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Mediation programs. (Bulletin Reports).

Mediating Citizen Complaints Against Police Officers: A Guide for Police and Community Leaders addresses the implementation, expectations, and evaluation of mediation programs. The mediation process focuses on solving problems by understanding the conflict and the stakeholders involved, not on placing blame. Mediation programs have been successful in settling disputes, but implementing them can be difficult. This Office of Community Oriented Policing Services guide by Samuel Walker, Carol Archbold, and Leigh Herbst examines how to deal with implementation obstacles and how to overcome police and citizen resistance to a mediation program. It also reviews a successful mediation process for communities considering developing a mediation program. Key issues, such as eligibility, cultural barriers, and creating a level playing field between the police and those involved in the conflict, are discussed. For availability and ordering information, contact the U.S. Department of Justice Response Center at 800-421-6770 or access the guide electronically at
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Title Annotation:Mediating Citizen Complaints Against Police Officers: A Guide for Police and Community Leaders
Publication:The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2003
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