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Media 100 Announces Version 8.2 Software For Mac OS X Media 100 i Systems.

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MARLBORO, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 2, 2003

New Release Adds Dual Subsampler Windows,

Real-Time Composite Previews, 844/X Integration,

Media Management and Creative Workflow Enhancements

Media 100 Inc. (NASDAQ: MDEA), a leading provider of advanced media systems, today announced new Version 8.2 software for the Company's award-winning family of Media 100 i digital video solutions for the Mac OS X platform. Built on the Version 8 code base that the Company in 2002 redesigned to take full native advantage of Apple's Mac OS X operating system, Version 8.2 expands the Media 100 i toolsets for editing, effects design, and media management; in addition, Version 8.2 gives Media 100 i editors tighter integration with 844/X, the Company's award-winning editing system for lightning-fast compositing of unlimited layers. Media 100 plans first shipments of Media 100 i Version 8.2 software in the third quarter of 2003.

"Last year, as part of redesigning the Media 100 i software for Mac OS X, we established a new software architecture for the fast processing of advanced editing and content design functions using Apple's host system," said Mike Savello, vice president of dual stream systems at Media 100. "Now with Version 8.2, through close collaboration with many among our tens of thousands of installed-base users, we have further expanded the Media 100 i software with important workflow, usability, and effects features that our users need and value everyday."

Dual Subsamplers for Source/Record Editing

Media 100 i Version 8.2 software features new source/record editing using dual subsampler windows, allowing the user to view the video of the source clip and the recorded clip simultaneously. The two subsampler windows can be docked together either vertically or horizontally depending on the editor's preference.

Real-Time Composite Previews

Version 8.2 allows editors to composite and view a single frame of all video, effects and graphics layers when the CTI (Current Time Indicator) is stationary. This important preview capability saves editors time and improves creative decision making; they can view instantly all graphics and video elements in both the subsampler window and on the output video monitor without waiting seconds or minutes for layers to render.

844/X Integration

Version 8.2 includes expanded Powerlog features to support working with 844/X--the Company's award-winning 10-bit real-time editing-compositing system. With Version 8.2, editors can export a Powerlog of a Media 100 i bin that contains information for all the clips in the bin, including reel number and in-and-out points. This Powerlog can then be imported into 844/X for re-capture of the clips in the bin as 10-bit online uncompressed native 844/X media.

Media Management Advancements

Media 100 i Version 8.2 software contains many new media management features including:

-- Project window folders making it easy to organize bins, media

and timelines by project;

-- Clip-based attribute editing allowing the user to change

timecode, timecode standard, and track settings for logged

clips in a bin;

-- Media management tool bars in the bin, project and timeline

windows enabling the user to easily change viewing modes,

search for files, and edit preferences;

-- Media online/offline bin indicator allowing the user to sort

clips in a bin based on online or offline status;

-- Batch digitize expansion allowing users to select specific

clips or groups of clips for re-digitizing.

New Workflow Features

Version 8.2 includes new capabilities aimed at improving the creative workflow of the user including:

-- Estimated time remaining indicators in the progress dialog

windows shows the user approximately how much time is needed

to complete a task;

-- Audio clipping indicator reset allows the user to reset the

clipping indicator of an audio clip in the audio window with a

single mouse click;

-- Single keystroke cycling of windows enables the user to cycle

through all Media 100 i windows with a single keyboard stroke

or to cycle windows of the same type (i.e. bins and


-- Export chapter marks to iDVD allows the user to create chapter

marks in the Media 100 i timeline that can be passed to

Apple's iDVD through QuickTime.

Availability and Pricing

The Company expects for shipments of the Media 100 i Version 8.2 software to begin in the third quarter of 2003. New Media 100 i systems shipped to customers after April 2, 2003, will receive Version 8.2 at no charge. Media 100 i is available in five configurations with list prices ranging from $1,995 to $14,995 for Media 100 software and hardware. For more information about Media 100 i systems, please visit

About Media 100

Media 100 develops award-winning advanced media systems for content design, enabling creative professionals to design highly evocative effects-intensive work on a personal computer. Creative artists and content design teams around the world use Media 100's Emmy Award-winning solutions. The Company is headquartered in Marlboro, Massachusetts. For more information, please visit

Media 100 and i are registered trademarks and 844/X is a trademark of Media 100 Inc. All other products and brand names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Apr 2, 2003
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