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Measuring School Climate for Gauging Principal Performance: A Review of the Validity and Reliability of Publicly Accessible Measures. A Quality School Leadership Issue Brief.

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This policy brief provides principal evaluation system designers information about the technical soundness and cost (i.e., time requirements) of publicly available school climate surveys. The authors focus on the technical soundness of school climate surveys because they believe that using validated and reliable surveys as an outcomes measure can contribute to an evaluation's fairness, accuracy, and utility for a state or a school district. However, none of the climate surveys that they reviewed were expressly validated for principal evaluation purposes. They advise states and school districts to carefully study principal evaluation systems that are performing well and then select climate surveys that are useful measures of performance. In addition, policymakers tell them that they need technical soundness and cost information to initially screen possible measures for inclusion in principal evaluation systems. Designers can use the information presented in this brief to identify technically sound school climate surveys and then critically review those surveys to determine how well they fit into principal evaluation system designs. This brief begins with an overview of school climate surveys and their potential uses for principal evaluation. Next it outlines the procedure for reviewing school climate surveys, which is followed by brief synopses of each survey that meets the minimum criteria for inclusion in the review. The brief ends with a discussion of the surveys reviewed. (Contains 1 table and 4 footnotes.)

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Author:Clifford, Matthew; Menon, Roshni; Gangi, Tracy; Condon, Christopher; Hornung, Katie
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Article Type:Abstract
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Apr 1, 2012
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