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Media Buying and Planning Added to MarketingPilot Integrated Marketing Software Suite.

EVANSTON, Ill. -- Powerful media buying and planning software for corporate and agency media buyers was released today by MarketingPilot Software LLC in a major upgrade to the MarketingPilot Web Server. Web Server Release 4 is the culmination of a decision by MarketingPilot to re-write its suite of media buying and planning software to take advantage of state-of-the-art web server technology. Providing media planning and buying functions is a key element of MarketingPilot's plan to deliver the Industry's only fully integrated marketing software suite.

Key Media Buying Features

* Integrates new media (online, email, search engine marketing, pod casting, Blogs, etc.) with traditional media (radio, TV, print and direct mail advertising).

* Available on-demand or installed on a user's server.

* Browser-based; enables Macintosh users to purchase media.

* Enables users to determine advertising effectiveness and return on marketing investment (ROMI).

* Integrates media buying with a complete financial management suite.

* MarketingPilot is the only media buying software that supports multiple currencies.

* Integrates media buying and planning with campaign management, production, digital asset management and project functions.

* Enables users to post invoices and orders on the MarketingPilot Web Portal for online access by vendors and clients.

Web Server 4 provides support for:

* Direct Mail

* Email

* Insert Programs

* Magazine

* Newspaper

* Online

* Outdoor

* Radio

* TV

On Demand or Licensed

MarketingPilot Web Server 4 is available on demand or as a licensed product.

System Requirements

MarketingPilot Web Server 4 is compatible with popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Apple Safari.


Contact our sales department for a price quote.


MarketingPilot Web Server 4 will be available in early December, 2006.

About MarketingPilot LLC

Founded in 1999, MarketingPilot Software LLC is a leading developer of marketing software.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Oct 16, 2006
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