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* Bench grinders show evidence that the wheel has been used to grind non-ferrous material.

Hazard: The build up of this material on the wheel can cause wheel imbalance and disintegration while in use.

Solution: Don't use the ship's grinder to grind non-ferrous materials.

* Bench grinder tool rests were installed and adjusted too far from the grinding or wire wheels.

Hazard: Can lead to equipment and/or personnel injury due to material getting caught between the wheels and the tool rests.

Solution: Adjust tool rest to within 1/8 inch of the grinding or wire wheel.

Does your bench grinder qualify as a piece of meat?

* Chlorate candle stowage areas were not conspicuously marked.

Hazard: An oxidizer is a material that reacts violently enough to produce heat, or stimulates combustion by producing oxygen when in contact with organic materials. These reactions occur at normal temperatures or under slight heating. An oxidizer fire can't be put out and requires special casualty control action.

Solution: Have your maintenance support facility manufacture a sign to post near your candle storage area. See NSTM 555- and 550.5.7.9 for special precautions and fire fighting actions.

* Trash compactor areas did not have adequate face shields and eye protection available for personnel breaking glass bottles.

Hazard: Eye injuries due to flying glass.

Solution: Provide face shields and goggles that meet the ANSI standard for shatterproof eye protection (ANSI Z-87.1). By the way, feel free to clean them too!

* Submarines did not have safety precaution signs posted for the lathe, bench grinder, and drill presses.

Hazard: Injury/equipment damage due to unfamiliarity with safety precautions associated with equipment.

Solution: Post appropriate signs so personnel are aware of safety precautions associated with equipment. NSNs are: Lathe 0177-LF-2243801; Bench Grinder 0177-LF-225-3601; Drill Press 0118-LF-114-3000
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Date:Feb 1, 2001
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