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Improving of operating parameters governing the tribological behaviour of carbon-carbon composite material. Ramadan, Eslam M.; Badia, Tarek M. Abd El-; Youssef, Amro M.; Hussien, Ahmed E. Report Sep 1, 2020 3524
An Anisotropic Hyperelastic Constitutive Model with Bending Stiffness Interaction for Cord-Rubber Composites: Comparison of Simulation Results with Experimental Data. Sun, Shulei; Chen, Wenguo Report Aug 31, 2020 3626
Effect of Hot-Wet Storage Aging on Mechanical Response of a Woven Thermoplastic Composite. Plagianakos, Theofanis S.; Munoz, Kirsa; Saenz-Castillo, Diego; Mendias, Maria Mora; Jimenez, Miguel Technical report Feb 1, 2020 9170
High Residual Mechanical Properties at Elevated Temperatures of Bamboo/Glass Reinforced-Polybenzoxazine Hybrid Composite. Zhang, Kai; Wang, Fangxin; Pang, Yuezhao; Liang, Wenyan; Wang, Zhenqing Report Sep 1, 2019 6665
Study of submerged and plasma arc welded composite hardfacings with a novel [Cr.sub.3][C.sub.2]-Ni reinforcement/Uudse [Cr.sub.3][C.sub.2]-Ni armatuuriga rabustikaar- ja plasmakaarpealekeevitatud komposiitkovapinnete uuring. Bendikiene, Regita; Ciuplys, Antanas; Jankus, Simonas Mindaugas; Surzhenkov, Andrei; Tkachivskyi, Dm Report Jun 1, 2019 3524
Modelling of impact-abrasive wear of ceramic, metallic, and composite materials/Keraamiliste, metalsete ja komposiitmaterjalide abrasiivkulumise modelleerimine. Rahmani, Ramin; Antonov, Maksim; Kamboj, Nikhil Report Jun 1, 2019 1472
Characterization of Composites Based on Polyoxymethylene and Effect of Silicone Addition on Mechanical and Tribological Behavior. Bazan, Patrycja; Kuciel, Stanistaw; Nykiel, Marek Report May 1, 2019 3730
Investigation of Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Properties of Functionalized Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes-Reduced Graphene Oxide/PMMA Hybrid Nanocomposites. Sa, Kadambinee; Mahakul, Prakash Chandra; Saha, Sunirmal; Vishwakarma, Prakash Nath; Nanda, Karuna K Report May 1, 2019 5790
Incorporation of COF-LZU-1 into the Terpolyimide Matrix to Obtain COF-LZU-1/Terpolyimide Composites With Ultra-Low Dielectric Constant. Purushothaman, Revathi; Vaitinadin, Hari Shankar Case study Apr 1, 2019 3825
Effect of Surface Roughness and Reciprocating Time on the Tribological Properties of the Polyimide Composites. Song, Jingfu; Liu, Xiaoliang; Zhao, Gai; Ding, Qingjun; Qiu, Jinhao Report Mar 1, 2019 4169
Tribological and Mechanical Properties of PBT Composites with Microcapsules and Potassium Titanate Whiskers. Mu, Bo; Jiang, Ziyan; Yang, Baoping; Cui, Jinfeng; Wang, Xia; Guo, Junhong; Bao, Xuemei; Chen, Li Report Mar 1, 2019 5619
UHMWPE/Organoclay Nanocomposites Fabricated by Melt Intercalation Under Continuous Elongational Flow: Dispersion, Thermal Behaviors and Mechanical Properties. Lin, Wangyang; Hou, Aolin; Feng, Yan-Hong; Yang, Zhi-Tao; Qu, Jin-Ping Report Mar 1, 2019 6094
Mechanical Properties of Gamma-Irradiated Styrene-Butadiene Rubber/Acid-Treated Vermiculite Clay/Maleic Anhydride Nanocomposites. Nemr, Khaled F. El-; Ali, Magdy A.M.; Saleh, Saleh N.; Naggar, Abdel Wahab M. El- Technical report Feb 1, 2019 6747
Effect of Graphite Nanoplatelets on Fracture Behavior of HDPE/PA66 Microfibrillar Composites. Kelnar, Ivan; Bal, Umitcan; Hodan, Jiri; Kapralkova, Ludmila; Krejcikova, Sabina; Kotek, Jiri Technical report Feb 1, 2019 3574
Engineered Poly(Lactic Acid)-Talc Biocomposites for Melt Processing: Effects of Co-Blending with Poly(Butylene Succinate) and Poly(Butylene Terephthalate) on Thermal and Mechanical Behavior. Barletta, Massimiliano; Aversa, Clizia; Pizzi, Elisa; Puopolo, Michela; Vesco, Silvia Technical report Feb 1, 2019 7913
Effects of Silica Nanoparticles on Tribology Performance of Poly(Epoxy Resin-Bismaleimide)-Based Nanocomposites. Zhang, Guoliang; Lu, Shichao; Ke, Yangchuan Technical report Feb 1, 2019 4746
Epoxy--MWCNT Composites Prepared from Master Batch and Powder Dilution: Effect of Ionic Liquid on Dispersion and Multifunctional Properties. Alves, Fabricio F.; Silva, Adriana A.; Soares, Bluma G. Report Oct 1, 2018 5883
Study of Acoustic Emission Signals During Crack Propagation in Multiscale Nano-Composites. Subadra, Sharath P.; Kek, Tomaz; Bergant, Zoran; Griskevicius, Paulius Technical report Jul 1, 2018 4785
Mechanical Properties of Siliceous Earth/ Natural Rubber Composites. Chen, Jing; Zhong, Jieping; Li, Sidong; Wang, Bingbing; Pan, Rongkan; Gao, Lijun Report Jul 1, 2018 6417
THE INFLUENCE OF PLASTICISING ADMIXTURES ON DRYING SHRINKAGE OF CEMENTITIOUS COMPOSITES. Skripkiunas, Gintautas; Macijauskas, Mindaugas; Yakovlev, Grigory; Ignatyeva, Anastasiia Report Jun 1, 2018 5911
The Effects of the Location of Organoclay on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Compatibilized Polypropylene/Polyamide-12 Ternary Nanocomposites. Aranburu, N.; Eguiazabal, J.I.; Guerrica-Echevarria, G. Report Jun 1, 2018 6154
Improvement of Interfacial Properties in Bismaleimide Composites Using Functionalized Graphene Oxide Grafted Carbon Fiber. Li, Wei; Li, Qiang; Yue, Yuan Zhi; Wang, Ming Yu; Ren, Rong Report Jun 1, 2018 4261
