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Measure agency sentiment with 5 Tools.

What is the Web thinking about your agency? So-called sentiment analysis factors social media, news and research content to extract data measurements from subjective opinions about a particular brand, topic or keyword.


Analyzing sentiment can be used to measure success and your agency's reputation, research and to compare your agency against a competitor.

Five tools that monitor agency sentiment:

(1) SocialMention: Analyzes content, including blogs, tweets, bookmarks, comments, images and forums.

(2) PeopleBrowsr Playground: Looks at tweets, blogs and news sites. Query results can be broken down by community.

(3) Virtrue Social Media Index: Real time comparison of two brand names, phrases or keywords.

(4) TweetFeel: Real time Twitter sentiment analysis tool. As results appear, positive and negative results are tallied.

(5) Twendz: Mines Twitter content through the search tool, while highlighting conversation themes.

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Title Annotation:Industry IQ
Publication:American Agent & Broker
Date:Mar 1, 2012
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