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Medical Malpractice Law.


William W. Feuer, Esq. Medical Malpractice Law. Irvine, Calif.: LawPrep Press, 1990. 189 pages. $24.95.

At only 189 pages, it is obvious that this book is not designed to be a comprehensive treatise. It is certainly not designed for lawyers. Its subtitle suggests that it is "A Guide for Health Care Professionals." Physicians, physician's assistants, nurses, insurance company representatives, and those in risk management will find this guide quite useful. Younger physicians who have not yet had any exposure to the legal system and its impact on the practice of medicine would be well advised to read through this guide.

There is a logical organization of topics from the legal basis of lawsuits through defenses. There are practical suggestions about what happens when medical records are sought as well as how to act when a patient refuses treatment. Certain special areas, such as abortions, sterilizations, and pharmaceuticals are covered. Membership on committees and hospital boards presents special risks that are briefly referred to.

One must accept that none of the statements the author makes are referenced. Furthermore, the author admits that he's designed his comments for the State of California, although he recognizes significant differences in other states. Statements and frequent examples make this a book of "pearls" for one who really wants a view of highlights.

This book would be an excellent addition to the physician executive's personal bookshelf. He or she could lend it to younger physicians who ask for advice and who need a broad overview of the field. It fills an excellent niche akin to the raccoon who made love to a skunk and concluded that, while he had not gotten everything that he wanted, he probably had as much as he could stand.

C.R.Fernandez, MD, FACPE, Medical Director, Nalle Clinic, Charlotte, N.C.
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Author:Fernandez, C.R.
Publication:Physician Executive
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 1, 1993
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