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Media support helps Porcelana.

Media support helps Porcelana

RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, Calif. - Marketing is overriding merchandising in the case of one ethnic health and beauty aid, Porcelana medicated fade cream.

While retailers do not even stock the skin lightener in their ethnic departments, homing it instead with other creams and lotions, it is being successfully supported by its manufacturer, Dep Corp., with a mixed-media advertising campaign specifically directed at black women.

"Studies prove that, as with other special ethnic market segments, black consumers tend to support advertisers that recognize and support them through media specially targeted to their needs and lifestyles," says a Dep spokeswoman. "The Porcelana fade cream's combined-media ad campaign does just that."

The campaign includes full-page ads in Essence and Ebony featuring Marlene Kingsland or Nikki Davis extolling Porcelana, as well as broadcast commercials themed, "You only have one face."

Radio ads are airing on six talk and music shows: "On the Move With Tom Joyner," "On the Phone With Ti-Rone," "Plain-Rap Urban Countdown," "American Dance Traxx," "The Countdown" and "In the Spotlight." The supporting TV spot appears on "Soul Train."

The combination reaches over 90% of black women 18 and older on an average of 19.5 times for 80 million gross impressions per year, according to the spokeswoman.

Packaging and promotions are other ingredients in Porcelana's marketing. The 4-ounce package offers 33% more than other leading brands, as well as a $1 bounce-back coupon.

To capitalize on increased consumer demand during the summer, Dep will again offer an instantly redeemable $1 coupon in the 4-ounce containers of both original and sunscreen formulas from May 1 through July 31, on top of the bounce-back promotion.

Porcelana, used to lighten and even skin, is applied to dark patches, age spots, freckles and unevenly toned areas. Its active ingredient is hydroquinone, a dermatologist-recommended medication that is absorbed into the skin and inhibits production of melanin pigment.

The product also acts as a moisturizer, is light enough to be used under makeup and is nonstaining. Porcelana is available in 4-ounce bottles of the original formula, and in 4- and 2-ounce bottles of the sunscreen formula.

The product has been used by women for years to help dissipate minor skin discolorations. Hindering melanin production fades, evens and beautifies skin, says the spokeswoman. The sunscreen formula is used to prevent darkening.

In addition to its lightening qualities, Porcelana uses a cream base rich in moisturizers and emollients.

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Title Annotation:advertising for Dep Corp.'s medicated fade cream
Publication:Chain Drug Review
Date:Apr 8, 1991
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