Modeling and Experimental Validation of Interfacial Fatigue Damage in Fiber-Reinforced Rubber Composites. Zhang, Bin; Yu, Xiaoming; Gu, Boqin Report Jun 1, 2018 4895
Enhancement on Ultimate Tensile Properties of Ultrahigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Composite Fibers Filled With Activated Nanocarbon Particles With Varying Specific Surface Areas. Fan, Wang-Xi; Ding, Yi; Tu, Zhong-Dan; Huang, Kuo-Shien; Huang, Chao-Ming; Yeh, Jen-Taut Report Jun 1, 2018 11627
Vibration Analysis of Cracked Composite Laminated Plate. Imran, Muhammad; Khan, Rafiullah; Badshah, Saeed Report May 1, 2018 3159
Development of the DKMQ Element for Analysis of Composite Laminated Folded Plate Structures. Wong, F.T.; Widjaja, K. Report Mar 1, 2018 4544
Evaluation of the Shape Memory Behavior of a Poly(cyclooctene)-Based Nanocomposite Device. Dorigato, A.; Pegoretti, A. Report Mar 1, 2018 3546
Processing and Wear Behaviour of 3D Printed PLA Reinforced with Biogenic Carbon. Ertane, Ertan G.; Dorner-Reisel, Annett; Baran, Ozlem; Welzel, Thomas; Matner, Viola; Svoboda, Stefa Report Jan 1, 2018 6555
Assessment of Shielding Effectiveness and Percolation Threshold of Composite materials. Petr, Skocik; Jin, Korbel Report Jan 1, 2018 3958
Determining the Strength of Composite Integrated Joints using Numerical Simulations. Sedlacek, Frantisek; Lasova, Vaclava Report Jan 1, 2018 3474
Optimisation and failure criteria for composite materials by the boundary element method. Debbaghi, S.; Sahli, A.; Sahli, Sara Report Jul 1, 2017 4850
Preliminary dynamic-mechanical analysis of polypropylene/ short carbon fibers composites modified by a succinic anhydride-grafted atactic polypropylene. Garcia-Martinez, Jesus Maria; Areso, Susana; Collar, Emilia P. Report Jul 1, 2017 6864
Mechanical and Rheological Characterization of Efficient and Economical Structural Wood-Plastic Composite of Wood and PVC. Report Apr 30, 2017 3998
Biobased composites from crosslinked soybean oil and thermoplastic polyurethane. Jong, L.; Liu, Z. Report Mar 1, 2017 4473
Nanoclay reinforced polyethylene composites: effect of different melt compounding methods. Boran, Sevda; Kiziltas, Alper; Kiziltas, Esra Erbas; Gardner, Douglas J.; Rushing, Todd S. Report Mar 1, 2017 7110
Study some mechanical properties of copper-alumina functionally graded materials. Nafiy, Roaa Hatem Kadhim Al-; Ali, Abdul Raheem. K. Abid Report Jan 1, 2017 3605
Experimental and Analytical Study on the Penetration of Corundum-Rubble Concrete Subjected to Projectile Impact. Xue, Y.L.; Tang, D.G.; Chen, W.X.; Li, Z.Z.; Li, D.P.; Yao, M.L. Report Jan 1, 2017 4916
A Numerical-Experimental Method for Drop Impact Analysis of Composite Landing Gear. Guan, Yongliang; Xue, Zhipeng; Li, Ming; Jia, and Hongguang Report Jan 1, 2017 5436
On Bending of Bernoulli-Euler Nanobeams for Nonlocal Composite Materials. Feo, Luciano; Penna, Rosa Report Jan 1, 2017 3177
A Novel Approach to Improve the Barrier Properties of PET/Clay Nanocomposites. Majdzadeh-Ardakani, Kazem; Zekriardehani, Shahab; Coleman, Maria R.; Jabarin, Saleh A. Report Jan 1, 2017 6537
Finite Element Model for Linear Elastic Thick Shells Using Gradient Recovery Method. Feumo, Achille Germain; Nzengwa, Robert; Anyi, Joseph Nkongho Report Jan 1, 2017 6602
Possibilities of the Additional Damping of Unidirectional Fiber Composites by Implementation of Viscoelastic Neoprene and Rubber Layers. Kulhavy, Petr; Petru, Michal; Syrovatkova, Martina Report Jan 1, 2017 8526
A Time-Frequency Research for Ultrasonic Guided Wave Generated from the Debonding Based on a Novel Time-Frequency Analysis Technique. Wu, Junhua; Ma, Zheshu; Zhang, Yonghui Report Jan 1, 2017 3868
A Framework for Extension of Dynamic Finite Element Formulation to Flexural Vibration Analysis of Thin Plates. Elahi, Mohammad M.; Hashemi, Seyed M. Report Jan 1, 2017 5186
Modelling of Generalised Thermoelastic Wave Propagation of Multilayer Material under Thermal Shock Behaviour. Guo, Pan; Wu, Wen-Hua; Zhao, Jun Report Jan 1, 2017 3459
Effect of the Organobentonite Filler on Structure and Properties of Composites Based on Hydroxyethyl Cellulose. Alekseeva, Olga V.; Rodionova, Anna N.; Bagrovskaya, Nadezhda A.; Agafonov, Alexander V.; Noskov, An Report Jan 1, 2017 6822
Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Organo-Clay Based UHMWPE Nanocomposite Films. Ahmed, R.; Syed, K. Ali Report Dec 31, 2016 2301
Fabrication, Thermal, Morphological and Rheological Studies on Novel Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Composites of Cetylpyridinium Chloride-Modified Montmorillonite Incorporated PEO/PMMA Blend. Khan, Mohammad Saleem; Sultana, Sabiha; Rehan, Imran; Rehan, Kamran; Amin, Noor-ul-; Khan, Gul Tiaz; Report Dec 31, 2016 3805
Identification of elastic properties of individual material phases by coupling of micromechanical model and evolutionary algorithm. Ogierman, W.; Kokot, G. Report Sep 1, 2016 3742
Improvement of dispersion of carbon nanotubes in epoxy resin through pyrogallol functionalization. Wang, Yanhui; Chai, Mengsha; Zhao, Hongjie; Zhao, Xueying; Ji, Peijun Report Sep 1, 2016 3422
