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Owners: Ray and Kelly Pierce, Anna and John Shinn Address: 401 E. 21st St., Little Rock, 72206, 372-9238 Start-up date: Dec. 31, 1991

Ray Pierce, co-owner of Meatland, says he has been in the meat business for most of his life.

Meatland is a new specialty meat and grocery store in Little Rock.

"One day I decided I was tired of making money for everyone else," Pierce says. "So I decided to open my own store."

He and his wife, Kelly, found two other partners, Anna and John Shinn, and opened Meatland.

Initial business has been so good the partners are planning to open another location in about a month, Pierce says.

"We're doing a lot better than we projected," he says. "We figured it would take a couple of months to get it all going, but it's a different story here."

Pierce says his most popular meats are fresh buffalo, catfish and chitlins.
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Title Annotation:New Businesses
Author:Harper, Kim
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jan 13, 1992
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