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Medical Anthropology: A Valuable Resource for Scholars and Students of Medical Anthropology and Health Professionals Alike.

DUBLIN, Ireland -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Medical Anthropology" report to their offering.

This important volume includes key papers which outline the history, concepts, research findings and recent controversies in medical anthropology - the cross-cultural study of health, illness and medical care. Among the topics covered are transcultural psychiatry, food and nutrition, anthropology of the body, alcohol and drug use, traditional healers, childbirth and bereavement and the applications of medical anthropology to international health issues, such as the HIV/AIDS pandemic, malaria prevention and family planning. It is a valuable resource not only for scholars and students of medical anthropology but also for health professionals working in multi-cultural settings, or in international medical aid programmes.

Key Topics Covered:

-Introduction -Part I Basic Concepts: Food and Nutrition: Food beliefs and practices among British Bangladeshis with diabetes: implications for health education, A.Mu'min Chowdhury, Cecil Helman and Trisha Greenhalgh

-The biocultural approach in nutritional anthropology: case studies of malnutrition in Mali, Katherine A. Dettwyler. Alcohol and Drug Use: Crack in Spanish Harlem: culture and economy in the inner city, Philippe Bourgois

-Cohesion and division: drinking in a English village, Geoffrey Hunt and Saundra Satterlee. Transcultural Psychiatry: Cultural factors and international epidemiology, Vikram Patel

-The heart of what's the matter: the semantics of illness in Iran, Byron J. Good

-Heart disease and the cultural construction of time: the Type A behaviour pattern as a Western culture-bound syndrome, Cecil G. Helman

-The future of cultural psychiatry: an international perspective, Laurence J. Kirmayer and Harry Minas

-The mental health of refugee children and their cultural development, Maurice Eisenbruch

-Connectedness versus separateness: applicability of family therapy to Japanese families. Takesh Tamura and Annie Lau. Medical Pluralism and Traditional Healers: Innovative medicine - a case study of a modern healer, C. Simon

-Cold or spirits? Choice and ambiguity in Morocco's pluralistic medical system, Bernard Greenwood. Languages of Distress: The semantics of pain in Indian culture and medicine, Judy F. Pugh

-The angry liver, the anxious heart and the melancholy spleen, Thomas Ots. Rituals of Childbirth and Death: The technocratic model of birth, Robbie E. Davis-Floyd

-McFunerals: the transition of Japanese funerary services, Hikaru Suzuki. Part II Applied Anthropology: International Health: What is 'World Health'?: Globality and constructions of world health, Christopher Keane. Family Planning: Culture and the management of family planning programs, Donald P. Warwick

-Indigenous forms of fertility control, Cecil G. Helman. Diarrhoeal Diseases: Cultural models of diarrheal illness: conceptual framework and review, Mitchell G. Weiss. HIV and AIDS: Knowledge and meaning: the AIDS education campaign in rural Northeast Thailand, Chris Lyttleton

-It's never as easy as ABC: understandings of AIDS in Botswana, Suzette Heald. Malaria: Fake malaria and hidden parasites - the ambiguity of malaria, Susanna Hausmann Muela, Joan Muela Ribera and Marcel Tanner. Infectious Diseases: Kyasanur Forest Disease: an ethnography of a disease of development, Mark Nichter. Part III Contemporary Issues: The Body: The anthropology of the beginnings and ends of life, Sharon R. Kaufmann and Lynn M. Morgan

-Beyond nature and culture: modes of reasoning in the age of molecular biology and medicine, Hans-Jorg Rheinberger

-Visible humans, vanishing bodies, and virtual nursing: complications of life, presence, place and identity, Margarete Sandelowski

-Impossible gifts: bodies, Buddhism and bioethics in contemporary Sri Lanka, Bob Simpson


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Date:Nov 17, 2008
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