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Meacher gushes forth on saving water.

Everyone simply turning off the tap while brushing their teeth would save enough water every day to fill the Millennium Dome, the Government said yesterday.

Other ways of conserving water include taking a shower instead of a bath - in a week this simple action alone would save enough water to fill Wembley Stadium ten times, said Environment Minister Mr Michael Meacher.

Householders should also stop using hosepipes to water gardens - collecting and using rainwater instead would save as much water in a week as a family of four uses in two days.

Mr Meacher issued his call for people to stop wasting water during a visit to the London Aquarium at which he unveiled a new Going for Green Charter marking the charity's Water Awareness Month.

"A vital aspect of water conservation, which Going for Green has so rightly identified, is that we must think about the water we use in our homes every day," Mr Meacher said.

"We must make the decision to turn off a tap, to replace a washer, or use rainwater instead of a hose. All too often we assume there is a never-ending supply of clean water available, but water supplies are not infinite."

Environment Agency chairman Lord de Ramsey underlined the pollution watchdog's commitment to protecting supplies.

The agency has published "Saving Water - on the Right Track 2", a new collection of water saving innovations from public and private organisations.

One local council has saved more than pounds 3 million and achieved a huge cut in water use by taking part in a water-saving project with a water company.
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Author:Brown, Amanda
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:May 5, 1999
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