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Medical Editors Conference in Seoul - Over hundred Medical Editors, Health Information experts from 17 countries attend APAME Congress in Korea.

Byline: Shaukat Ali Jawaid

SOUTH KOREA -- The First congress of the Asia Pacific Association of the Medical Journal Editors (APAME) which also happened to the Fourth Joint meeting of the APAME and Western Pacific Region Index Medicus (WPRIM) attracted one hundred fifteen Medical Editors and Health Information Experts from seventeen countries including WHO Officials and Representatives from National Library of Medicine USA as well as PubMed Central. The meeting was held in Korea University from August 28-31st. It was sponsored by WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors, Korean Academy of Medical Sciences, Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, Seoul National University Medical Library and Korean Medical Library Association.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Secretary General EMAME who is also Managing Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences photographed along with Prof. Chang-Kok Hahm Congress President ((L) and Prof. John Arokiasamy President of Asia Pacific Association of Medical Editors (APAME) during the APAME congress held at Korea recently.

The congress started with a Welcome Reception on evening of August 27th while Pre-Congress Workshop on Medical Writing was held on August 28th. The speakers and the topics discussed in the workshop included Authorship the Title and Title Page by Prof. John Arokiasamy from Malaysia who was also moderator for this session, How to write an abstract by Lee Sun-Young while Introduction was discussed by Wilfred PEH.

President of Japanese Association of Medical Journal Editors (JAMJE) Prof. Kitamura Kiyoshi from Japan who moderated the next session talked about how to write Methodology and Results section in the manuscript while PEH Wilfred spoke on how to write Discussion. Tables and figures were discussed by KIM Jeong-HO.

President of Philippines Association of Medical Journal Editors (PAMJE) Prof. Lapena JF moderated the next session wherein Chang Jaehwa discussed the role of manuscript editors. Prof. Lapena himself discussed how to prepare and submit the manuscript for publication and how it is processed. Prof. Looi Lai Meng's presentation was on communication with the Editors and Reviewers. In the afternoon session Prof. Kitamura Kiyoshi President of JAMJE discussed the editorial guidelines developed by JAMJE while Kirsty Meddings from UK discussed CrossRef; DOIs and other related issues through Video conferencing.

APAME Congress was also joined in by Guidelines International Network Conference 2011 (GIN) which was hosted by Institute for Evidence Based Medicine Korea and both APAME and GIN had joint welcome reception on August 28th and two plenary sessions were also held combined on August 29th and 30th .

The topics which were discussed during the three day APAME Congress included Public Access Policy and PubMed Central, Cross Publisher Plagiarism Screening Initiative, How to join CrossCheck, Publication Ethics Focusing on Duplicate Publications, Surveillance Programme for Publication Ethics, Research and Publication Ethics, Plagiarism and the role of the Editors, Copyright issues, Ethics of Medical Journal Review, KoreaMed,Synapse, Citation Tracking of Korean Medical Journal Articles, Peer Review at Korean Medical Journals, Evaluation of Peer Reviewers, Publishing Academic Journals, International Collaboration in Journal Publishing, Improving International Collaboration between Medical Journal Editors, Future Plans of WPRIM and Synapse, Formulating Guidelines the WHO Experience, Potential Role of Medical Journal Editors and Publishers in Promoting Research, Transparency, Accountability and Quality. Historical background and functioning, accomplishments of EMAME etc.

It was interesting to note that now Association of Medical Journal Editors hasve been formed in many countries of the Asia Pacific Region. They include Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE), Japanese Association of Medical Journal Editors (JAMJE), Singapore Association of Medical Journal Editors (SAMJE) Philippines Association of Medical Journal Editors (PAMJE), Association of Malaysian Medical Journal Editors (AMMJE) while Vietnames Association of Medical Journal Editors is gong to be formed during the next two to three months which will be known as VAMJE. Medical Journal Editors Association has also been formed in China while other countries in the region are also taking steps in this direction. This Asia Pacific Region of WHO, it may be recalled has about thirty seven countries which included highly developed countries like Korea, China, Japan, Singapore and then comes the countries which are in between like Malaysia while there are some poor countries as well like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos,

Philippines etc. The rich countries usually offer help and assistance to the not so rich countries in the region. Another interesting aspect is that though Australia and New Zealand are part of Asia Pacific Region of WHO, they do not participate in APAME meetings because they consider themselves too close to the West and align themselves with Europe.

