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Measure Your Cavity Risk with Delta Dental's New Online Assessment.

Interactive, Web-Based Quiz Helps People Take Charge of their Oral Health

SAN FRANCISCO -- Your risk for cavities can be gauged in minutes, thanks to a new interactive quiz launched today by a group of Delta Dental companies.

The dental cavity risk quiz, which also includes tips to on preventive steps to minimize that risk, is now accessible on the unified web site for Delta Dental of California, Delta Dental Insurance Company, Delta Dental of Pennsylvania and their affiliates at Available in both English and Spanish, the quiz is just one of the many free educational resources Delta Dental provides on its web site.

The quiz is part of Delta Dental's wellness education strategy, which includes programs, online tools, videos, newsletters and dental plan designs -- all geared toward preventive care for people of all ages. Although dental caries is the most chronic childhood disease in the U.S., an estimated one-third to two-thirds of adults over age 50 also get cavities.

"Almost everyone is at some risk for cavities, and our new online tool helps identify specific risk factors that can be headed off at the pass," said Marilynn Belek, DMD, chief dental officer and executive vice president. "We're pleased to make this assessment available to the general public to help raise awareness about cavity prevention. Good preventive care is a very important step in fighting dental disease."

The quiz guides readers through 11 questions about their oral health habits. Along the way, the narrator provides tailored advice and photos, based upon readers' answers, to help them learn more about their cavity risk and what they can do to limit it.

Delta Dental of California, Pennsylvania and its affiliated companies within the holding company system, along with Delta Dental of New York, are all part of the Delta Dental Plans Association (DDPA), based in Oak Brook, Ill. DDPA consists of 39 Delta Dental member companies licensed in all 50 states. The association collectively covers nearly 52 million of the 174 million people nationwide with private dental insurance, making it by far the largest national system of dental plans.
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Date:Sep 2, 2009
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