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Articles from Mechanical Engineering-CIME (March 1, 2002)

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A prefab station to pump hydrogen. (News & Notes). Hutchinson, Harry Brief Article 182
Adjustable spray nozzle. (New Products). Brief Article 107
Advancing interaction through sound. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean 425
Airplane, heal thyself. (Input Output). Baumgartner, Henry Brief Article 683
Animation applications suitable for beginners. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 188
Aye, now there's no rub. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 266
Building it better: Advanced alloys, plastics, and automated controls are speeding the production and raising the quality of manufactured goods. Valenti, Michael 2270
CAD Jockey or Engineer? Defining the designer's role at the computer is especially difficult during a time of flux. Thilmany, Jean 2087
CAD viewer that's usable on a desktop. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 151
Capillary saturation porometer. (New Products). Brief Article 120
Captain Nemo's revenge: Engineers are working with acrylic to introduce tourists and vacationers to the wonders of the deep. Raplee, Jack 1187
Charging fees on a sliding-scale basis. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 218
Clearing the air. (News & Notes). DeGaspari, John Brief Article 226
Combining simulation and modeling. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 125
Computer games vs. motion sickness. (News & Notes). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 310
Database compares airfoil results. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 138
Digital factory to become the norm. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 177
Diverter valves. (New Products). Brief Article 112
Fast and virtual: Eight experts from three companies network their skills to land a rocket engine in record time. Allen, Gene 2018
Flexible electrical conduit. (New Products). Brief Article 101
Gripper modules. (New Products). Brief Article 102
Guide wheels. (New Products). Brief Article 201
How to perch a globe within a skyscraper. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 185
Hydraulic rotary actuator. (New Products). Brief Article 101
Improving pool safety: A tragedy inspired the design of a drain cover to prevent drownings and injuries. Valenti, Michael 1065
Laser eye in the sky. (News & Notes). Valenti, Michael Brief Article 375
Laser sensor. (New Products). Brief Article 116
Letters. 1431
Linear actuators. (New Products). Brief Article 108
Linking industrial and engineering uses. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 133
Load cell/amplifier system. (New Products). Brief Article 105
Medium-voltage soft starter. (New Products). Brief Article 112
Modeling program analyzes NURBS curves. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 116
More classroom learning time. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 118
Narrow opening: A smoke-venting plan satisfies fire officials and saves big bucks on a restaurant restoration project. Brief Article 703
No more rag arm. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 250
Nonferrous proximity sensors. (New Products). Brief Article 109
Once drawn, now gone. (News & Notes). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 191
Pick up another boat: The practice of dry-stacking has become increasingly popular for larger craft, leading to the need for ever-larger lifts. Baumgartner, Henry 1429
Plastics analysis aids coin mechanisms. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 238
Pounds less=tons more. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 258
President unveils fiscal year 2003 budget proposal. (Washington Window). Dietz, Francis Brief Article 800
Quarter-turn ball valve system. (New Products). Brief Article 120
Rapid evolution: New materials and process improvements are stretching the boundaries of prototyping techniques. (Feature Focus: Rapid Prototyping). DeGaspari, John 2563
RTD temperature sensors. (New Products). Brief Article 141
Seeing eye to eye: Surprise! An engineer's particular way of looking at things isn't everyone's. Sharke, Paul 2702
Shuttle remodel. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 259
Sizing and calculating tools for HVAC design. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 128
Split and repair ell. (New Products). Brief Article 122
Straightener/feeder. (New Products). Brief Article 106
Sun cools hot house. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 192
Team decisions: Seven heads are better than one, but it takes a lot of care and nourishing to keep group dynamics on track. Ullman, David G. 1956
Testing a new fairway mower design. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 190
The Gasman never winds twice. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 192
Tires out of round. (News & Notes). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 224
Tunnel forecast: Variable winds. (News & Notes). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 170
Vacuum booster. (New Products). Brief Article 107
Viewer compatible with many CAD programs. (Software Exchange). Brief Article 108
Visualization for quieter vehicles. (Computing). Thilmany, Jean Brief Article 430
Wedge adds a hedge. (Power Transmission and Motion Control). Sharke, Paul Brief Article 395
Welding end prep tool. (New Products). Brief Article 121
Working together. (Editorial). Brief Article 613

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