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Articles from Medical and Health Science Journal (January 1, 2011)

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Age morphology of immune structures of rabbit's jejunum in the period of the early postnatal ontogenesis. Oripov, Firdavs Report 1866
Clinical course, management and in-hospital outcomes of acute coronary syndrome in Central Asian women. Nikishin, Aleksey; Kurbanov, Ravshanbek; Pirnazarov, Mahmudjon Report 2749
Comparative analysis of morbidity rate in adolescents studied in different types of public educational institutions. Ermatov, Nizom Report 1331
Comparative bioequivalence study of meloxicam drugs. Karieva, Ekut; Yunusova, Khalida Report 1302
Complex radiodiagnosis and surgical treatment of the patients with thrombosis of inferior vena cava system. Muminov, Shukhrat; Dadamyantc, Natalya; Abdullaev, Sherali; Yuldoshev, Abror; Seydaliev, Amet; Djala Report 3065
Complex surgical treatment of extension contractures of the knee joint. Irismetov, Murodjon Report 2011
Diagnostics and treatment of the patients with chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency. Karimov, Shavkat; Irnazarov, Akmal; Alidzhanov, Khojiakbar; Ahmatov, Alim; Yulbarisov, Abdurasul Report 3795
Effect of "Stiflos" medication on the blood hemostasis in model of alimentary model. Allaeva, Munira Report 1652
Efficiency of drug therapy in complex rehabilitation of patients in late recovery period of stroke. Sagatov, Abdulkhamid Report 1617
Epipharyngeal angiofibroma in female patient. Lutfullaev, Gayrat Case study 997
Immunity indexes at the system and local levels of pregnant women with mycoplasma infection. Mamedaliyeva, Nagima; Issenova, Saule; Dzoz, Ludmila Report 2608
Influence of some vegetable extracts from Uzbekistan's flora on blood lipid spectrum of under experimental endogenous and ethanol hyperlipidemia. Ziyaeva, Adolat; Yuldashev, Nosir 13411
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in acute gangrenous cholecystitis. Khadjibaev, Abdukhakim; Atajanov, Shukhrat; Khadjibaev, Farkhod; Anvarov, Khikmat Report 2970
Management of maxillary alveolar process fractures by combination of "Osteon" and "Colla Guide" resorbable membrane. Boymuradov, Shukhrat Report 1345
Microbe landscape and biological properties of microorganisms revealed from the urine of the patients with the uncomplicated infections of the urine tract. Khudoyberganov, Rustam; Nuraliyev, Nekkadam Report 2910
Pathogenic value of electric disruption changes and erythrocytes membrane microviscosity in calculous pyelonephritis in children and ways of their correction. Utegenov, Nurlepes; Aliev, Mahmud; Nasirov, Abdusattar; Terebaev, Bilim Report 2641
Pharmacoeconomic study results of the access to drugs and treatment among patients with allergic rhinitis in Uzbekistan. Suyunov, Nizom Report 3447
Prediction of the evolution of the aortic diameter according to the thrombus signal from MR images on small abdominal aortic aneurysms. Karyati, C.; Lalande, A.; Steinmetz, E.; Mutiara, A.; Brunotte, F. Report 2350
Principles of diagnostic and treatment of echinococcosis in children. Shamsiev, Jamshed Report 1387
Principles of the organization, diagnostics and treatment of children with associated trauma. Alimova, Khilola; Shadmanov, Takhirjan Report 1935
Risk factors and prognosis of ischemic stroke in young patients in Uzbekistan. Sagatov, Dilshod; Rasulova, Khurshidakhon; Madjidova, Yakutkhon Report 4114
The condition of hemato and liquor-encephalic barriers of the human brain in acute blood loss on the background of alcoholemia and drug intoxication. Indiaminov, Said Report 1779
The effectiveness of autotransplantation of macrophage cells in the treatment of purulent endobronchitis in children. Muhamadieva, Lola Report 969
The experience of surgical treatment of patients with pulmonary extensively resistant tuberculosis. Yerimbetov, Kulakhmet; Abildaev, Thleukhan; Alenova, Arike; Zetov, Askar Report 1639
The features of the physical development, calcium-phosphorus metabolism and mineral density of the bones in children with chronic lung diseases. Sharipova, Olya Report 3435
The states of immune and vegetative nerve system in children at the early age with sepsis. Rabbimova, Dulfuza Report 1182
Ways and intensity of vertical transmission of the HCV from infected mothers to children. Omarova, Maria; Shuratov, Idelbay; Dzhumagalieva, Aizhan Report 1613

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