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Medical: Oxygen Analyzer and Explosimeter.

Over the past year the Naval Safety Center has received multiple questions on Oxygen Analyzers and Explosimeters.

Here is the interim status and a quick update from NAVSEA: NSWC Phila. C/926 serves as the ISEA for Servomex Oxygen Analyzer (NIIN 01-101-3079), Explosimeter Model 3 (NIIN 01446-5625), and the Explosimeter Model 5 (NIIN 01-029-9375). Both the Servomex and the Explosimeter are no longer being supported by their respective manufacturers. The PhD Ultra (NIIN 01-467-8854) and the PhD6 that will be replacing them shortly are fully supported on four gas (O2, LEL, CO and H2S) analyzers used aboard surface ships. Although NSWC Phila. C/926 has test data that shows the PhD ultra CO and H2S sensors will not work properly in the submarine atmosphere due to the hydrogen background, the data also shows that the oxygen and Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) sensors will work properly aboard a submarine. NSWC Phila C/926 has worked with the manufacturer of the PhD Ultra to create a new part number that corresponds to a unit loaded only with O2 and LEL sensors. A new APL will be created for this part number and identified for submarine use. This unit will serve as the replacement for both the

Explosimeter (LEL sensor) and the Servomex (O2 sensor). Further information, such as the new APL number, will be provided as it becomes available. NSWC Phila C/926 has been informed that in place of the Explosimeter, the OEM is shipping the Solaris, MSA part number 10048214, equipped with oxygen and LEL sensors. until the PhD Ultra becomes available to the submarine fleet, the Solaris is an acceptable replacement for the discontinued Explosimeter.

HMCS (SS/AW/SW) Bonneville
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Date:Jan 1, 2009
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Oxygen analyzer / Explosimeter: HMCS(SS/AW/SW) Bonneville.

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