Both KAMJE and JAMJE have published numerous books and guidelines for Editors, Medical Writers and Reviewers including a book on Duplicate Publications but they are all either in Japanese or Korean language hence of not much use for people in other countries. Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE) has gone a step ahead and has formed a company XMLLink which produces XML files of manuscripts published in Korean Medical Journals and they are submitted to the PubMed Central. KAMJE has also initiated another project Synapse which is database of full text manuscripts which is similar to PubMed Central. Hence it helps increasing citation of manuscripts published in Korean Medical Journals.

WHO Office in Manila extends help and assistance to APAME in holding their meetings just like WHO EMRO does for EMAME and they also organize training courses in various courtiers of the Asia Pacific Region. All the association of Medical Journal Editors in the Asia Pacific Region have organization members as well as Librarians, Health Information System experts are also members of these associations but they have no voting rights. The Voting rights are only for individual members who are all Editors of various medical journals.

All the countries in the region have their own Journal Selection Committees which consist of distinguished Editors and once they recommend after evaluation for its inclusion in the Regional Index Medicus WPRIM, it is discussed by the Regional Journals Selection Committee. Most often the recommendations of the National Journal Selection Committees on inclusion or removal of any journal in the Index Medicus are upheld. But they do have a process of formal evaluation of the journals before they are included in the WPRIM. The Regional Journal Selection Committee meets every year at the APAME Congress.

Inaugural Session

Prof. Chang-Ok Suh Chairman of the organizing committee who is also the current President of KAMJE welcomed the participants to APAME congress and said that APAME was launched in 2008 to promote healthcare through the dissemination of high quality knowledge and information on medicine in the Asia Pacific Region. Over the past three years APAME has held three joint meetings in conjunction with WHO Regional Office for West Pacific which also hosts the WPRIM (Western Pacific Regional Index Medicus) These meetings inspired us to upgrade the quality of scholarly journals in medicine and health sciences. Now we have upgraded this meeting to APAME-WPRIM joint meeting to open congress in order to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and information among editors, authors, researchers, librarians and publishers of academic medical journals.

Prof. Chang-Kok Hahm Congress President who is also former President of KAMJE in his speech on the occasion said that after two meetings in Beijing, We have now developed WPRIM platform with very powerful and intelligent engine thanks to the efforts of Dr. Dai Tao and Fang An team from IMI CAQMS China. Now we need to select more medical journals from the member countries and concentrate on real time uploading of data. Another objective of APAME is to collaborate with editors of member countries to exchange the experiences of editing journals for elevation of editorial standards and improving the quality of journals. So far we had three educational meetings at Manila Singapore and Hanoi.

The purpose of this congress Prof. Hahm opined was to promote exchange among editors , authors, researchers, librarians and publishers of academic medical periodicals to upgrade the quality of scholarly journals on medicine and health sciences and concentrate on knowledge, production, research ethics, collaborative networks, scholarly writing, publication and post publication works. He specially thanked representatives from National Library of Medicine USA Ms Kathy Kwan and Secretary General EMAME Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid for their participation and sharing their knowledge experience with APAME colleagues. He also thanked Trish Groves from British Medical Journal and Kirsty Meddings from Cross Ref for their Video presentations during the congress.

On the social side KAMJE hosted a dinner in honour of the congress delegates and participants in a six hundred years old Korean Restaurant located in the heart of the city on August 29th which was followed by presentation of Korean Cultural dances. On August 30th GIN hosted the Gala Dinner at a Museum which was followed by a show by B Boys of Korea. Earlier the participants had a visit of the museum and they were also entertained by the Korean Band with their performance which could be termed as Korean Khattak Dance. Prof. Jeong Wook SEO and his team ably supported by the WHO Manila Office had made excellent arrangements for the congress.

Mr. Shaukat Ali Jawaid Secretary General Eastern Mediterranean Association of Medical Editors (EMAME) who is also Managing Editor of Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences also attend the APAME Congress on special invitation to represent EMAME. Detailed proceedings of the Congress as well as the Workshop on Medical Writing will be covered in detail in the forthcoming issues.
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