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Articles from Mechanical Engineering-CIME (April 1, 2004)

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[H.sub.2] tank testing. Sharke, Paul 444
A First Course in Fuzzy and Neural Control. Book Review 180
A Gallery of Fluid Motion. Book Review 169
Absolute encoder. 136
Acoustic simulation. 125
Adjustable linear drive assemblies. 139
Aids for the elderly. Thilmany, Jean 368
Ammunition center upgrades for safety. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 148
An Introductory Guide to Finite Element Analysis. Book Review 134
Analysis for rugged engines and parts. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 167
ASME codes & standards. 1591
Ball-and-stick method. Winters, Jeffrey Brief Article 282
Basic fluid bearing diagnostics for rotating machinery. 115
Biological fire alarm: one research team has demonstrated that a cantilever device can pick up the addition of a single virus's worth of mass. Winters, Jeffrey 681
Cable reel. 127
Calculating coefficients: a century ago, after the first flight: what had the Wrights really proved? Well, for starters, more accurate math. McCullough, Robert N. 1686
Casting technique analysis. 132
Cluster approach to complexity. Thilmany, Jean 336
Concept model. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 217
Coriolis flowmeter demand grows. Ehrenman, Gayle 326
Digital pressure gauge. 134
Down with dust mites. Thilmany, Jean 400
Educational sketching program. 115
Employment realities. Luther, Tom Letter to the Editor 135
Engineering with a conscience: volunteers are using low-tech engineering to have a high impact in developing communities. Ehrenman, Gayle Cover Story 2274
Every bag in place: the Las Vegas airport bets on radio waves. Hutchinson, Harry 717
Flat lens. Winters, Jeffrey Brief Article 127
Ford, Toyota swap license agreements. Degaspari, John 188
Grease-fitting caps. 101
Heavy-duty slide. 109
Hooked up: taking a page from dating services, buyer and supplier find each other on the Internet. Thilmany, Jean 2187
How does Beckham bend it? Thilmany, Jean 732
Hydrogen and gasoline. Manfredi, Philip Letter to the Editor 201
In a mechanism far, far away: the Webb telescope will go almost a million miles out to see how stars were born, so there's only one chance to make it right. 1339
In hot water. Ehrenman, Gayle 796
In-flight refreshment. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 290
Integrated test valve assembly. 143
Introduction to Aircraft Flight Mechanics. Book Review 116
Is there a doctor in the house? Ehrenman, Gayle 348
Library of CAD symbols. 153
Like watt or newton. Zotter, Matthew Letter to the Editor 184
Mold, die, and mechanical design. 120
Mop up. Ehrenman, Gayle Brief Article 234
Nanocaster. Winters, Jeffrey Brief Article 311
Outsourcing. Falcioni, John G. 602
Password protected plus. Thilmany, Jean 388
Pedals vs. fuel cells. Wilson, David Gordon Letter to the Editor 265
Photos from Mars. Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 200
Pneumatic grippers. 108
Portable gas analyzer. 101
Position transducers. 140
Practical Interfacing in the Laboratory: Using a PC for Instrumentation, Data Analysis, and Control. Book Review 113
Random Vibration. Book Review 119
Recording device. 172
Retooling CAFE: corporate average fuel economy standards for light trucks are under the high beams. DeGaspari, John 2695
Rigid couplings. 109
Scaling the depths: before we can make nanotechnology a reality, we need a better understanding of fundamental properties at the molecular level. Saif, Taher 2018
Silicon metal. Winters, Jeffrey Brief Article 275
Silver strands among the copper. Meyer, Colton W. Letter to the Editor 153
Small print: to make more powerful computer chips, researchers are developing nanoscale tools. Sreenivasan, S.V.; Willson, C. Grant; Resnick, Douglas J. 1876
Submersible transmitters. 140
Suction diffusers. 108
Taking the measure of an agency. Dietz, Francis 747
Teething on brick. Sharke, Paul Brief Article 132
The Short Road to Great Presentations. Book Review 185
The Tale of the Scale. Book Review 123
Too small to see, too big to ignore. Falcioni, John G. Brief Article 184
Vibrations and Stability. Second Edition. Book Review 138
War and prosperity. Athan, Timothy W. Letter to the Editor 121
Wind out of the sails. Jakuba, Stan I. Letter to the Editor 119

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