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Meadowlark Optics buys BNS' commercial products unit.


19 August 2014 - US liquid crystal solutions and polarisation optics specialist Meadowlark Optics announced the purchase of Boulder Nonlinear Systems' (BNS) commercial products division without disclosing financial details.

As part of the transaction, the unit, its equipment and employees have been transferred to Meadowlark's site in Frederick, Colorado.

Among the products Meadowlark has added to its portfolio are spatial light modulators (SLMs), optical shutters, polarisation rotators, variable waveplates and the CUBE optical tweezing platforms. BNS' SLM solutions in combination with Meadowlark's optical components will bring a manufacturing focus to the growing SLM market, the buyer said.

The technology innovation in BNS' products is the perfect addition to Meadowlark's operations, said the company's president and chief executive Garry Gorsuch. Meadowlark will further support and enhance these product offerings and improve its future products through a continued focus on R&D, he added.

Country: USA

Sector: Electronics

Target: Commercial products unit

Buyer: Meadowlark Optics

Vendor: Boulder Nonlinear Systems

Type: Corporate acquisition

Status: Closed

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Publication:M & A Navigator
Date:Aug 19, 2014
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