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Medical and pharmaceutical R&D group leader, adhesives research.

Trends influencing in-vitro diagnostic devices, such as increasing test speeds using smaller sample volumes and quantities of bio-markers, are driving designs that use smaller capillary channels than before. As a result, the viscoelastic properties of the adhesives used in device designs with larger sample flows may not be suitable for smaller channel designs. In these instances, a dual-stage UV-curable PSA is a good substitute.

This unique construction initially functions like any other PSA for in-line processing with quick-stick properties for bonding and laminating components within an rVD device. Once assembled, the laminated construction is briefly exposed to UV light, which further cross-links the adhesive, making it more cohesive and eliminating the risk of cold flow.

Device manufacturers can increase test speeds with a smaller sample volume by utilizing adhesives with hydrophilic capabilities. Hydrophilic PSA constructions serve a dual purpose in that they bond the components of the diagnostic device together while also creating a high energy surface to enhance flow of the biological fluid. The hydrophilic PSA may also reduce the surface tension of a fluid to allow rapid transfer of the fluid from an inlet area to a remote reagent area located in an rVD device. As a result, the rapid spreading of the fluid can reduce the time needed for analysis and enable the use of a smaller sample volume. Hydrophilic coatings and PSA systems may be used in a variety of in-vitro diagnostic devices, including capillary flow, lateral flow, microfluidic, microtiter plates, and electrophoretic devices.


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Title Annotation:Perspectives On Miniaturization
Author:Purnell, Jeffrey
Publication:Medical Design Technology
Date:Nov 1, 2011
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