Improved weld strength of vibration welded polyoxymethylene/multiwalled carbon nanotubes hybrid nanocomposites. Lin, Leyu; Schlarb, Alois K. Report Jun 1, 2016 4276
Structural degradation and mechanical fracture of hybrid fabric reinforced composites. Batista, A.C.M.C.; Oliveira, J.F.S.; Aquino, E.M.F. Report Jun 1, 2016 4051
Analysis of stress-strain state of the spherical shallow shell with inclusion. Kozin, O.B.; Papkovskaya, O.B. Report Mar 1, 2016 2382
The application of statistical design of experiments to study the in-plane shear behaviour of hybrid composite sandwich panel. Fajrin, J. Report Mar 1, 2016 3476
Tensile, Compressive and Thermal Properties of Epoxy / Hollow Glass Beads / Graphene Ternary Foamed Composites. Report Feb 29, 2016 2262
Modelling thermal shock in functionally graded plates with finite element method. Burlayenko, Vyacheslav N. Report Jan 1, 2016 7529
Self-healing photocurable epoxy/thiol-ene systems using an aromatic epoxy resin. Ortiz, Ricardo Acosta; Berlanga, Omar Acosta; Valdez, Aida Esmeralda Garcia; Flores, Rafael Aguirre; Report Jan 1, 2016 6636
Features of the ae testing of equipment on operating mode. Chernov, Dmitry; Elizarov, Sergey; Barat, Vera; Vasilyev, Igor Report Jan 1, 2016 2851
Numerical simulation of delamination in laminated composite plates using cohesive elements. Skovajsa, Michal; Sedlacek, Frantisek Report Jan 1, 2016 2426
The uncertainties calculation of acoustic method for measurement of dissipative properties of heterogeneous non-metallic materials. Golofeyeva, M.O.; Tonkonogy, V.M.; Golofeyev, Yu. M. Report Nov 1, 2015 2550
Modelling of mechanical properties of eco-friendly composites derived from sugar palm tree. Sahari, J.; Maleque, M. Report Aug 1, 2015 2279
Effect of structural parameters on the vibrational response of a visco-elastic rectangular plate with clamped ends/Struktuursete parameetrite moju ristkulikulise mittehomogeense viskoelastse plaadi vibratsioonidele. Khanna, Anupam; Kaur, Narinder Report Jun 1, 2015 4533
Legacy of Nikolai Alumae: theory of shells/Nikolai Alumae parand: koorikute teooria. Engelbrecht, Juri; Kutser, Mati Report Jun 1, 2015 5250
Description of stress fields and displacements at the tip of a rigid, flat inclusion located at interface using modified stress intensity factors. Mieczkowski, G. Report Mar 1, 2015 3690
Modeling of constitutive behaviour of anisotropic composite material using multiscale approach. Ogierman, W.; Kokot, G. Report Mar 1, 2015 3002
Mechanical properties of (surface-modified potassium polytitanate small additives)/epoxy composite materials. Burmistrov, I.N.; Shatrova, N.V.; Mostovoy, A.S.; Mazov, I.N.; Kuznetsov, D.V.; Panova, L.G.; Gorokh Report Dec 1, 2014 2870
Mechanical properties of cement-bitumen composites for semi-flexible pavement surfacing/Cemento ir bitumo kompozitu mechanines savybes pusiau standziose dangose/Cementa--bitumena kompozita ka daleji elastiga seguma mehaniskas ipasibas/Tsement-bituumenkomposiitide mehhaanilised omadused poolelastsetele katetele. Koting, Suhana; Karim, Mohamed Rehan; Mahmud, Hilmi Bin; Hamid, Norjidah Anjang Abdul Report Sep 1, 2014 6795
Mechanical properties of cork sandwich composites. Prager, K.; Engel, T. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 116
Effect of verifying sintering temperature of Ti-Nb-Sn with hydroxyapatite composites on density and porosity via powder metallurgy. Nawai, Wan Nurul Syaza Wan; Kasani, Norhanida Awang; Nordin, Razif; Ahmad, Zainal Arifin; Shamsuddin Report Jun 5, 2014 1865
Investigation of solid rocket motor strength characteristics by employing composite materials/Kieto kuro raketinio variklio kompozitinio korpuso atsparuminiu charakteristiku tyrimas. Fedaravicius, A.; Rackauskas, S.; Slizys, E.; Survila, A. Report May 1, 2014 3180
The application of 2-dimensional elasticity for the elastic analysis of solid sphere made of exponential functionally graded material/Dvimates tamprumo teorijos taikymai sferos pagamintos is eksponentiskai funkcionaliai sluoksniuotos medziagos tamprumo analizei. Nejad, Mohammad Zamani; Abedi, Majid; Lotfian, Mohammad Hassan; Ghannad, Mehdi Report May 1, 2014 2478
Horizontal functionally graded material coating of cementless hip prosthesis. Fouda, N. Report Apr 1, 2014 3243
Effect of Surface Unevenness of Cotton Yarns on Tensile Properties of their Composites. Nasir, Muhammad; Fatima, Nasreen; Khan, Khalid Mohammed; Zahra, Durey Nayab Report Feb 28, 2014 2703
Free vibration analysis of moderately thick rectangular plates with variable thickness and arbitrary boundary conditions. Shi, Dongyan; Wang, Qingshan; Shi, Xianjie; Pang, Fuzhen Report Jan 1, 2014 16366
Vibroacoustic analysis of a rectangular enclosure bounded by a flexible panel with clamped boundary condition. Wang, Yuan; Zhang, Jianrun; Le, Vanquynh Report Jan 1, 2014 7708
Regular and chaotic dynamics of flexible plates. Awrejcewicz, J.; Krylova, E. Yu.; Papkova, I.V.; Krysko, V.A. Report Jan 1, 2014 3418
