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Articles from Mechanical Engineering-CIME (November 1, 2004)

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Title Author Type Words
Absolute counter measures. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 229
Be happy! Falcioni, John G. Brief Article 189
Belt drives a timeline. Sharke, Paul 339
Bottled up. Hutchinson, Harry 654
Brake motors. 139
Bringing London to your living room. Thilmany, Jean 353
Brushless motor. 104
CFD post processing. 126
Clutch quickens stops. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 289
Constant-torque hinges. 109
Conversion from PDF to DXF. 133
Costly language. Ransley, G. Frank Letter to the Editor 128
Create computational databases. 117
Creating room for more. Creel, George C. Letter to the Editor 103
Crossing fingers. Hutchinson, Chris Letter to the Editor 164
Designer desal. Ehrenman, Gayle Brief Article 245
Doctor, lawyer. Wirth, Louis, Jr. Letter to the Editor 187
Double wall tanks. 159
Electric motors and drives. 118
Encyclopedia of Energy. Book Review 114
Engineering Materials Science: Properties, Uses. Degradation, Remediation. Book Review 170
Engineers honored. Smith, Emily Brief Article 138
Evaluating your next employer: a job-seeker takes a look at management. Rorrer, Ronald A.L. 809
Fatigue Testing and Analysis: Theory and Practice. Book Review 110
Financial measurement: if you own your own business, you need to understand some basic instruments that track fiscal soundness. Koenig, Daniel 1174
Formula for job satisfaction. Thilmany, Jean Editorial 303
Friction calculation. 114
Give 'em no break. Sharke, Paul 326
Harsh-duty encoders. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 201
Industrial Furnaces. Book Review 136
It's not your grandfather's icebox. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 197
Linear actuator. 153
Locating accidents at sea. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 249
Low mood, high output. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 246
Measurement machines. 126
Mechanical Tolerance Stackup and Analysis. Book Review 126
Meeting the future at a younger age. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 210
Not together forever. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 244
One for the show. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 167
Only on M.E. magazine online @ 107
Process Piping: The Complete Guide to ASME B31.3. Book Review 177
Queer Eye for CAD. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 147
Serial configuration cable. 190
Shining among teammates. Falcioni, John G. Editorial 551
Ship-maneuvering simulator. 153
Short of space. Typinski, Dave Letter to the Editor 221
Showing up happy: how can you keep your employees content and productive? Some successful managers share their tips. Thilmany, Jean 1796
Six sigma for the little guy: think you can't afford this business initiative? Recent changes have made it more affordable and accessible than ever. Harry, Mikel J.; Crawford, J. Douglas 1696
Solenoid valves. 160
Space calls: needed: the technological expertise that will invent a new age of exploration. Noor, Ahmed K.; Cutts, James A. Cover Story 4246
Stable and 2-D bound. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 142
Stall detection without encoder. 167
Sudden impact. Coaplen, Joshua Letter to the Editor 236
Sweetness and light. Degaspari, John 364
System combinations. 137
Technological Concepts and Mathematical Models in the Evolution of Modern Engineering Systems. Book Review 121
The ASME Fellow a membership grade of distinction. 19951
The Cambridge Aerospace Dictionary. Book Review 152
The power behind green energy. Thilmany, Jean 424
The right kind of tight. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 217
The urge to explore: it brought the first creatures from the sea onto the land; it sent us to the moon. Where shall we go next? Aldrin, Edwin; Wachhorst, Wyn 1280
Tracking engineering data. 133
Tutankhamen's tribology: mechanical problem had to be solved even back in the days of wooden chariots and leather bindings. Woods, Robert O. 1998
Vibration-resistant cabinets. 189
Virtual everyday reality. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 241
Washington window: a public agenda: technology and politics. Dietz, Francis 717
Wind sock. Willis, Frederick Letter to the Editor 165
You gotta pay to play: as top dogs, automakers set the rules that their suppliers must follow. Thilmany, Jean 1920

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