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Medical Image Modeling Tools and Applications [Special Issue].

Medical Image Modeling Tools and Applications [Special Issue]

D. Metaxas, ed. 2005. Communications of the ACM 48 (2): 26-59.

"Medical image analysis and modeling are essential to many fields of medicine, including radiology, surgery, and medical education. Traditionally, doctors have based their practice on 2D images, such as those produced from scanners and microscopes. This limits them from accurately seeing and understanding the 3D organ structure and function that is often crucial for the timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment of disease. The significant increase in computing power in recent years has allowed the development of powerful new 3D image analysis and visualization algorithms that promise to change the way medicine is practiced. The ability to visualize a body's internal structures and functions in 3D will allow doctors to improve their current practice and may lead to the discovery of new knowledge."

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Title Annotation:MULTIMEDIA
Author:Eble, Michelle F.
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:Aug 1, 2005
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