Analysis of nonlinear vibration of hard coating thin plate by finite element iteration method. Li, Hui; Ying, Liu; Sun, Wei Report Jan 1, 2014 7829
Fracture property of Y-shaped cracks of brittle materials under compression. Zhang, Xiaoyan; Zhu, Zheming; Liu, Hongjie Report Jan 1, 2014 2647
Free vibrations of a trapezoidal plate with an internal line hinge. Quintana, Maria Virginia; Grossi, Ricardo Oscar Report Jan 1, 2014 4422
Preparation and mechanical properties of graphene oxide: cement nanocomposites. Babak, Fakhim; Abolfazl, Hassani; Alimorad, Rashidi; Parviz, Ghodousi Report Jan 1, 2014 5786
Effect of different cooling regimes on the mechanical properties of cementitious composites subjected to high temperatures. Yu, Jiangtao; Weng, Wenfang; Yu, Kequan Report Jan 1, 2014 4094
Experimental and numerical investigations of textile hybrid composites subjected to low velocity impact loadings. Chandekar, Gautam S.; Kelkar, Ajit D. Report Jan 1, 2014 5024
Free vibration analysis of patch repaired plates with a through crack by p-convergent layerwise element. Ahn, Jae S.; Yang, Seung H.; Woo, Kwang S. Report Jan 1, 2014 4351
Reduction of free edge peeling stress of laminated composites using active piezoelectric layers. Huang, Bin; Kim, Heung Soo Report Jan 1, 2014 6132
Preparation, characterization, and enhanced thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy-titania composites. Rubab, Zakya; Afzal, Adeel; Siddiqi, Humaira M.; Saeed, Shaukat Report Jan 1, 2014 4471
Unsteady boundary-layer flow over jerked plate moving in a free stream of viscoelastic fluid. Munawar, Sufian; Mehmood, Ahmer; Ali, Asif; Saleem, Najma Report Jan 1, 2014 4530
Deflection of resilient materials for reduction of floor impact sound. Lee, Jung-Yoon; Kim, Jong-Mun Report Jan 1, 2014 5034
In-plane vibration analysis of annular plates with arbitrary boundary conditions. Shi, Xianjie; Shi, Dongyan; Qin, Zhengrong; Wang, Qingshan Report Jan 1, 2014 6430
Effects of protective resin coating on the surface roughness and color stability of resin-based restorative materials. Bagis, Bora; Tuzuner, Tamer; Turgu, Sedanur; Korkmaz, Fatih Mehmet; Baygin, Ozgul; Bagif, Yildinm Ha Report Jan 1, 2014 4957
Finite element modeling of laminated composite plates with locally delaminated interface subjected to impact loading. Sabah, Saddam Hussein Abo; Kueh, Ahmad Beng Hong Report Jan 1, 2014 6293
The effect of prophylactic polishing pastes on surface roughness of indirect restorative materials. Say, Esra Can; Yurdaguven, Haktan; Malkondu, Ozlem; Unlu, Nimet; Soyman, Mubin; Kazazoglu, Ender Report Jan 1, 2014 5245
The process of nanostructuring of metal (iron) matrix in composite materials for directional control of the mechanical properties. Zemtsova, Elena; Yurchuk, Denis; Smirnov, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2014 7248
Strain rate dependent ductile-to-brittle transition of graphite platelet reinforced vinyl ester nanocomposites. Pramanik, Brahmananda; Mantena, P. Raju Report Jan 1, 2014 2716
Preparation, microstructure, and mechanical properties of spinel-corundum-sialon composite materials from waste fly ash and aluminum dross. Huang, Juntong; Fang, Minghao; Huang, Zhaohui; Liu, Yan'gai; Yang, Jingzhou; Huang, Saifang; Xu, You Report Jan 1, 2014 5447
Impact of high temperature on the compressive strength of ECC. Shang, Xingyan; Lu, Zhoudao Report Jan 1, 2014 3562
Solution of the boundary layer flow of various nanofluids over a moving semi-infinite plate using HPM/Ivairiu nanoskysciu ribinio tekejimo virs judancios pusiau begalines ploksteles tyrimas homotopiniu perturbaciju metodu. Dalir, N.; Nourazar, S.S. Report Jan 1, 2014 4189
Semi-analytical solution based on strip method for buckling and vibration of isotropic plate. Sayad, Mohamed A. El-; Farag, Ahmed M. Report Jan 1, 2014 4051
Impact of rotational speed of composite friction pair on energy accumulation in acoustic emission signal formation. Filonenko, Sergey; Kosmach, Aleksandr Report Dec 1, 2013 4565
The deformation problem of a circular elastic flexible plate under variable load/Isorines kintamos apkrovos veikiamos apskritos tamprios ploksteles deformacijos problema. Rystygulova, V.B. Report Nov 1, 2013 1452
Optimization of multispan ribbed plywood plate macrostructure for multiple load cases. Sliseris, Janis; Rocens, Karlis Report Oct 1, 2013 4170
Mechanical and crystalline properties of monomer casting nylon-6/Si[O.sub.2] composites prepared via in situ polymerization. Xu, Sheng; Zhao, Xiaowen; Ye, Lin Report Sep 1, 2013 7510
Chainmail composite developed. Sep 1, 2013 349
Analysis of failure conditions for a dynamically loaded composite floor system of an industrial building. Berkowski, Piotr; Dmochowski, Grzegorz; Grosel, Jacek; Schabowicz, Krzysztof; Wojcicki, Zbigniew Report Aug 1, 2013 5176
3D reconstruction and analysis of the fragmented grains in a composite material. Gillibert, Luc; Jeulin, Dominique Report Jun 1, 2013 4132
Coupling of zones with different resolution capabilities in dynamic finite element models of woven composites/ Skirtingos skiriamosios gebos zonu sujungimas austu kompozitu dinaminuose baigtiniu elementu modeliuose. Rimavicius, V.; Calneryte, D.; Barauskas, R. Report May 1, 2013 4400
