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Articles from Mechanical Engineering-CIME (March 1, 2005)

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Title Author Type Words
A gripping story. 103
A shape for every bottle. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 206
Aid for joint assembly. 139
ASME design committees. 1394
Bayesian Nonparametrics via Neural Networks. Book Review 159
Better than a color pen. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 141
Beyond perfect. Brief Article 278
Bicycle built for three. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 284
Bicycling Science. Third Edition. Book Review 273
Bronze age. DeGaspari, John 502
Clean fun in the snow. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 191
Clearing the air. Dietz, Francis Column 845
Come together on CAD. Thilmany, Jean 273
Convection Heat Transfer. Third Edition. Book Review 143
Cool pump. 118
Crack Dynamics. Book Review 167
Design for the ages. Ehrenman, Gayle 783
Developmental overload: how does it happen? How can you manage it? Goldense, Bradford L.; Power, John R. 755
Different choices. Rivin, Eugene I.; Shupe, Dean S.; Neff, Joseph; Jain, Abhishek; Kaufman, Mitch Letter to the Editor 878
Electromechanical actuator. 149
Engineering Disasters--Lessons to Be Learned. Book Review 130
Enlarging artwork. Thilmany, Jean 389
Experiment ... early and often: to create a truly innovative product, you have to be willing to tinker. But establishing a culture to support that can be surprisingly hard. Thilmany, Jean 2183
Eye on hydrogen storage. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 204
Flow control valves. 101
Fluid transport properties. 124
Fly the grayer skies: as Baby Boomers reach senior citizenhood, Boeing looks for ways to meet their changing needs. Ehrenman, Gayle 2363
From start to finish. Ehrenman, Gayle 319
Fuel cell hose. Sharke, Paul 252
Generational sandwich. Falcioni, John G. Editorial 193
Getting a handle on costs. Falcioni, John G. 613
Handbook of Metallurgical Process Design. Book Review 101
Heat rejection unit. 160
High-speed beer handling. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 257
History-free CAD. 135
Hybrids and hydrogen. Ehrenman, Gayle 342
Improv and innovation. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 297
Improv engineering: a comedy producer imparts some idea-generating tips he's learned on the job. Thilmany, Jean 1898
Leading or managing? Falcioni, John G. 160
Less wriggle room. Sharke, Paul 362
Loneliness of the long distance glider. Ehrenman, Gayle 557
Making sense of change: in a world of rapidly advancing technology, someone has to keep things under control. Shaw, Wade H. 1676
Mining with gas. Hutchinson, Harry Brief Article 247
Molecules on rye? Thilmany, Jean 308
No run of the mill: the business of engineering to order has challenges of its own. Sharke, Paul 1990
Old wheels. Crosher, William P.; Penko, Paul F. Letter to the Editor 316
Peak pressure monitoring. 135
Pre-insulated tubing. 155
Proximity sensors. 130
Quiet, please--appliances at work. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 211
Reading the clouds. Degaspari, John 391
Reverse Logistics: Quantitative Models for Closed-Loop Supply Chains. Book Review 134
Round it goes. Sharke, Paul 266
Spring change. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 198
Surface analysis. 118
Tax for roads. Harrington, James P. Letter to the Editor 164
Technical computing. 115
Tennis anyone? A portable, battery-powered machine allows for four hours of practice time on the court in one stretch. 982
The China road: the outsourcing option isn't as cheap or as easy as it looks. Brown, Alan S. 3045
The deciding factor: design engineers make decisions for a living. Research looks for ways to make the process go smoother. Frey, Daniel D.; Lewis, Kemper 2457
The greater good: as the 20th century began, engineering professionals started to see themselves as agents of change for the better. Varrasi, John 1282
The success story: two researchers say that the best design teams, like storytellers, share different takes on the common theme. Thilmany, Jean 1798
This car feels your pain. Ehrenman, Gayle Brief Article 306
Tip-proofing: a forklift maker takes control of the wheel. Sharke, Paul 1009
Turning on a dime: making robotic soccer players more agile proved to be a matter of direction for a group of fledgling engineers. Sherback, Michael 1187
Unified Strength Theory and Its Applications. Book Review 114
Up to snuff: companies find that "product lifecycle management" can mean steering through the regulatory tangle of their business. Thilmany, Jean 1582
Vacuum punch-up. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 237
Vibration monitor. 110
What time is it? Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 196
When will welds fatigue? Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 143

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