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Media: A rear view-mirror.

Byline: FAIZA RAO - Nawabshah

While driving, we sometimes have two wing mirrors attached with vehicle. These mirrors tell and show that what is happening from both left and right sides behind us. They play an informative role to inform and keep us safe. Both are called as rear-view mirrors through which we see what is in our back. And front of the vehicle a large mirror lying fixed with head of vehicle shows what is coming before us and then we take our own and particular side. This is all about warning.

Likewise media, as a collective, plays an informative role of rear-view and front mirror to keep us careful. Media as rear-view mirror tells what has happened before in the past and on the other hand it also tells what is happening and likely to happen in the future. Media has both the functions of a rear-view mirror and front one as well. Wherever and whatever happens it is showing us in such a way as we feel that we were there as it is happening.

While watching TV, listening Radio and reading a newspaper we feel as present there where from media shows and tells what is happening to us. It has diminished our distance and produced such an access towards people where not physically but like physically people feel that as they are altogether. It is all alike a global village in which people from all the corners live and meet together as the neighbours. It is all about media's power and now it wields its influence over the world.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Mar 8, 2018
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