Numerical analysis of the behavior of special double-row support structure. Fang, Kai; Zhang, Zhongmiao; Liu, Xingwang; Zhang, Qianqing; Lin, Cungang Report Apr 1, 2013 3828
Influence of the column web panel behaviour on the characteristics of a beam-to-column joint. Daniunas, Alfonsas; Urbonas, Kestutis Report Apr 1, 2013 4415
Experimental assessment on potential for processiblity of carbon nanotubes/epoxy system used as nanocomposites. Wang, Baichen; Zhou, Xia; Yin, Junshan; Wang, Li Report Mar 1, 2013 4444
Effects of nanotube modification on the dielectric behaviors and mechanical properties of multiwall carbon nanotubes/epoxy composites. Guo, Xiusheng; Yu, Demei; Wu, Jingshen; Min, Chao; Guol, Rongnan Report Feb 1, 2013 4027
Study of physico-chemical properties of Si[O.sub.2]- [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]/bentonite nanocomposite: thermal and acid stability. Ruslan, Karna Wijaya; Triyono Report Jan 1, 2013 6612
Two phase flow of an incompressible viscous fluid between two semi-infinite parallel plates under transverse magnetic field. Narasimha, Charyulu V.; Shiva, Shanker K. Report Jan 1, 2013 2211
Some fundamental aspects of mechanics of nanocomposite materials and structural members. Guz, Alexander N.; Rushchitsky, Jeremiah J. Report Jan 1, 2013 12721
Natural frequencies of shear deformable plates by polyharmonic splines. Ferreira, A.J.M.; Zenkour, A.M. Report Jan 1, 2013 4639
Oscillatory singularity behaviors near interface crack tip for mode II of orthotropic bimaterial. Yang, Xiaomei; Yang, Weiyang; Li, Junlin; Zhang, Xuexia Report Jan 1, 2013 3369
Preparation and performance of cis-polybutadiene rubber composite materials reinforced by organic modified palygorskite nanomaterials. Wang, Fei; Feng, Lei; Tang, Qingguo; Liu, Haifeng; Liu, Huimin Jan 1, 2013 2908
Behaviour of plate anchorage in plate-reinforced composite coupling beams. Lam, W.Y.; Li, Lingzhi; Su, R.K.L.; Pam, H.J. Report Jan 1, 2013 6339
Bending response of cross-ply laminated composite plates with diagonally perturbed localized interfacial degeneration. Kam, Chee Zhou; Kueh, Ahmad Beng Hong Report Jan 1, 2013 7136
Effect of humidity and hydrophobicity on the tribological properties of self-assembled monolayers. Liao, Yen-Chih; Hargrove, William; Weeks, Brandon L. Report Jan 1, 2013 3614
Damage accumulation in cyclically-loaded glass-ceramic matrix composites monitored by acoustic emission. Aggelis, D.G.; Dassios, K.G.; Kordatos, E.Z.; Matikas, T.E. Report Jan 1, 2013 6328
Flatness and microstructure of a light guide plate fabricated by microinjection molding. Lin, Yun-Ho; Huang, Chiung-Fang; Cheng, Hsin-Chung; Lin, Yi; Lee, Jeou-Long; Shen, Yung-Kang Report Jan 1, 2013 2367
Characterization of Mechanical Properties of Marble Sludge/ Natural Rubber Composites. Ahmed, Khalil; Nizami, Shaikh Sirajuddin; Raza, Nudrat Zahid; Mahmood, Khalid Report Dec 31, 2012 3675
Experimental Study on the Morphology of Keratin Based Material for Asbestos Free Brake Pad. Olokode, O.S.; Fakolujo, S.O.; Aiyedun, P.O.; Jaji, Z.O.; Owoeye, F.T.; Anyanwu, B.U. Report Dec 31, 2012 1806
Complete elastic solution of pressurized thick cylindrical shells made of heterogeneous functionally graded materials/Auksto slegio storasienio kevalo pagaminto is nevienalytes aukstos kokybes medziagos pilnas tamprusis prendimas. Ghannad, Mehdi; Nejad, Mohammad Zamani Report Nov 1, 2012 4403
Nonlinear stability of a single-layer hybrid grid shell. Cai, Jianguo; Xu, Yixiang; Feng, Jian; Zhang, Jin Report Oct 1, 2012 5126
Image-based method for the investigation of low flexure rigidity materials/Kujutisel pohinev meetod madala paindejaikusega materjalide uurimiseks. Dargiene, Jovita; Luksaite, Dalia; Domskiene, Jurgita Report Sep 1, 2012 2882
Assessment of residual stresses in steels and carbide composites by load and depth sensing indentation with spherical indenter/Terastes ja karbiidkomposiitides esinevate jaakpingete hindamine kuulindentoriga koormus-sugavuskontrollitava indenteerimise teel. Sergejev, Fjodor; Petrov, Mihhail Report Sep 1, 2012 3085
Effect of natural load on delamination behaviour of a new hybrid woven composite/Iprasto apkrovimo efektas naujo hibridinio kompozicinio audinio issisluoksniavimo procese. Benzerga, D.; Haddi, A.; Lavie, A. Report Sep 1, 2012 3091
Entropy analysis for MHD flow over a non-linear stretching inclined transparent plate embedded in a porous medium due to solar radiation/Magnetinio hidrodinaminio tekejimo per netiesiskai itempta pasvirusia permatoma plokste, esancia poringoje aplinkoje priklausomybes nuo saules radiacijos entropijos analize. Dehsara, M.; Matin, M. Habibi; Dalir, N. Report Sep 1, 2012 6188
Composites and coatings under cavitation pressure: laboratory tests can accelerate cavitation erosion effects on composites and coatings for emerging industrial applications. Choi, Jin-Keun Aug 1, 2012 1029
