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Media highlights.

The following media mentions were omitted in the last edition of Consumer Comments:

September--Consumers' Research magazine "Consumers, Digital Technology, and Copyrights," by Policy Analyst James Plummer.

September 16--Charlotte Business Journal and Memphis Business Journal quote Executive Director Smith on head of CPSC Hal Stratton.

October--Consumers' Research magazine, "Tying Up Consumer Choice" on class-action suit against Visa/Mastercard by Smith.

October 23--World Net Daily quotes Smith on FDA/Pediatric rule.

November--Consumers' Research magazine "Behind the Campaign to Can Quorn," by Associate Fellow Michael Fumento.

November 1--"No Food for You!" by Smith in National Review Online.

November 18--A letter to the U.S. Senate on Total Information Awareness signed by Plummer and other analysts was widely reported on.

November 25 & 26--KING-TV--"Unhappy returns" interviewed Smith on shops return policies.

November 28--WCNC-TV--Smith on return policies.

November 29--KABC-TV Smith on return policies.

December--Consumers' Research magazine "Tracking your Finances in Tough Economic Times" by CA staff.

December 2--WTVJ: Smith on return policies.

December 14--KTRK and KPTV feature Smith on return policies.

December 19--"Big Brother Is Smelling You" by Plummer in National Review Online.

December 26--KSHB Smith on return policies.


January--Consumers' Research magazine "Consumers Gain from the FDA's New Policy on Health Claims" by Smith.

February--Consumers' Research magazine "How to Complain Effectively" by CA staff.

February 1--Environment & Climate News cites Smith and Plummer in article "Eight Reasons Why 'Global Warming' Is a Scam" by Joe Bast.

Feb. 15--Bast article translated for Italy's Ragion Politica.

Feb 24--Houston Business Journal runs article by Smith, "'Honor All Cards' suit could cost customers."

March--Consumers' Research magazine, "Truthful Health Claims for Moderate Drinking Restricted" by Smith and Plummer.
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Publication:Consumer Comments
Article Type:Calendar
Date:Mar 22, 2003
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