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Mechatronics and coding.

My project this summer deals with Motorola's line of MC68HC11 microcontrollers. A microcontroller can be broadly described as a single-chip computer. They are small and complete with their own Central Processing Unit, memory storage, and I/O ports. The MC68HC11 microcontroller chip is an advanced 8-bit unit with many sophisticated peripheral capabilities located on the chip itself.

My individual work with these microcontrollers has been concerned with the aspect of programming these chips. Until recently, these chips have had to be coded in assembly language, since the single available compiler for them was only configured for assembly. This form of coding, however, is a low-level language, and it is more confusing to learn and read than other high-level languages, for example, C and Java. This has all changed recently, as a new program has been developed that allows for compilation of C code into the machine language that the microcontroller can understand. My project this summer has been to translate the code for an introductory class in microcontroller usage from the assembly language into C code. From my observations, the C language is much more compact, interpretable, and useful for coding, as most labs and examples now require less than two-thirds the original amount of lines of code necessary, and the code is overall more structured.
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Author:Smith, Andrew
Publication:Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science
Date:Jan 1, 2005
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