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Meaning to change: how diverse stakeholders interpret organizational communication about change initiatives. (Communication).

M. J. Gallivan. 2001. IEEE transactions on professional communication 44, no. 4:234-242.

"This paper explores the problems that occur in implementing a major organizational change initiative where various employee groups have different interpretations of the purpose of the initiative and tactics intended to achieve it. In the paper, I employ two concepts: technology Frames and the order of change magnitude surrounding technology change. By understanding the meanings that various stakeholder groups attach to the same communications about the change initiative, we may better understand the characteristic ways in which they interpret both the objectives of the change initiative and how it will be implemented. By using these concepts to explain various stakeholders' conflicting interpretations of the information that they have received about the change initiative, this paper shows how they perceive differently what events constitute progress toward achieving the initiative's objectives."

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Author:Tovey, Janice
Publication:Technical Communication
Date:May 1, 2002
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