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Mediamatics introduces first-all software MPEG playback solution for Home PCs; OEMs can, more cost effectively, ship PCs with MPEG playback without installing special hardware.

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 14, 1995--Mediamatics Inc., a key technology provider of full-motion digital video to the personal computer market, Tuesday announced the MPEG ARCADE Player, the industry's first software-only MPEG decoder product for Microsoft Windows operating system running on a Pentium class PC.

In a separate announcement today, Brooktree Corp., San Diego, and Western Digital, Irvine, Calif., have announced that they have licensed the MPEG ARCADE Player with their graphics controller products.

MPEG ARCADE Player brings Home PC users basic, full-motion performance to the PC without the need for any additional hardware investment. It allows 24 to 30 frames-per-second (fps) playback of CD-ROM (ISO9660), VideoCD, CD-I and CD-Karaoke programming.

Mediamatics ARCADE Player eliminates the need for specialized MPEG decoder boards for basic playback functions. ARCADE differs from other, previously announced MPEG decoder software products because of its higher playback performance, its VideoCD/CD-I support and its cross platform compliance which includes: Windows 3.1; Windows 95; and Windows NT using x86, PowerPC and other RISC platforms.

ARCADE will provide Home PC users with an easy way to access the growing range of MPEG encoded programming from various CD ROM formats at no additional cost. Mediamatics believes its software will enable Home PC purchasers to more easily enjoy the wide range of programming and help accelerate the move to multimedia PC applications.

The MPEG ARCADE Player separates the compressed audio and video information from the composite bit stream and feeds it to an audio/video decompression module. Next, it sends the decoded data to hardware interfaces. Video Data goes to a DCI interface (defined by Intel/Microsoft) and audio data to a PCM WAV interface. From there the signals are prepared for playback by standard "video enabled" (color space and stretching capable) graphics cards and sound blaster-compatible sound cards.

A Windows-based Media Control Interface (MCI), the Microsoft defined multimedia extensions to the Windows operating system, provides a Media Player user interface. Media Player provides controls similar to a VCR control panel with functions such as PLAY, STOP, SEEK, FAST FORWARD. Using the Media Player, users can invoke and play MPEG files on their PC.

Mediamatics defined the MCI-MPEG interface as part of its leadership role in the OPEN MPEG consortium (OMI). ARCADE Player has been proven, in compatibility tests, to work with graphics solutions from companies such as Alliance Semiconductor, Avance Logic, Brooktree Corp., Cirrus Logic, Trident Microsystems, Tseng Labs, Weitek, Western Digital.

Pricing and Availability

The OEM price for Mediamatics' MPEG ARCADE Player is $2.50 per copy. It is available now for Windows 3.1. Windows NT version will be available in Q2 1995.


Mediamatics Inc. was founded in 1993 to provide high quality, innovative video and audio compression solutions for PC manufacturers. The company's goal is to enable system designers to seamlessly integrate motion video with their current video and graphics products and software applications.

Mediamatics offers highly refined compression technology based on its Collaborative Compression Architecture. This architecture employs a scalable approach to partitioning system functionality between the CPU and peripheral elements to achieve the highest quality while maintaining mass market cost objectives.

Mediamatics was the co-founder of the Open PC MPEG(OMI) consortium and drafted the Windows MCI MPEG command set, which is now a Microsoft reference document.


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Prem Nath, 408/496-6360
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Date:Feb 14, 1995
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