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Measuring Malaysia School Resource Centers' Standards through iQ-PSS: An Online Management Information System.

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The Ministry of Education has come up with an innovative way to monitor the progress of 9,843 School Resource Centers (SRCs) using an online management information system called iQ-PSS (Quality Index of SRC). This paper aims to describe the data collection method and analyze the current state of SRCs in Malaysia and explain how the results can be used to make informed decisions on further development and improvement of SRCs. The paper contributes to a deeper understanding of the factors that are involved in the process of achieving and maintaining the quality and excellence of SRC services to school children and at the same time, inculcating lifelong learning habits. (Contains 19 figures.)

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Author:Zainudin, Fadzliaton; Ismail, Kamarulzaman
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Sep 1, 2010
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