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Media bias against Trump.

I am neither an American citizen, nor a Trump supporter, but I write to share my thoughts about the 'media bias' against US President Donald Trump. But first, let me give fair warning that my opinion is only based on what I've read on the newspapers and what I've watched on the television in recent weeks. Honestly speaking, every news channel that I tuned in to last week were all critical of Trump. I am even convinced that the newscasters have taken things on a personal level and are delivering news based on what they feel about the president. That is why at a campaign rally in Phoenix, Trump went on the offensive and hit back at his political opponents and the media. I think it was like an hour's of speech trashing the media over the coverage of his response to the violence in Charlottesville. I am looking at the situation objectively, and I feel that the US media is biased towards Trump's every word and action, which is unfair. Yes, the media can call him liar, childish, bully, racist and lunatic, etc. and people may despise the way he speaks and abhor everything that comes out of his mouth, but lately it seems he has a point as he accuses the media of spreading 'fake news' against him. He still has media supporters, but it looks like 90% rally against him since he took office six months ago. I am also against racism and white supremacists, but it would be good if people give the leader they've elected democratically the benefit of the doubt on what he promised to deliver, like his 'Make America Great Again' campaign. His political opponents and a number of journalists are firm in their belief that in order to make 'America great again', they will ensure that Trump only gets one-term presidency, or yet, find reasonable grounds to impeach him early. As I see it, there clearly is media bias against Trump, and this is not the way to rebuild a nation. Pau Ma

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Publication:Qatar Tribune (Doha, Qatar)
Date:Aug 31, 2017
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