebrahimoghli, Reza; Janati, Ali; Sadeghi-Bazargani, Homayoun; Hamishehkar, Hadi; Khalili-Azimi, Atef Report Jan 1, 2022 6005
Artificial intelligence in radiology: Are Saudi residents ready, prepared, and knowledgeable? Khafaji, Mawya A.; Safhi, Mohammed A.; Albadawi, Roia H.; Al-Amoudi, Salma O.; Shehata, Salah S.; To Report Jan 1, 2022 5432
MACHINING THROUGH Chemistry: Pulsed electrochemical machining is a unique fabrication process where metal is dissolved to create the end-product, offering a new solution to manufacturers. Abolafia, Kirk Gino Jan 1, 2022 1882
A Decade of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: A Look Back and Ahead to the Future. Harvey, Susan Jan 1, 2022 1122
A Recent History of Ultrasound Contrast Media and Nuclear Medicine Tracers. Bonnemain, sBruno Report Jan 1, 2022 3893
Anatomic Variations of the Cystic Duct in Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography in Shiraz: A Cross-Sectional Study. Taghavi, Alireza; Azizi, Masoud; Rasekhi, Alireza; Gholami, Zeinab Clinical report Jan 1, 2022 2759
Deep Learning to Predict EGFR Mutation and PD-L1 Expression Status in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer on Computed Tomography Images. Wang, Chengdi; Xu, Xiuyuan; Shao, Jun; Zhou, Kai; Zhao, Kefu; He, Yanqi; Li, Jingwei Dec 31, 2021 6176
Preah Kossamak Hospital goes digital with PACS. Dec 29, 2021 624
Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis Disease in Brain Magnetic Resonance Imaging Based on the Harris Hawks Optimization Algorithm. Iswisi, Amal F. A.; Karan, O?uz; Rahebi, Javad Report Dec 27, 2021 7585
Thieves break PS4m medical scanner. Dec 24, 2021 247
Imaging Tool for Predicting Renal Clear Cell Carcinoma Fuhrman Grade: Comparing R.E.N.A.L. Nephrometry Score and CT Texture Analysis. Sun, Ran; Zhao, Sheng; Jiang, Huijie; Jiang, Hao; Dai, Yanmei; Zhang, Chuzhen; Wang, Song Report Dec 23, 2021 5617
Regularized Multiframe Super-Resolution Image Reconstruction Using Linear and Nonlinear Filters. Khattab, Mahmoud M.; Zeki, Akram M.; Alwan, Ali A.; Bouallegue, Belgacem; Matter, Safaa S.; Ahmed, A Dec 18, 2021 8266
A Generative Adversarial Network Fused with Dual-Attention Mechanism and Its Application in Multitarget Image Fine Segmentation. Yin, Jian; Zhou, Zhibo; Xu, Shaohua; Yang, Ruiping; Liu, Kun Dec 18, 2021 10220
Automatic Liver Segmentation in CT Images with Enhanced GAN and Mask Region-Based CNN Architectures. Wei, Xiaoqin; Chen, Xiaowen; Lai, Ce; Zhu, Yuanzhong; Yang, Hanfeng; Du, Yong Report Dec 16, 2021 7140
Dental Images' Segmentation Using Threshold Connected Component Analysis. Majanga, Vincent; Viriri, Serestina Dec 14, 2021 5312
Ensemble of EfficientNets for the Diagnosis of Tuberculosis. Oloko-Oba, Mustapha; Viriri, Serestina Dec 14, 2021 5942
Deep Learning for Accurate Segmentation of Venous Thrombus from Black-Blood Magnetic Resonance Images: A Multicenter Study. Sun, Chuanqi; Xiong, Xiangyu; Zhang, Tianjing; Guan, Xiuhong; Mao, Huan; Yang, Jing; Zhang, Xiaoyong Report Dec 14, 2021 5903
A Convolutional Neural Network for Automatic Tooth Numbering in Panoramic Images. Prados-Privado, María; García Villalón, Javier; Blázquez Torres, Antonio; Martínez-Martínez, Carlos Report Dec 14, 2021 3609
Art Design of the Real-Time Image Interactive Interface of the Advertising Screen Based on Augmented Reality and Visual Communication. Chen, Yu Dec 13, 2021 6351
Image Scale-Space Filtering Using Directional Local Variance Controlled Anisotropic Diffusion. Chen, Yong; He, Taoshun Dec 13, 2021 5296
