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Medical building 'steps back' to conform to wedge-shape site.

Striking architectural setbacks enable a 12,000-square-foot medical building in this Rockland County town to conform to a unique, wedge-shaped site, according to AARK Construction Corporation, its builder.

Completed this summer for New City Orthopedic Medical Group, a highly-regarded practice, the one-story structure uses a series of four deep "zigzags" or jogs in its western facade to accommodate local zoning regulations and make the most of a triangular parcel wedged between two merging highways.

The design created by Architect William E. Kohn of New City achieves a very functional medical facility within severe topographical limitations, notes AARK president Ray Carlisle.

"The nature of the orthopedic medical practice requires an office layout on a single floor and without steps," said Carlisle, "while terrain and local zoning codes dictate a very specific building envelope.

"By utilizing four architectural |step-backs' to conform with the severely tapering property lines, and then raising the entire structure on columns to permit required on-site parking underneath, we created a building shape that both accommodates and blends naturally into the site."

The stucco-like exterior complements similar office structures in the area. Heavy landscaping shields the building from traffic on either highway, while pastel driveway tiles add color and texture. To provide energy efficiency and sound retardation, a wooden floor was added above the concrete pad over the parking area.
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Title Annotation:architectural design enables building to fit on wedge-shaped property
Publication:Real Estate Weekly
Date:Oct 21, 1992
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