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Media highlights.

The following media mentions were omitted in the last edition of Consumer Comments:

September 3 - James Plummer was quoted by Cybercast News on red-light camera safety issues.

November - Wired News wrote up NCC's Privacy Villain of the Week. (A regular feature by James Plummer.)

November 16 - Cybercast News Service carried a report on that week's Privacy Villain.

November 23 - A Cybercast News Service commentary cited the NCC Privacy Villain Feature.

December 2001 - Consumers' Research magazine published the CA column "Trade Meeting Mixed Bag for Consumers" by Barbara Rippel.

January 2002 - CR magazine published the CA column "A Consumers' Policy Wish List for 2002" by Rippel.

January 7 - National Review Online published Frances Smith's article about the DOE's new dishwasher study.

February - CR magazine published the CA column "Your 401(k) Plan -- Lessons from Enron" by Smith.

February 8 - Cybercast News Service wrote up the Privacy Villain feature on MEHPA.

February 17 - The Washington Post published Plummer's op-ed on low gas prices under attack by legislators in Virginia.

March - CR magazine published the CA column "Consumer Knowledge About Food Safety Revealed" by Rippel.

March 19 - The Wall Street Journal mentioned CA in an article about the Pediatric Rule.

April 6 - A New York Times article quoted Smith on the issue of security cameras on airplanes in relation to privacy concerns.

April 7 - An op-ed in USA Today mentioned CA's role in the pediatric rule suit.

April 7 - A New York Times editorial mentioned CA and other groups concerning their suit against the Pediatric Rule.

April 10 - Scripps Howard News Service mentioned National Consumer Coalition in an article about a new Treasury Dept. initiative on money laundering -- asking casinos to report suspicious-activities by gamblers.
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Publication:Consumer Comments
Date:Mar 22, 2002
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