Further injury setback for Pelicans's Williamson. Dec 12, 2021 207
Research Progress on the Molecular Mechanism of EGCG3[sup.″]Me in the Treatment of Diabetes Based on Visual Sensor Images. Li, Guiwen; Du, Xianfeng; Li, Zhengkang Dec 10, 2021 6748
OsMak receives new MRI machine from DOH. Dec 8, 2021 248
Combining CT Images and Clinical Features of Four Periods to Predict Whether Patients Have Rectal Cancer. Feng, Yingyin; Ding, Qi; Meng, Chen; Wang, Wenfeng; Zhang, Jingjing; Lian, Huixiu Dec 7, 2021 4944
Medical Image Classification Based on Information Interaction Perception Mechanism. Wang, Wei; Hu, Yihui; Luo, Yanhong; Wang, Xin Dec 6, 2021 6532
Inquest into DJ's death. Dec 4, 2021 188
Ankle Ligament Injuries Based on Medical Images of Hip-Hop Training and Research on Training Techniques. Han, Zhen; Xu, Xiaofei Dec 3, 2021 7245
Quantitative Investigation of Hand Grasp Functionality: Hand Joint Motion Correlation, Independence, and Grasping Behavior. Liu, Yuan; Zeng, Bo; Zhang, Ting; Jiang, Li; Liu, Hong; Ming, Dong Dec 2, 2021 8397
Life Memberships conferred. Martin, Gillian; Prendiville, Karen Dec 1, 2021 408
Inter-observer and intra-observer agreement of Bosniak classification of cystic renal masses: Comparison between original version to version 2019 and effect of an online support calculator. Osman, Heba; Yan, Jin Hui; Chan, Jason; Munir, Javeria; Airasheed, Sumaya; Krishna, Satheesh; Schied Report Dec 1, 2021 1751
Regulatory Requirements of Quality Assurance Program in Nuclear Medicine--Review of the Procedures. Hallab, Reda; Eddaoui, Khalida; Pr, Hmad Ouabi; Aouad, Nouzha Ben Rais Report Dec 1, 2021 1774
Matlab Based Potent Algorithm for WBC Cancer Detection and classification. Nithyaa, A.N.; Kumar, R. Prem; Goku, M.; Aananthi, C. Geetha Report Dec 1, 2021 2769
Generative Adversarial Networks for single image with high quality image. Zhao, Liquan; Zhang, Yupeng Report Dec 1, 2021 7113
Automated Detection of Brain Tumor through Magnetic Resonance Images Using Convolutional Neural Network. Gull, Sahar; Akbar, Shahzad; Khan, Habib Ullah Report Nov 30, 2021 9359
LMC has emerged as a leading medical institution in Pakistan. Nov 24, 2021 205
COAS visits Lahore Corps' Headquarters: ISPR. Nov 23, 2021 201
Secretary General DCO visits COMSATS University Islamabad. Nov 20, 2021 357
Secretary General DCO visits COMSATS University Islamabad. Nov 20, 2021 357
An Improved Camshift Tracking Algorithm Based on LiDAR Sensor. Lv, Yong; Zhu, Hairong Nov 12, 2021 6143
Multiscale Aggregate Networks with Dense Connections for Crowd Counting. Li, Pengfei; Zhang, Min; Wan, Jian; Jiang, Ming Nov 11, 2021 5539
Expert-I studies expanding in Africa, Gulf region. Daily News Egypt Nov 11, 2021 335
Int'l Day of Radiology: HMC highlights radiology role in patient care. Nov 9, 2021 638
New mobile X-ray machines for public hospitals. Evie Andreou Nov 9, 2021 290
Morphological Measurement of the Femoral Anterior Bow in Chinese Population Based on Three-Dimensional Computed Tomography. Liu, Yang; Zhang, Aobo; Cai, Rui; Chen, Hao; Li, Chen; Han, Qing; Wang, Jincheng Report Nov 5, 2021 4949
Nanotechnology-Based Sensitive Biosensors for COVID-19 Prediction Using Fuzzy Logic Control. Maheshwari, Vikas; Mahmood, Md Rashid; Sravanthi, Sumukham; Arivazhagan, N.; ParimalaGandhi, A.; Sri Nov 3, 2021 4540
Skin Cancer Detection Based on Extreme Learning Machine and a Developed Version of Thermal Exchange Optimization. Wang, Shi; Hamian, Melika Nov 3, 2021 8286
