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Medical B2B-Exchange Start-Up Relocates From Santa Rosa To Expanded Facilities in San Diego.

Santa Rosa Employees to Commute to San Diego

SANTA ROSA, Calif., May 30 /PRNewswire/ --

After one year of incubation in Santa Rosa, (dba will relocate the company to San Diego.

Conceived and founded in early 1999 by Santa Rosa businessmen Keith Borglum and Patrick Hickey, and initially incubated in a back corner of the law-office facilities of Lanahan & Reilley, the company was initially funded by a host of prominent Sonoma County business persons, attorneys, healthcare-focused companies, and physicians. "As a dotcom start-up with limited resources, Santa Rosa was an excellent location for us," states Borglum. "We were able to access competent staffing and professional support services with internet and technical experience and skills, without the higher infrastructure costs of San Francisco or Silicon Valley. Now that we have venture capital funding, we need to be in the best possible location for the growth of the company."

"The best location for a medical-supplies dotcom on the West Coast is San Diego," according to new CEO Lynn Detlor, former President of the $12 billion Premier Purchasing Services. "San Diego is to medical supplies what Silicon Valley is to technology, and what Sonoma County is becoming to telecommunications. Med-eCommerce plans to partner with leading established medical manufacturers and distributors, many of which have their R&D and internet-development components in and around San Diego. Intimate interaction with those companies gives us strategic advantage. Just like the technology companies cluster geographically around Santa Clara despite the ability to communicate online, we also need to be where the action is for our industry. A San Diego location allows us to tap into labor markets with added strength and experience in the medical supply chain, which in turn will allow us to greatly accelerate our ability to execute upon our development plans."

All Sonoma County employees were offered continuing jobs with the company in the new 20,000 square foot San Diego facility, including company-paid transportation, lodging and expenses for those wishing to commute from Santa Rosa rather than relocate. Most employees have accepted the offer to commute and spend a few nights a week in San Diego. "It actually makes both economic and operational sense," says Borglum. "Our employees are our most valuable asset, and we retain more of that asset by providing this flexibility. The overall costs of paying for the 600-mile commute are quite reasonable considering the expense of finding, hiring and training new staff. It is only a three-hour trip from the Santa Rosa airport to San Diego via LA, then just minutes to our offices. We provide staff with free continuing-education books, industry magazines, audio-tapes, and CD-ROMS for their laptop computers for the flights. It is actually a much more comfortable and efficient use of time than having to drive to San Francisco to work for example, and they get to keep their homes in Sonoma County. When not physically needed in San Diego, they can telecommute from home."

Operations Manager Linda Svenson, in charge of the relocation and already commuting to oversee the facility development, seconded the opinion. "It took some getting used-to at first, but now it's already a routine. I like the opportunity to keep up on my reading, which I never had time for before. I used to drive to San Francisco every day at my last job and hated it. This is a breeze in comparison." Adds Diane Hayes, Customer Service Team Leader: "Offering all the staff, not just executives, a chance to stay with the company and commute has been great for morale. It's exciting working for a dotcom!"

The new company address is 13116 Evening Creek Drive, San Diego, California, 92128-4199. The main phone number will remain the same at 888-699-7283.

About provides an ehealth business-to-business (ehB2B) framework for organizations to utilize customer-centric technology to create synergy, value and improvements across the entire healthcare supply chain. By enabling sharing and partnerships between trading partners to establish collaborative relationships focused on eliminating redundant processes and inefficiencies, Med-eCommerce facilitates economies for participants, reducing costs in delivering goods and services to the end users.'s first online store at provides a platform for launching evolving models into the physician supply chain. already provides a member-benefit purchasing-program to organizations representing over half the physicians in America.
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Date:May 30, 2000
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