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Meadows, Foz: Solace and Grief--The Rare: Book One.

A ** MEADOWS, Foz Solace and Grief--The Rare: Book One Ford St, 2010 363pp $19.95 pbk ISBN 9781876462895 SCIS 1445856

Solace had endured a life in a foster care home where she had never fit in. She had been aware that there was something special about her and it was now dawning on her that she was a vampire. It was on her 17th birthday when she made the decision to walk out the door and never look back. She finds herself drawn into The Gadfly where she joins a group of young people for a drunken night.

This was to be the beginning of the premonitions and strange events falling into place and making sense. Fate has drawn Solace into the group of the Rare who lived as squatters using their various rare talents to keep themselves fed, informed and entertained. The reader is introduced to a myriad of characters--friendly, evil, romantic and manipulative. Although the story begins at rather a slow pace, it eventually picks up and runs with edgy, exciting events that build into a mystery. In this time of popularity of Vampire novels, Meadows has written with a slightly different slant, although still uses characters around the late adolescent age, including issues such as alcohol, drugs and romance.

This novel is set in and around famous landmarks in Sydney giving it a more personal feel to the reader who is familiar with the lay of the land. You will find yourself thinking about Hyde Park with a different view, or looking for strange doorways in Sydney University. The tale leaves you wanting more. So, it is fortunate that Meadows has written a sequel. Highly recommended for 15+ readers.

A An outstanding book of its kind as recommended by the reviewer

** Book by an Australian author or illustrator

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Author:Henderson, Heather
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Date:May 1, 2010
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