29 years after, Anambra College of Health Technology mobilises for NYSC. Nov 3, 2021 252
Elegancia Healthcare partners with Ali Bin Ali Medical. Nov 2, 2021 540
FII Institute invests EUR 1m in AZmed. Nov 1, 2021 242
FII Institute invests EUR 1m in AZmed. Nov 1, 2021 240
Imaging Informatics: Waking Up to 50 Years of Progress. Siegel, Eliot Nov 1, 2021 1698
RAD-AID: Fostering Opportunities to Impact Global Health with Technology. Mollura, Daniel J.; Lugossy, Anne-Marie Nov 1, 2021 949
History of Contrast Media: Celebrating the Centenary of the Use of Lipiodol[R] in Radiology. Bonnemain, Bruno Report Nov 1, 2021 3886
Feasibility of Radiomics to Differentiate Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) from H1N1 Influenza Pneumonia on Chest Computed Tomography: A Proof of Concept. Tabatabaei, Mohsen; Tasorian, Baharak; Goyal, Manu; Moini, Abdollatif; Sotoudeh, Houman Report Nov 1, 2021 4686
Segmented Multistage Reconstruction of Magnetic Resonance Images. Faris, Muhammad; Javid, Tariq; Kazmi, Majida; Aziz, Arshad Report Nov 1, 2021 4091
Medical Device Manufacturing at the Point of Care. Johnson, Benjamin Nov 1, 2021 1682
Cardiac CT angiography after percutaneous left atrial appendage closure: early versus delayed scanning after contrast administration. Gilhofer, Thomas S.; Abdellatif, Waleed; Nicolaou, Savvas; Jalal, Sabeena; Powell, Jennifer; Inohara Report Nov 1, 2021 5664
AI: The Importance of Governance. Marion, Joseph L.; Primo, Henri Nov 1, 2021 2732
PIMS likely to get MRI machine in December. Oct 29, 2021 495
Five ways AI can democratise African healthcare. Oct 26, 2021 797
Etiology of Hydronephrosis in adults and children: Ultrasonographic Assessment in 233 patients. Sultan Abdulwadoud Alshoabi, Dahhan Saleh Alhamodi, Mohammed Ali Alhammadi and Abdullah Fahad Alsham Oct 22, 2021 1889
Performance Analysis of Otsu-Based Thresholding Algorithms: A Comparative Study. Cao, Qinglin; Qingge, Letu; Yang, Pei Report Oct 21, 2021 5876
COVID-19 Diagnosis Using Capsule Network and Fuzzy C-Means and Mayfly Optimization Algorithm. Farki, Ali; Salekshahrezaee, Zahra; Tofigh, Arash Mohammadi; Ghanavati, Reza; Arandian, Behdad; Chap Report Oct 19, 2021 5569
Senate body concerned about non-functioning MRI machines in capital's hospitals. Oct 13, 2021 709
CST: A Multitask Learning Framework for Colorectal Cancer Region Mining Based on Transformer. Sui, Dong; Zhang, Kang; Liu, Weifeng; Chen, Jing; Ma, Xiaoxuan; Tian, Zhaofeng Report Oct 11, 2021 4996
Senate committee recommends provision of MRI machine to Polyclinic by Dec. Oct 8, 2021 316
Siemens to supply Egypt with 162 CT scan devices to detect COVID-19 cases. Daily News Egypt Oct 4, 2021 292
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Pathology. Harrison, James H., Jr.; Gilbertson, John R.; Hanna, Matthew G.; Olson, Niels H.; Seheult, Jansen N. Report Oct 1, 2021 23942
Siemens Healthineers' Somatom X.ceed Tomography Scanner Cleared by FDA. Oct 1, 2021 414
Cognitive Internet of Medical Things, Big Healthcare Data Analytics, and Artificial intelligence-based Diagnostic Algorithms during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Morrison, Michael Oct 1, 2021 4804
Virtual Care Technologies, Wearable Health Monitoring Sensors, and Internet of Medical Things-based Smart Disease Surveillance Systems in the Diagnosis and Treatment of COVID-19 Patients. Maxwell, Susan; Grupac, Marian Oct 1, 2021 4777