Mixed convection MHD flow of nanofluid over a non-linear stretching sheet with effects of viscous dissipation and variable magnetic field/Misrios konvekcijos nanoskyscio MHD tekejimas pro netiesini pailginta kolektoriu esant klampiajai sklaida ir kintamam magnetiniam laukui. Matin, M. Habibi; Dehsara, M.; Abbassi, A. Report Jul 1, 2012 4662
Influence of different loads on the properties of lightweight composite. Kligys, Modestas; Sinica, Marijonas; Sezemanas, Georgijus; Miskinis, Kestutis; Vaitkus, Saulius Report Jun 1, 2012 4836
Fire design of unprotected composite steel and concrete slabs/Neapsaugotuju kompozitiniu plieniniu-betoniniu ploksciu elgsenos ugnyje skaiciavimas. Razma, Gediminas; Kvedaras, Audronis Kazimieras Report Jun 1, 2012 6426
Investigation and simulation of temperature changes and thermal deformations of multilayered structure with gypsum plate/Daugiasluoksnes konstrukcijos su gipso plokste temperaturos pokyciu ir temperaturiniu deformaciju tyrimas ir modeliavimas. Guobys, R.; Vekteris, V.; Moksin, V. Report May 1, 2012 1366
Study on crack extension of the AC layer of CRC+AC composite pavement/Plysio plitimo CRC+AC grindinio kompozito sluoksnyje tyrimas. Li, Sheng; Liu, Zhaohui Report Mar 1, 2012 3866
Flexural vibration band gaps in periodic stiffened plate structures/Lenkimo svyravimu daznio juostu trukiai periodiskai sustandintu ploksciu konstrukcijose. Wang, Jianwei; Wang, Gang; Wen, Jihong; Wen, Xisen Report Mar 1, 2012 3759
Microstructure, thermomechanical properties, and electrical conductivity of carbon black-filled Nylon-12 nanocomposites prepared by selective laser sintering. Athreya, Siddharth Ram; Kalaitzidou, Kyriaki; Das, Suman Report Jan 1, 2012 4915
Comparison between dew-retted and enzyme-retted flax fibers as reinforcing material for composites. Hu, Wei; Ton-That, Minh-Tan; Denault, Johanne; Rho, Denis; Yang, Jianzhong; Lau, Peter C.K. Report Jan 1, 2012 4443
Determination of displacements and stresses in pressurized thick cylindrical shells with variable thickness using perturbation technique/Hermetiniu storasieniu kintamo storio kevalu poslinkiu ir itempiu nustatymas naudojant zadinimo technika. Ghannad, Mehdi; Rahimi, Gholam Hosein; Nejad, Mohammad Zamani Report Jan 1, 2012 3371
Analytical solutions of the tensile strength and preponderant crack angle for the I-II mixed crack in brittle material/Trapiojo atsparumo tempiant ir atitinkamo leistinojo plysio kampo, esant vienaasiam apkrovimui bei I-II tipo misriam plysiui, teorinis sprendimas, pagristas maksimaliu ziediniu itempiu kriterijumi. Yan, Zhang; Hongguang, Ji; Jianhong, Ye; Shiyu, Li Report Jan 1, 2012 4455
Dynamic monitoring the strain of composites due to high speed collisions using fiber bragg grating network/Kompozitu deformaciju dinamine stebesena esant didelio greicio susidurimams naudojant pluostinio Brago tinklelio schema. Hu, Zeyu; Hu, Yifan Report Jan 1, 2012 2981
Laboratory testing of converging flow flat oval tees and laterals to determine loss coefficients (RP-1488). Kulkarni, D.; Cui, J.; Idem, S. Report Sep 1, 2011 6644
Montmorillonite nanoclay filler effects on electrical conductivity, thermal and mechanical properties of epoxy-based nanocomposites. Rashmi; Renukappa, N.M.; Chikkakuntappa, Ranganathaiah; Kunigal, Shivakumar Report Sep 1, 2011 6179
Effects of nanoclay and coupling agent on the physico-mechanical, Morphological, and thermal properties of Wood flour/polypropylene composites. Tabari, Hasan Ziaei; Nourbakhsh, Amir; Ashori, Alireza Report Feb 1, 2011 2915
Physical properties of epoxy resin/titanium dioxide nanocomposites. Polizos, Georgios; Tuncer, Enis; Sauers, Isidor; More, Karren L. Report Jan 1, 2011 4902
Mechanisms of energy absorption and yielding of composite structures. Dumitrache, Ramona; Dumitrache, Cosmin Laurentiu; Chircor, Mihael Report Jan 1, 2011 1863
Model of acoustic emission signal at the prevailing mechanism of composite material mechanical destruction/Akustines emisijos signalo modelis su vyraujanciu kompozitiniu medziagu irimo mechanizmu. Filonenko, Sergey; Nimchenko, Tatiana; Kosmach, Alexandr Report Dec 1, 2010 4987
Effect of oxidation on abrasive wear behaviour of titanium carbide based composites in silica medium/Oksudeerimise moju titaankarbiidkermiste kulumisintensiivsusele liivakeskkonnas. Antonov, Maksim; Hussainova, Irina; Pirso, Juri; Juhani, Kristjan; Viljus, Mart Report Dec 1, 2010 2821
Hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber and hindered phenol composite. I. miscibility and dynamic mechanical property. Cao, Yuanyi; Shen, Fei; Mou, Haiyan; Cao, Deming; Xu, Haiyan; Wu, Chifei Report Dec 1, 2010 3295
Using small punch testing method for the analysis of creep behaviour of Al-[Al.sub.4][C.sub.3] composites/ Indentimismeetodi kasutamine Al-[Al.sub.4][C.sub.3] komposiitide roome uurimisel. Besterci, Michal; Dobes, Ferdinand; Kulu, Priit; Sulleiova, Katarina Report Sep 1, 2010 3085
Effects of compatibilizers and testing speeds on the mechanical properties of organophilic montmorillonite filled polyamide 6/polypropylene nanocomposites. Kusmono; Ishak, Z.A. Mohd; Chow, W.S.; Takeichi, T.; Rochmadi Report Aug 1, 2010 7638
