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Measurement Training on interactive CD-ROM. (Computers & Plastics).

A. Routsis has released an interactive CD-ROM training series, titled Basic Measuring Tools. With this program, workers can learn the essentials of handling, applying, and reading the most common gauges on today's shop floors.

Course 1, "Fundamentals and Linear Tools," covers key terms and concepts; proper handling and care of gauges; criteria for accurate measurements; rules (steel, hook, combination squares, basic depth gauges); and calipers. Course 2 is titled "Micrometers and Dial Indicators." Snap, plug, ring, screw thread plug, and thread ring gauges are the topics in Course 3, "Fixed Gauges." Course 4, "Surface Plate Equipment," includes information on gauge blocks, height and micrometer height gauges, and surface plate accessories.

This interactive CD-ROM training allows users to work at their own pace by pausing the programs to review problem areas. Participants can post questions and comments during the course, and supervisors can track and document students' progress and respond to their questions.

A demonstration CD is available.
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Comment:Measurement Training on interactive CD-ROM. (Computers & Plastics).(available from Routsis)
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Date:Jul 1, 2001
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