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Articles from Mechanical Engineering-CIME (January 1, 2009)

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Title Author Type Words
$2.5 million raised so far for Federal Fellows. Varrasi, John Brief article 251
+ robot excels at low-volume assembly. Brown, Alan S. 646
A guaranteed seat. Thilmany, Jean 308
A new kind of design: can a company that bases its business model on 3-D printing live long and prosper? Thilmany, Jean 1772
Addressable actuators. 131
Always green. Thilmany, Jean 729
ASME codes & standards. 531
Back to the drawing. Chantarasopak, Chrisy Letter to the editor 232
Brush motor for portable tools. 109
Brushless blowers. 147
Build a supercomputer. Thilmany, Jean Brief article 245
Cellulosic ethanol start-up gets venture backing. Brown, Alan S. 445
Clean motors. 139
Compact slide. 115
Composite section modeler. 169
Computational Ballistics III. Book review 124
Cooling units. 119
Design on all computers. 156
Diaphragm process pump. 122
Digital pressure gauges. 150
Electric motor test system. 140
Fastener for pivoting panels. 125
Gains for a hot semiconductor. Hutchinson, Harry 321
Gas analyzers. 123
Generating questions. Ashworth, Clinton P. Letter to the editor 256
High-temperature ball bearings. 127
How real? Thilmany, Jean Brief article 253
Inclinometer sensor. 140
Industrial Robotics. Book review 132
Integrated controller. 128
Maintenance Systems and Documentation. Book review 116
Making maintenance manuals. Thilmany, Jean Brief article 143
Milestone for Codes & Standards. Hutchinson, Harry 367
Modeling and painting. 133
Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows. Book review 125
Models within PDF. 130
More than nuts and bolts. Brown, Alan S. Brief article 289
Navigation in AutoCAD. 106
Online preservation efforts. Thilmany, Jean Brief article 246
Piezo amplifier. 112
Pipeline Pumping and Compression Systems: A Practical Approach. Book review 150
Plastic and oil. Brown, Alan S. 397
Plenty to be done. Coull, Timothy W. Letter to the editor 309
Power distribution blocks. 129
Program card. 120
Question of the month. Brief article 114
Robot sees, robot picks. Brown, Alan S. 442
Rotary spindles. 134
RS-232 to USB interface converter. 101
Second-time design. Thilmany, Jean Brief article 168
Small is good. Thilmany, Jean Brief article 209
Solar panel, connector. 139
Steam ahead. Bandar, Alexander Letter to the editor 370
The many shades of green: now that it's a matter of economics as well as of political correctness, manufacturers are embracing environmentally friendly practices. Brown, Alan S. Cover story 4223
The Safety Professionals Handbook: Management Applications (Vol. 1) and Technical Applications (Vol. 2). Book review 177
There's the rub: some surprising discoveries are made in the quest of practically frictionless mechanical operation. Skakoon, James G. 2343
Thermocouple data logger. 142
Think of workers as assets. Brown, Alan S. 347
Touchless sensor. 116
Traced back the watch: micromanufacturing is a significant presence in Swiss industry, and the technology stems from luxury timekeeping. Hutchinson, Harry 3426
Transparent receiver. 121
Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation Systems. Book review 110
Ultrasonic sensor. 122
Under the hood. Thilmany, Jean Brief article 143
What's in it for us? Editorial 973

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