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Mechanics and physics of porous solids.


Mechanics and physics of porous solids.

Coussy, Olivier.

John Wiley & Sons


281 pages




Coussy (U. Paris-Est) explores the unusual characteristics and behavior of various kinds of solids with pores of differing size, suggesting but not describing to any extent their possible engineering potential. In many cases, the interesting features involve interactions of porous solids with fluids, and even more when the fluid changes phase--as when a liquid freezes or a vapor condenses within the porous solid. He covers fluid mixtures, the deformable porous solid, the saturated poroelastic solid, fluid transport and deformation, surface energy and capillarity, the unsaturated prorelastic solid, unconfined phase transition, phase transition in porous solids, and the poroplastic solid.

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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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