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Media highlights.

The following media mentions were omitted in the last edition of Consumer Comments:

March 19--AFX Press, a financial news service, reported on the pediatric rule suit.

April 8--Advertising Age-Smith was quoted on the U.S postal rate hike.

April 15--The Decatur Daily quoted Smith on 401 (K) plans and lessons from Enron.

May--Consumers' Research magazine published the CA column "Mandating Opt-In May Cause Consumers to Be Left Out," by Plummer.

June 30--Annapolis Capital recommended Consumer Alert's website.

June--Consumers' Research magazine published the CA column "Farm Bill Undermines Open Trade--and Consumer Welfare," by B. Rippel.

July 9--SecurityFocus online quoted Plummer on the arrest of an NCC Privacy Villain. The report was also published at BusinessWeek Online.

July 18--Foster Natural Gas Report reported on Schleede's testimony.

July--Consumers' Research magazine published the CA column "Lessons from WorldCom," by Smith.

August--Consumers' Research published the CA column "Acrylamide in Food Surprises Scientist," by Smith.

August--Plummer's CR article "Mandating Opt-in May Cause Consumers to Be Left Out" was listed in Heritage's 2002 Candidate Briefing Book.

August--Plummer's NCC Privacy Villain for May 9, 2002, was quoted in Reason magazine.

August 1--Smith was quoted in a Cato Policy Analysis on the Biosafety Protocol.

August 3--The Charlotte Observer quoted Smith on 401(K)s and the need for employee education.

August 5--Plummer was quoted again by SecurityFocus on the occasion of DEA Agent Catalayud's sentencing. The report was also picked up by the UK Register.

August mentioned CA as signing a letter to Treasury Sec. O'Neill on financial privacy.

August quoted CA's press release on the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development.

August 27--AgBio View quoted CA's press release on UN Summit.

August 27--Free-Market Net Freedom News quoted CA press release on UN Summit.

Weekly--FCF News provides audio features of the NCC Privacy Villain by interviewing J. Plummer each week.
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Publication:Consumer Comments
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Date:Jun 22, 2002
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