Studies on morphology and interphase of poly(butylene terephthalate)/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites. Prado, L.A.S. de A.; Kwiatkowska, M.; Funari, S.S.; Roslaniec, Z.; Broza, G.; Schulte, K. Report Aug 1, 2010 3184
Maleated amorphous ethylene propylene compatibilized polyethylene nanocomposites: room temperature nonlinear creep response. Shaito, Ali; Fairbrother, Debora; Sterling, Jerry; D'Souza, Nandika Anne Report Aug 1, 2010 7214
Ethylene maleated amorphous propylene compatibilized polyethylene nanocomposites: stress and temperature effects on nonlinear creep. Shaito, Ali; Fairbrother, Debora; Sterling, Jerry; D'Souza, Nandika Anne Report Aug 1, 2010 7574
Separating stress and time dependent effects in the temperature dependent creep of polyethylene nanocomposites. Shaito, Ali; Fairbrother, Debora; Sterling, Jerry; D'Souza, Nandika Anne Report Aug 1, 2010 7248
Morphology, microhardness, and flammability of compatibilized polyethylene/clay nanocomposites. Minkova, L.; Peneva, Y.; Valcheva, M.; Filippi, S.; Pracella, M.; Anguillesi, I.; Magagnini, P. Report Jul 1, 2010 5543
Rheological and mechanical characteristics of low density polyethylene/ethylene-vinyl acetate/organoclay nanocomposites. Behradfar, Afsoon; Shojaei, Akbar; Sheikh, Nasrin Report Jul 1, 2010 6993
Thermomechanical and barrier properties of UV-cured epoxy/O-montmorillonite nanocomposites. Peila, Roberta; Malucelli, Giulio; Lazzari, Massimo; Priola, Aldo Report Jul 1, 2010 3833
Wear properties of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane-functionalized Carbon nanotubes reinforced ultra high molecular weight polyethylene nanocomposites. Lee, Ji-Hoon; Kathi, John; Rhee, Kyong Yop; Lee, Joong Hee Report Jul 1, 2010 2928
Rotational molding of polycarbonate reinforced polyethylene composites: processing parameters and properties. Liu, Shih-Jung; Peng, Kang-Ming Report Jul 1, 2010 4604
Reliability and durability assessment of concrete and composite structures/Betoniniu ir kompozitiniu konstrukciju patikimumo bei ilgaamziskumo vertinimas. Brauns, Janis; Rocens, Karlis Report Jun 1, 2010 3424
Characterization of highly filled wood flour-polyvinyl chloride composites: dynamic mechanical and dielectric analysis. Marathe, D.S.; Joshi, P.S. Report Jun 1, 2010 3647
Effect of sawdust surface treatment and compatibilizer addition on mechanical behavior, morphology, and moisture uptake of polypropylene/sawdust composites. Bettini, Silvia H.P.; Bonse, Baltus C.; Melo, Elis A.; Munoz, Pablo A.R. Report May 1, 2010 4268
Effect of organoclay on the morphology, mechanical, thermal, and rheological properties of organophilic montmorillonite nanoclay based thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites prepared by melt blending. Barick, Aruna K.; Tripathy, Deba K. Report Mar 1, 2010 8613
Preparation and characterization of low density polyethylene-agar biocomposites: torque-rheological, Mechanical, thermal and morphological properties. Madera-Santana, T.J.; Robledo, D.; Azamar, J.A.; Rios-Soberanis, C.R.; Freile-Pelegrin, Y. Report Mar 1, 2010 4077
Influence of ply orientation on mode I interlaminar fracture toughness of woven carbon and glass composites/Angliaplastikio ir stiklaplastikio sluoksniu armavimo kampu itaka irimo tarpsluoksnyje tasumui atplesiant. Kersiene, N.; Ziliukas, A.; Kersys, A. Report Mar 1, 2010 3646
Structure and properties of microfibrillar-reinforced composites based on thermoplastic PET/LDPE blends after manufacturing by means of pultrusion. Evstatiev, M.; Angelov, I.; Friedrich, K. Report Feb 1, 2010 5367
Reasearch concerning the machinability of a fiber glass composite material. Stoica, Marilena; Anania, Florea-Dorel; Bisu, Claudiu Florinel; Zapciu, Miron Report Jan 1, 2010 1489
The estimation of the young's modulus of the composite for different types of matrix. Majer, Zdenek Report Jan 1, 2010 1284
Experimental investigation during wire electric discharge cutting of SiCp/6061 aluminum metal matrix composite. Shandilya, Pragya; Jain, Pramod Kumar; Misra, Joy Prakash Report Jan 1, 2010 1211
Use of acousto-ultrasonic techniquesto determine properties of remanufactured particleboards made solely from recycled particles. Kawamoto, Sumire Report Jan 1, 2010 3221
Comparison of acoustic emission produced during bending of various oxide ceramic and short fiber oxide ceramic matrix composites. Papargyri-Mpeni, S.A.; Papargyris, D.A.; Spiliotis, X.; Papargyris, A.D. Report Jan 1, 2010 3216
Tensile strength of elephant grass fiber reinforced polypropylene composites. Kumara, N. Ravi; Ramji, K.; Prasad, A.V. Ratna; Rao, K. Murali Mohan Report Nov 1, 2009 1950
Effects of temperature on tensile strength of Kevlar reinforced composite materials. Chaitep, Sumpun; Rungsiyakull, Chaiy; Watanawanyoo, Pipatpong Report Oct 1, 2009 1828
Impact fracture toughness and morphology of diatomite-filled polypropylene composites. Liang, Jizhao Report Aug 1, 2009 2665