Wearable Internet of Medical Things Sensor Devices, Big Healthcare Data, and Artificial Intelligence-based Diagnostic Algorithms in Real-Time COVID-19 Detection and Monitoring Systems. Turner, Daniel; Pera, Aurel Oct 1, 2021 4643
A Pyramid Architecture-Based Deep Learning Framework for Breast Cancer Detection. Sui, Dong; Liu, Weifeng; Chen, Jing; Zhao, Chunxiao; Ma, Xiaoxuan; Guo, Maozu; Tian, Zhaofeng Report Oct 1, 2021 6406
Blooming brilliant UV: Gemma Church investigates how hyperspectral cameras are unlocking new research in the near-UV range. Church, Gemma Oct 1, 2021 1103
New report highlights cancer imaging challenges and opportunities. Lee, Carlos Oct 1, 2021 328
Application of ultrasound molecular imaging based on compressed sensing reconstruction algorithm to phase change drug-loaded PLGA nanoparticles targeting breast cancer MCF-7 Cells. Yufeng You, Wusong Cheng and Hongbo Chen Sep 30, 2021 2466
Analysis of pathological characteristics and nursing intervention of patients with gastric polyps based on image stitching algorithm and endoscopy. Linzhen Zhu, Linlin Zhu and Weihua Yu Sep 30, 2021 2239
The effect of vaginal delivery and Caesarean section on the anal Sphincter complex of Primipara based on optimized three-dimensional ultrasound image and nuclear regression Reconstruction Algorithm. Naxin He and Liang Shi Medical condition overview Sep 30, 2021 2540
Application of CT images based on the optimal atlas segmentation algorithm in the clinical diagnosis of Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Pneumonia in Children. Xilin Fu, Ningfei Yang and Jianwei Ji Sep 30, 2021 2623
Correlation analysis of epicardial adipose tissue volume quantified by computed tomography images and coronary heart disease under optimized reconstruction algorithm. Zhenwei Miao, Hongyan Yang, Bofen Liu and Wengui Li Sep 30, 2021 2120
Efficacy of liver cancer microwave ablation through ultrasonic image guidance under deep migration feature algorithm. Changkong Ye, Wenyan Zhang, Zijuan Pang and Wei Wang Sep 30, 2021 2564
Analysis of the Clinical Characteristics of Tuberculosis Patients based on Multi-Constrained Computed Tomography (CT) Image Segmentation Algorithm. Feng Zhu and Bo Zhang Sep 30, 2021 2260
Strengthening bonds of Friendship between Pakistan and China through scientific publishing. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Sep 30, 2021 1415
Medical Image and Physics Analysis of Human Physiology and Dysfunction. Shaofei Wu and Hailong Li Sep 30, 2021 1473
Hospital upgrade plans welcomed. CHRIS BINDING Local democracy reporter @CHRISBINDINGLDR Sep 28, 2021 534
Hierarchical Attention-Based Multimodal Fusion Network for Video Emotion Recognition. Liu, Xiaodong; Li, Songyang; Wang, Miao Sep 26, 2021 7529
Review of Breast Cancer Pathologigcal Image Processing. Zhang, Ya-nan; XIA, Ke-rui; LI, Chang-yi; WEI, Ben-li; Zhang, Bing Report Sep 21, 2021 6361
Applications of Medical Devices in Healthcare Industry. Chandan, B.V.; Balamuralidhara, V.; Gowrav, M.P.; Motupalli, Vishakharaju Sep 20, 2021 3112
Feature Fusion Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Breast Cancer Auxiliary Diagnosis. Cheng, Xiaofan; Tan, Liang; Ming, Fangpeng Report Sep 15, 2021 5522
X-Ray Image Recognition Based on Improved Mask R-CNN Algorithm. Zhang, Jicun; Song, Xueping; Feng, Jiawei; Fei, Jiyou Report Sep 7, 2021 7431
Wa'ed, entrepreneurship arm of Aramco, gives $2.71m in grants to winning startups. LAMA ALGOSAIBI Sep 7, 2021 438
