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Media highlights.

April--Consumers' Research magazine: "Payday Lending--Lessons from History," by Executive Director Frances Smith.

April 5--KHNC Johnstown, Colorado Policy Analyst James Plummer on American Freedom Network "Bonnie Valentine Show" about privacy issues.

April 28--National Public Radio "Marketplace"--Smith on Visa/Master Card antitrust lawsuit.

May--Navigator--extensive interview with Frances Smith on Consumer Alert; cover story "Power to the Purchasers!"

May--Consumers' Research, "Will Consumers be Left Out of Agricultural Negotiations?" by Policy Analyst Barbara Rippel.

May 2--New York's Journal-News quotes Smith on Visa/Master Card antitrust lawsuit

May 5--National Review Online--Smith on Visa/MC antitrust, "Carded."

May 6--WAGE Leesburg "Geeks on the Radio" Plummer interviewed.

May 16--National Review Online: "A Trade Challenge"--US/EU biotech trade issues by Rippel

May 20--Village Voice Plummer quoted on "gait recognition."

May quotes Smith and Plummer on energy issues.

June--Consumers' Research magazine: "New Medical Privacy Rules Raise Concerns" by Plummer.

June 5--WKZO-AMKalamazoo, Michigan Plummer interviewed on "black boxes" in cars.

June 16--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Smith quoted on youth finance education.

Consumer Alert participated in the "Rx challenge"--a survey on prescription drug prices and was cited in many publications in June, including:

June 21--Roanoke Times & World News Roanoke, VA.

June 22--Richmond Times-Dispatch

June 24--Quad-City Times

June 24--Associated Press

June 24--Richmond Voice

June 25--Associated Press

June 25--Sioux City Journal

June 25--Globe City Gazette

June 25--Iowa Courier

June 25--WOI Des Moines TV

June 27 Copley newspapers Illinois

June 27 WAND Decatur, Illinois

June 20--TechCentral Station "Real Media Reform" on Federal Communications Commissions issues by Plummer.

June 24--Smith participated in a press conference in Des Moines, IA on the "RX Challenge."
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Publication:Consumer Comments
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Date:Jun 22, 2003
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