The effects of water aging on the mechanical properties of glass-fiber and kevlar-fiber epoxy composite materials/Sendinimo vandenyje itaka stiklo ir kevlaro pluosto epoksidiniu kompozitu mechaninems savybems. Menail, Y.; Mahi, A. El; Assarar, M.; Redjel, B.; Kondratas, A. Report Mar 1, 2009 2634
Formation of MEMS nanocomposit layers and investigation of their mechanical properties/ Mikroelektromechaniniu sistemu su nanokompoziciniais sluoksniais formavimas ir ju mechaniniu savybiu tyrimas. Ponelyte, S.; Prosycevas, I.; Guobiene, A.; Balciunas, R.; Puiso, J. Report Mar 1, 2009 3296
Damage onset and growth in carbon-carbon composite monitored by acoustic emission technique. Bussiba, Arie; Piat, Romana; Kupiec, Moshe; Carmi, Rami; Alon, Igal; Bohlke, Thomas Report Jan 1, 2009 3458
A generic technique for acoustic emission source location. Scholey, Jonathan J.; Wilcox, Paul D.; Wisnom, Michael R.; Friswell, Mike I.; Pavier, Martyn; Aliha, Report Jan 1, 2009 3288
Theoretical and experimental approach of multi-phase composite materials. Curtu, I.; Motoc Luca, D. Report Jan 1, 2009 3287
Effects of particle content and post curing thermal treatment on the effective modulus of multi phase composite materials. Luca, Dana Motoc Report Jan 1, 2009 1377
On the flexural rigidity of a spherical cap sandwich composite structure. Secara, Eugenia; Purcarea, Ramona Report Jan 1, 2009 1220
Flexural tests of the composite materials reinforced with both glass woven fabric and oak wood flour. Cerbu, Camelia Report Jan 1, 2009 1543
Improvement of the impact energy absorbtion efficiency for deformable safety barriers made from composites. Jiga, Gabriel; Pastrama, Stefan Dan; Dobrescu, Tiberiu; Popovici, Dorina Report Jan 1, 2009 1165
Analytical solution for impact response of CFRP laminated composite plates. Dogaru, Florin Report Jan 1, 2009 1187
Instrumented impact testing of CFRP composite laminated plates. Dogaru, Florin; Udroiu, Razvan Report Jan 1, 2009 1007
Comparatively analysis of the effects of water / seawater on the composites made of E-glass woven fabrics and chopped fibres. Cerbu, Camelia; Ciofoaia, Vasile; Teodorescu-Draghicescu, Horatiu; Rosca, Ioan Calin Report Jan 1, 2009 1343
Static versus. dynamic elastic moduli of multiphase polymeric composite materials. Luca, Dana Motoc; Cerbu, Camelia; Soica, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2009 1145
Study of a composite sandwich-beam with an uniform load. Paunescu, Daniela; Suciu, Mihaela; Hancu, Liana; Suciu, Liviu Report Jan 1, 2009 1188
The study of the roughness established in laser beam machining of glass reinforced composite polymeric materials. Ionescu, Nicolae; Visan, Aurelian; Doicin, Cristian; Popescu, Dragos; Hincu, Daniela Report Jan 1, 2009 1734
Experimental researches regarding cutting width in laser machining of glass reinforced composite polymeric materials. Visan, Aurelian; Ionescu, Nicolae; Doicin, Cristian; Popescu, Dragos; Hincu, Daniela Report Jan 1, 2009 1533
Comparative analyses between a nonlinear response composite structure and a linear response structure. Petrescu, Horia; Hadar, Anton; Vlasceanu, Daniel Report Jan 1, 2009 871
Advantages of the using of the poliester resin to manufacturing of the composite materials based on wood flour. Cerbu, Camelia; Luca, Dana Motoc; Ciofoaia, Vasile Report Jan 1, 2009 1125
Clay epoxy composites. Circiumaru, Adrian; Andrei, Gabriel; Birsan, Iulian-Gabriel; Bria, Vasile; Diaconu, Nicolae; Dima, D Report Jan 1, 2009 1125
Fabric reinforced epoxy composites. Birsan, Iulian-Gabriel; Circiumaru, Adrian; Andrei, Gabriel; Dima, Dumitru; Diaconu, Nicolae; Ungure Report Jan 1, 2009 1243
Bending fracture behavior of 3d-woven SiC/SiC composites with transpiration cooling structure characterized by AE wavelet analysis. Hayashi, Toshimitsu; Wakayama, Shuichi Report Jan 1, 2008 3320
Identification of damage initiation and development in textile composite materials using acoustic emission. Ivanov, D.S.; Lomov, S.V.; Verpoest, I.; Wevers, M. Report Jan 1, 2008 3084
A system that can protect soft-walled shelters against damage from indirect fire has been developed by the Natick Soldier Center in Massachussets and the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites Center at the University of Maine. May 1, 2007 354
Mechanics of high-pressure membranes made of composites. Andrlik, Vladimir; Jalova, Martina; Jalovy, Miroslav Report Jan 1, 2007 1502
An approach of delamination energy calculation for a composite material. Sabau, Emilia; Iancau, Horatiu; Popescu, Constantin; Prodan, Bogdan Technical report Jan 1, 2007 1619
Damage in carbon fibre composites: the discrimination of acoustic emission signals using frequency. Eaton, Mark; Holford, Karen; Featherston, Carol; Pullin, Rhys Report Jan 1, 2007 2981
Neural network burst pressure prediction in composite overwrapped pressure vessels. Hill, Eric v.K.; Dion, Seth-Andrew T.; Karl, Justin O.; Spivey, Nicholas S.; Walker, James L., II Report Jan 1, 2007 2866
Monitoring the evolution of individual AE sources in cyclically loaded FRP composites. Unnthorsson, Runar; Runarsson, Thomas P.; Jonsson, Magnus T. Report Jan 1, 2007 2017

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