How has the COVID-19 pandemic affect the rejection rates and repeat reasoning of digital radiography? Jastaniyyah, Duaa F.; Jawhari, Abdulkarim A.; Mugharbel, Abdullah T.; Khafaji, Mawya A.; Albahiti, S Report Sep 1, 2021 2570
Imaging Diagnosis of Anomalous Total Coronary Artery From the Pulmonary Artery: Case Report. Ma, Rongchuan; Libing, Zhang; Yang, Sheng; Deng, Ying; Yang, Yanfeng; Lai, Hua; Mei, Jin Clinical report Sep 1, 2021 1443
Renown children's hospital in Cambodia using MRI for young cardiac patients. Sep 1, 2021 724
Imaging in Stroke Diagnosis and Treatment: An Update. Benitez, Steven; Holland, Ryan; Zampolln, Richard; Brook, Andrew; Hirsch, Joshua; Brook, Allan L.; K Sep 1, 2021 2420
Striving to Improve the World of Health Care. Mhatre, Pradnya Sep 1, 2021 1381
Evidence-Based Education in the Classroom: Examples from Clinical Disciplines. Brief article Sep 1, 2021 173
Contributions welcome! Taylor, Bron Sep 1, 2021 629
Auckland-Northland Branch Medical Imaging Education morning. Matthews, Shona Sep 1, 2021 1884
Radiology nursing from the past and into the future. Matthews, Shona; Freebairn, Catherine; Martin, Gillian Sep 1, 2021 2029
Clustering of Brain Tumor Based on Analysis of MRI Images Using Robust Principal Component Analysis (ROBPCA) Algorithm. Hamzenejad, Ali; Ghoushchi, Saeid Jafarzadeh; Baradaran, Vahid Report Aug 31, 2021 6762
UET, KU sign MoU. Aug 31, 2021 151
Using Convolutional Neural Network with Taguchi Parametric Optimization for Knee Segmentation from X-Ray Images. Kim, Young Jae; Lee, Seung Ro; Choi, Ja-Young; Kim, Kwang Gi Report Aug 24, 2021 4015
Automatic Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment Based on CNN+SVM Networks with End-to-End Training. Huang, Zhe; Sun, Minglang; Guo, Chengan Aug 14, 2021 7883
Radiographers' duel goes to National Assembly. Aug 10, 2021 461
AIU-Net: An Efficient Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Brain Tumor Segmentation. Jiang, Yongchao; Ye, Mingquan; Huang, Daobin; Lu, Xiaojie Aug 4, 2021 4695
Reflectance estimation for infrared and visible image fusion. Gu, Yan; Yang, Feng; Zhao, Weijun; Guo, Yiliang; Min, Chaobo Report Aug 1, 2021 6112
Computed tomography in the diagnosis of intraperitoneal effusions: The role of texture analysis. Csutak, Csaba; Stefan, Paul-Andrei; Lupean, Roxana-Adelina; Lenghel, Lavinia Manuela; Mihu, Carmen M Report Aug 1, 2021 4729
Multimodal 2.5D Convolutional Neural Network for Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease with Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Positron Emission Tomography. Zhang, Xuyang; Lin, Weiming; Xiao, Min; Ji, Huazhi Aug 1, 2021 6136
State advises 2nd opinion on mammograms at Hoffman Estates clinic. Eric Peterson Jul 29, 2021 359
State advises 2nd opinion on mammograms. Eric Peterson Jul 29, 2021 187
Breast Cancer Segmentation Methods: Current Status and Future Potentials. Michael, Epimack; Ma, He; Li, Hong; Kulwa, Frank; Li, Jing Report Jul 22, 2021 20108
Skin Cancer Detection Using Kernel Fuzzy C-Means and Improved Neural Network Optimization Algorithm. Huaping, Jia; Junlong, Zhao; Norouzzadeh Gil Molk, A. M. Jul 19, 2021 7184
Computational Image Encryption Techniques: A Comprehensive Review. Kaur, Mandeep; Singh, Surender; Kaur, Manjit Jul 19, 2021 12207
Lung Cancer Diagnosis Based on an ANN Optimized by Improved TEO Algorithm. Shan, Rong; Rezaei, Tahereh Jul 16, 2021 7033
Noise Resilient Local Gradient Orientation for Content-Based Image Retrieval. Bilquees, Samina; Dawood, Hassan; Dawood, Hussain; Majeed, Nadeem; Javed, Ali; Mahmood, Muhammad Tar Jul 14, 2021 11387
