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Medic training saves lives.

COMBAT Medic Advanced Skills Training is ensuring medics understand the difference between garrison and combat-trauma care.

Medics at Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo, recently participated in the new course, taught via video teleconference by the Army's Medical Department Center and School at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.

The week-long course tested student medics through a simulated combat scenario that involved treating Soldiers wounded by improvised explosive devices and small-arms fire.

Qualified instructors evaluated the medics' skills during a field exercise, and the medics were given a written test to validate their mastery of the training.

The course was founded on the basic principles of Tactical Combat-Casualty Care, with modifications to training segments on airway, chest trauma, hemorrhage and hypovolemic shock.

The modifications address the two leading causes of death on the battlefield--bleeding from extremity wounds and tension pneumothorax. Extremity wounds account for more than 60 percent of all wounds on today's battlefields.


And even with body armor, penetrating trauma can cause air to escape the body quickly, which creates pressure on the lungs, leading to asphyxiation.--Army News Service
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