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Meadow Burke engineers a face and edge lift solution in simplified 10-ton system.

Building on its signature precast/prestressed lifting hardware innovation, Rapid Lift, Meadow Burke unveiled the Burke Lift system at the 2013 PCI Convention last month in Dallas.

After more than three years of development and testing, the Burke Lift system is changing face and edge lifting practice, Burke Engineering officials note. The system greatly simplifies engineering, plant inventory requirements and lifting, they add, while eliminating clutch changeover and spalling of concrete surrounding the hardware. The Burke Lift consolidates face and edge lifts in a complete 10-ton system. Compared to prior offerings, it uses a smaller anchor count and affords a broader range of lifting capabilities.

Among Burke Lift features is a one-clutch system, which allows for the elimination of switching between 4/5-ton and 8/10-ton devices. The system also positions the clutch to bear into the Burke Lift anchor, rather than the concrete. The Burke Lift features a single style face lift anchor supplied in eight heights to accommodate panel thickness from 5 to 12 inches. In addition, the system is equipped with a single style edge lift anchor that requires just one standard length. Burke Lift functions in 5-in. panels as a face lift and edge lift anchor.

"The Burke Lift system will simplify precast/prestress lifting, and just may be the most innovative lifting product in more than 30 years," contends Meadow Burke President Jan Olsen. "It surely will make traditional lifting systems obsolete."--Meadow Burke, 877/518-7665; burke-lift

Caption: The Burke Lift system makes traditional systems obsolete in 4/5- and 8/10-ton applications, Meadow Burke notes, and bests a 6-ton forged anchor by offering an 8-ton capacity for all 4-ton lifts. Designed for face and edge lifts, it maintains a 10-ton mechanical strength in all applications. The one clutch design (inset) redirects force distribution opposite of existing lifting systems, and eliminates the need to switch between 4/5- and 8/10-ton clutches. Central to the Burke Lift innovation, product engineers note, is simplified design: one ring clutch; one void former for all anchors; one edge lift erection anchor; and, one style of face lift anchor, available in eight heights.

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Publication:Concrete Products
Date:Oct 1, 2013
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