Edge-Based Convolutional Neural Network for Improving Breast Cancer Prediction Performance. Madhu,; Kumar, Raman Jul 13, 2021 9089
A Novel Region-Extreme Convolutional Neural Network for Melanoma Malignancy Recognition. Nida, Nudrat; Irtaza, Aun; Yousaf, Muhammad Haroon Jul 13, 2021 10589
Nanox signw MSaaS pact for deployment of 1,000 Nanox systems in Nigeria. Jul 12, 2021 215
GE Healthcare, SOPHiA Genetics to Collaborate to Match Treatments to Multimodal Patient Data and Cancer Type. Jul 9, 2021 464
Intelligent Computer-Aided Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Systems: State-of-the-Art and Future Directions. Sammouda, Rachid; Gumaei, Abdu; El-Zaart, Ali Report Jul 7, 2021 14036
Evaluating the added benefit of CT texture analysis on conventional CT analysis to differentiate benign ovarian cysts. Seo, Minkook; Choi, Moon Hyung; Lee, Young Joon; Jung, Seung Eun; Rha, Sung Eun Report Jul 1, 2021 5362
Evolution of a Profession: A Rad-Tech's Reflections. Harris, Christine Jul 1, 2021 819
Going Beyond Image Interpretation. Massat, Mary Beth Jul 1, 2021 1341
Immnoterapide Tedavi Yanitinin Degerlendirilmesinde PET/BT/The Role of PET/CT in the Evaluation of Tumour Response to Immunotherapy. Yildiz, Akin; Sahin, Zeliha; Forouz, Aria Report Jul 1, 2021 9833
Visualizing diversity: the Oregon Health & Science University Educational Use Photo Diversity Repository. Pierce, Pamela; Felver, Linda Case study Jul 1, 2021 4269
Optimized Training for Convolutional Neural Network Using Enhanced Grey Wolf Optimization Algorithm. Guernine, Akram; Kimour, Mohamed Tahar Jul 1, 2021 5865
Management of Dentigerous Cysts--A Review. Joshi, Mihir; Samuel, Soumi; Abraham, Abel; Deepak, Deeyah Miriam Jun 28, 2021 4325
An Extended Approach to Predict Retinopathy in Diabetic Patients Using the Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy C-Means. Ghoushchi, Saeid Jafarzadeh; Ranjbarzadeh, Ramin; Dadkhah, Amir Hussein; Pourasad, Yaghoub; Bendecha Report Jun 28, 2021 8392
Whole Volume Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) Histogram as a Quantitative Imaging Biomarker to Differentiate Breast Lesions: Correlation with the Ki-67 Proliferation Index. Guo, Yuan; Kong, Qing-cong; Li, Li-qi; Tang, Wen-jie; Zhang, Wan-li; Ning, Guan-yuan; Xue, Jun Report Jun 24, 2021 5297
Prof drags Radiographers Board, 6 others to court over alleged infractions. Jun 23, 2021 421
Don Drags RRBN, 6 Others To Court Over Alleged Infractions. Jun 23, 2021 425
LG showcases medical displays at Arab Health. Jun 23, 2021 799
Nano-X Imaging announces FDA 510k submission for first version of Nanox.ARC. Jun 17, 2021 153
Mobile Medical and Health Check Centre offers exclusive mRNA Circulating Tumor Cells Screening in Hon. Jun 16, 2021 336
1,134 patients visit new clinic. Jun 16, 2021 467
Relief as Garbatulla hospital gets power supply upgrade. Jun 13, 2021 368
IQ-AI secures patent for Gad-Free medical imaging software. Jun 12, 2021 155
Feedback' s Bleepa available on all Apple and Android devices. Jun 11, 2021 203
IQ-AI's medical imaging T1+C software granted a US patent. Jun 11, 2021 241
SMALL-CAP WINNERS & LOSERS: Robert Walters boosts 2021 profit outlook. Jun 11, 2021 226
Feedback expects revenue growth going forward as demand for solutions increases. Jun 9, 2021 282
Feedback at the forefront of the future of medical communications. Jun 9, 2021 628

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